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Jul 14, 2017

Happy cities

"Imagine you dropped your wallet somewhere on your street. What are the chances you would get it back if a neighbour found it? A stranger? A police officer? Your answer to that simple question is a proxy for a whole list of metrics related to the quality of your relationship with family, friends, neighbours and the society around you. In fact, ask enough people the wallet question, and you can predict happiness of cities" (Charles Montgomery, from "Happy City", 2013)

Societies are based on trust on one another, without trust and confidence we can only get a dysfuntcional group of people only thinking on how to survive and think in a selfish way. That's why we need to create catalyzers that build trust and confidence, and by doing so we will be increasing our capacity to resolve issues. The benefits of this goes from economy to public health, and increases our quality of life.

So what can we actually do create trust where there is none? Public mini libraries creates the perfect platform for this. Witnessing the commitment of fellow citizens to it by donating books, fixing, repairing and taking care of the little colourfull books home has a viral effect. And people start to believe and have confidence again. 

Rosario is full of minilibraries (14 already!) thanks to your incredible support. And if you think that you were only supporting a project for only access to education and culture, well, think again. You are not only supporting that. You are creating happy cities.

May 22, 2017

Artist Robots

Artist Robot
Artist Robot

Coding is all about 1’s and 0’s, but who said it should be black and white? 

In our “Code your Future” workshop we know that art is a very important thing in youth development as creativity is what will help us discover solutions in the future for problems we still don’t know we will have.

During the sessions, participants started experimenting with basic robotics, and one of their creations was a “Painting Robot”. This activity was definitely not an easy task, first it was deciding what the robot´s purpose was, then, creating the structure and lastly making it work.

For the following months we are planning to visit a couple of companies that work in software creation, experimenting with a 3D printer and to keep on coding and creating cool stuff.

Please, stay tunned for more news, follow us on FacebookTwitter  and don´t hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts or comments. 

May 22, 2017

Creating bonds that last

Helping each other up
Helping each other up

 After a couple months of working together, we can now proudly say that we have two teams of amazing women. Girls that have been playing hockey for some time now are teaching their teammates who are just starting and helping them in and out the pitch creating lasting bonds between all of them.

During the following weeks we will be working together with another local NGO on prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, talking about this issues with the girls and also training our staff.

Please, stay tunned for more news, follow us on FacebookTwitter  and don´t hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts or comments. 


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