Feb 25, 2020

Menstruation Matters

Menstruation is an additional challenge girls face in the schools we support. 

Many cannot afford any pads and simply stay at home when they have their period, meaning they miss a lot of school and fall behind. 

Also many schools, and parents, fail to teach girls anything about menstruation. 

We are trying to address this by supporting girls clubs and providing with matrons and female staff with suitable low cost resources including films they can show through their projector.

We are also supporting a group to make low cost washable pads to distribute to the girls, but this is a huge challenge as the need is so wide spread. 


Thank you again so much for your support. 

Best wishes from rural Tanzania. 

There's a power cut as usualso I'm having to write this on a phone with low battery so cannot add any photos

Jan 2, 2020

Crowd2Map Mapathon at the IPCD25 Summit in Nairobi

ICPD25 in Nairobi was an amazing event and we were extremely proud to run a Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) mapathon there on behalf of United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). 9500 people from 170 countries attended the summit, from heads of state and UN employees to grassroots activists. 

I attended some amazing talks and workshops which included huge declarations from the Kenyan President to end FGM by 2022 and much smaller events. I met with familiar activists I’d spoken to before plus many new people with additional opportunities for collaboration. Some highlights for me included:

·       Rebeca Gyumi talking about her social media campaign against child marriage and FGM in our mapathon

·       Finally meeting Francis from The Network against Female Genital Mutilation (NAFGEM), who was talking at the Human Library about the value of generational dialogues in eliminating FGM

·       Hearing Tony Mwebia talk about his initiative #MenEndFGM and helping many of this group get started with mapping in Kenya

·       Meeting again Laura Mugeha and her colleagues from Women in GIS – doing amazing visualisations on gender – and persuading Laura to do a talk about Crowd2Map at State of the Map Africa, Ivory Coast (November 22-24) 

We have very many contacts to follow up with as we move into 2020. 

Rhobi is in the middle of a cutting season in Mara and is now sheltering 148 girls.  Better maps have helped her and the police reach them quickly and bring them to safety.

Thank you again for your generosity to this project, and best wishes for 2020.

Dec 3, 2019

Getting ready for the cutting season in December

Learning cooking skills
Learning cooking skills

Right now we have 95 girls in our care, but the cutting season is starting this week so we are expecting more soon.

We have total of 52 girls staying at Hope Mugumu Safe house, where 16 at VTC class, 7 at day primary school,15 at Secondary government school, where 4 are at boarding secondary school ,4 are at primary boarding ,3 children are not at school, because are waiting to give the testimony to the court. Two young women GBV Survivors received at Hope center and their reconciliation between their families is conducted by Police gender desk/ District social welfare. 2 Girls passed to join form one in 2020. Basic needs such as food and medication provided to girls.

We have the total number of 43 children at Safe Butiama among them 3 are still young kids who are still under special parental care, the remaining number is 40 among them 18 are doing their primary school education, 6 are doing their secondary school education and 13 are doing their vocational training on Tailoring, entrepreneurship skills and other self-reliance activities. Food and other basic needs for girls were provided. 3 girls experienced rape violence, were brought by Police gender desk from Butiama and Bunda District waiting for their cases at the court. 2 Girls passed to join form one in 2020.

Hope Mugumu Safe house has 16 students at VTC, where 5 girls will be graduating on 29th of November 2019. 4 girls their reconciliation was successfully. The following topics were taught to girls such as Batik making, Women Handbag making, laptop bags, soap making for hand wash and toilet soap and cookery. Girls enjoyed cooking pan cake with a help from Shefa from Fourseasons.

Butiama Safe house has 13 students at vocational class. These girls will continue with their studies at vocational class. The following topics were taught-; Drees making, shirt making, batik and soap making. Cookery subject was taught on how to Frying ground nuts, frying chapels, Frying Irish potatoes and Cooking French fries.

HGWT Social welfare officer in collaboration with social worker, police gender desk and district social welfare conducted reconciliation between girls and their parents and succeed 5 girls will be taken back home after their VTC graduation ceremony on 29 of November 2019. 



Through established income generating project, VTC teachers with girls has managed to make women hand bags, eprons, table mats, toilet and washing soap, batik and embrodery materials.


