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Jul 1, 2019

Coding for climate change

As the year unfolds a new group of participants starts to learn about coding and developing a passion for it, maybe the most important part is  to answer the question How can technology help us solve our problems? 

With that question in mind and after inspiring the participants with a video on climate change, they made a brainstorming session and created a system to water plants and to measure the humidity in the soil for a good use of water. It is a first step, but a question that remains for them to continue to think on opportunities. 

During all this time, kids have been learning basics of coding and robotics, having a lot of fun while doing it, and trying different ways to work and collaborate, in groups of different sizes, pairs and on their own- finding that team work is always more fun and productive. 

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Jul 1, 2019

Becoming a Team and facing challenges.

A brand new team started training, and as we often say – hockey is just the excuse- what we really focus on is on girls developing key life skills that will make a big difference in their future. 

Growing their self steem by acknowledgingthey can improve, learn new drills and feel as a part of a team is key for girls empowerment, so that is where all of our efforts are focused.

During this period, at the begining it was all about creating the team, making each individual feel important and part, then developing their love for the game by teaching new drills and train harder each day, lastly work on the development of life skills such as effective communication and frustration management, developing their grit. 

The team,  also had some challenges when playing again other teams, putting all their efforts into test, but mainly how they worked as a team, this moments where great opportunities for “teaching moments” as many difficulties where faced. 

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Apr 2, 2019

A new year full of new challenges.

As we start to say goodbye to the summer vibes, and kids start a new school year, we get ready to receive a new group of participants in our Field Hockey program. 

During this time, we made a recap of all our learning during 2018 and made a new plan for this year to be even more fun and filled with experiences for the girls, and we made a whole book filled with exercises so that every training session is the best possible. 

Activities will start next week with participants, and to make sure that every girl in the area had a chance to participate, we visited every school in the area (over 20) and talked in every class room to invite girls to join our team, and gave them a cool brochure with all the info for them to participate. 

As always, thanks for your support, and please continue to follow us through our social media accounts - Facebook - Twitter & Instagram

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