Gardening activities continuing in our garden, we have grown different vegetables, such as spinach, mchicha, onions, tomatoes and watermelon using organic farming. We have grown 2 acters of cassava, sweet potatoes, maize and millet in our new land. 


Hope for Girls and Women in Tanzania through support from Canadian Embassy Tanzania organized and conducted a girl child day at Kiabakari secondary school, where more than 2800 students participated. Film screening in different villages and schools conducted to create awareness on the effects of FGM.


HGWT through Hope Mugumu Safe house has managed to train 37 members of women and children committee from 37 villages in Serengeti District. The training was officially opened by Serengeti District Executive Director. Hope staff also participated in this special training. Through support from Women Connect TZS 1,920,000 /= will support Microfinance establishment following Wabiya system.  Follow up mapping training was conducted and on how to work with ODK forms to collect data.

We also gave special Mapping training to Masanga staff, Tarime social welfare, Tarime police gender desk and 3 staff from Butiama Safe house on how to use maps to help protect girls.


Survey work started at Matare village to develop town planning, survey and title at the location where we want to build a permanent Safe House to replace the rented building we are currently using in Mugumu. The plan is already designed and submitted to Serengeti council wait for approval from Council after their meeting plan to take place on 23 and 24th of November 2019.



Hope Mugumu Safe house has managed to establish kurya cultural center in order to promote kurya culture which promote women and girl’s rights and protect our community at larger. Through this kurya cultural center we aim at creating awareness to our community and visitors about the effects of traditions and customs which hindering girls and women rights such as FGM, Early child marriages, women battery etc.  In the kurya cultural center we have Hope cultural dance group which help to create awareness to the community about the effects FGM and Gender Based violence to community at larger. Mama Muhabe Marwa is working to this cultural center to explain about kurya traditional tools. Mama Muhabe is one of among 6 cutters who dropped down their tools and stop cutting girls after being sensitized about the effects of FGM and health implications to women and girls. The traditional dance group is motivated well trained, available and ready to work any time to deliver ant FGM messages to community and visitors.


Hope for Girls and Women in Tanzania, through Hope Mugumu Safe house received visitors from Netherland – Nicola and Karin, Sospiter from TCDC, Anifa.M. Said from interland surveyor from Dodoma, Vaineme Marite, Chareen, Rebecca, Gleri from Australia, Millie, Ollie, Jason and Daniel from Fourseasons, Allan Cram and Dan from UK.


We have received food and sanitary items aid from Four seasons on 26th October 2019, the items received includes: Rice 100 kg, Beans 100 kg, Maize Flour 100kg, Sugar 50kg, Cooking oil 20 liters, Bar Soap 2 cartons, Body cream 1 dozen, Tooth paste 2 dozen and Pads 5 pc.MrAlan Cram supported Hope Mugumu safe house with 20 buskets and 20 pairs of sandles to Butiama Safe house.


Due to the information’s received from good people whom fight against FGM and gender based violence that have received the secret information’s from traditional leaders, that there will be a very secret cutting to Wairege and bamera. The information received from informers from Serengeti, Butiama and Tarime Districts. From November to December the cutting will start to these 2 kuryan clan when school holiday start. We are ready to receive girls whom will flee from FGM.


The following challenges

  • Water problem

Butiama safe house is facing water problem, where girls have to walk long distance looking for water.

  • School desks is still a challenge, where some students are sitting down at Kyabakari– Butiama District.
  • Funds to support construction of our permanent buildings.
  • One vehicle is a challenge to serve in two districts.
  • Market for our VTC and garden products


  • To fund raise for our permanent building construction
  • To fundraise for vehicle, need to different donors.
  • To develop staff training strategy
  • Support and protect girls fee from FGM
  • Conduct community intervention in Butiama and Serengeti
  • Conduct water survey to Matare land
  • Land survey continue work.
  • Support 4 girls to get scholarship to join private secondary school in 2020
  • Conduct graduation for girls completed their VTC skills in November 29.


  • Requesting Fourseasons to support Hope to find market for VTC and gardening products.
  • Welcoming ideas for fundraising to support construction of permanent buildings and VTC from friends, companies, Donors etc.

We thank everyone for their generous support this year and wish you well for the holiday season.

Primary girls
Primary girls
Sewing class
Sewing class
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