Jul 8, 2019

100,000 Lives Touched!

100,000 Lives Touched!
100,000 Lives Touched!

We are delighted to share that Spreeha has touched 100,000 lives. Spreeha has served more than hundred thousand people since 2013 through its healthcare, education and skills training in the Rayer Bazar slum area. An incredible achievement which would have been impossible without our supporters.

This is an enormous achievement for our initiators, donors, volunteers, doctors, educators, trainers, field workers and all those who are engaged with Spreeha. Outstanding accomplishment for our journey of hope one step at a time.

Sharing a summary of accomplishments:

-       62,000 served in Healthcare

-       4,000 students received education

-       1,000 individuals received skills training

-       32,000 individuals were provided awareness counseling

-       2,600 individuals participated in various awareness events organized by Spreeha

Spreeha Celebrated “Safe Motherhood Day”

Spreeha celebrated "Safe Motherhood Day" on April 11th like every year. Maternal and child health continues to be a key focus of Spreeha's healthcare program. 

On safe motherhood day, Spreeha organized a knowledge sharing session for expectant mothers at our healthcare center and within the community. The sessions highlighted the importance of providing proper healthcare and maternity facilities to expecting and lactating mothers. 

In this interactive session, Spreeha’s trained health educators shared lessons from the book “Babu Barta”, which is specifically designed to cater to communities suffering from a severe lack of knowledge on prenatal and postnatal healthcare. The participants were counselled on how to respond efficiently to the needs of pregnancy and motherhood, so they are aware of their own health as well as their babies.

Spreeha “Stories of Hope” Event

Spreeha “Stories of Hope” event was held on 21st April 2019 in Richland Library, Richland, WA. The story tellers were Ferdous Oneza – Spreeha CEO, Akram Hossain - Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering, and former Vice-Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies of Washington State University Tri-Cities, and L Michelle – Director of Strategy, Spreeha.

The eager audience heard about inspiring stories of struggles, challenges and hope! It was an engaging event and turned out to be a noteworthy afternoon.

Spreeha celebrated Safe Motherhood Day
Spreeha celebrated Safe Motherhood Day
Stories of Hope event in Richland, WA
Stories of Hope event in Richland, WA
2019 1st Quarter Impact Summary
2019 1st Quarter Impact Summary
Apr 8, 2019

The Journey Continues

Spreeha Winter Social 2019

Spreeha organized its second annual “Winter Social Event” on January 10, 2019 at the Bell Town Dance Studio in Seattle. This event served as a wonderful way to kick off New Year and let some new audience know about Spreeha’s journey. There was a musical performance by local artists, authentic Bangladeshi delicacies, and a silent auction which helped with small scale fundraising.

The evening was filled with an inspiring crowd, music, hearty conversations and successfully pulled together people from the community genuinely caring for our cause. All in all the event was a big success.

International Women’s Day Celebration

Spreeha celebrated International Women's Day standing firmly by this year’s theme “Balance for Better”. Spreeha has been helping to empower women through education, skills training and healthcare.

National Vitamin A Day Observed

On 9th February 2019, the National Vitamin ‘A’ Campaign was observed across the country in Bangladesh. Spreeha's healthcare service "Sneho Diagnostic Center" took a daylong initiative to offer the high-powered Vitamin ‘A’ capsules to local children aged between 6 months to 5 years. A total of 562 children of this age-group were able to get the Vitamin A dosage during this day long initiative.

Tanvir’s Story

Tanvir is a seven year old playful boy, full of life and energy like any other seven year old. However, born in a poor family with a father struggling to make ends meet, his future is uncertain. His father, a street vendor was not willing to send his son to school, Spreeha’s persuasive counselling helped to change his mind and now Tanvir will attend regular school from next year. He now attends Spreeha’s pre- school and loves to dance. In the Bangladeshi culture, young boys taking up dancing is seen as societal taboo. Spreeha has provided a safe place for children like Tanvir to express themselves in their own unique ways and follow their dreams. In Spreeha, there are no discriminations, no one raises an eyebrow, and no one judges.

Jan 8, 2019

Spreeha Continues to Bring Hope

Bringing smiles - Child Rights week celebrated

Spreeha participated in the 'Child Rights Week and Service Fair' in Bangladesh organized by MSS. Child Rights Week is a seven-day call to action, bringing attention to key issues faced by children, including ensuring the security and rights of all children. Along with Spreeha, eight other organizations showcased their services for the underprivileged community; especially children. Spreeha had a booth in this fair with a goal to spread the knowledge and educate people on child rights and the steps Spreeha was taking.

Safe Child Delivery

Huge Achievement – Maternal mortality rate “zero” between July and September 2018. One of the main focus of mother-child healthcare is to aware underprivileged pregnant mothers about the importance of health seeking behavior during pregnancy. A total of 56 deliveries were supported during this period, among which 45 cases (15 – NVD and 30 – C section) were hospital delivery and 15 cases were home delivery (NVD). No maternal deaths were reported among these 56 cases. Maternal mortality number of this quarter was zero.

Case Study – Moriom, 18-year-old fighting her way through

Moriom - Trainee in Spreeha Sewing Training Center, Student at Spreeha Cultural Club. Born in a village, her parents managed to educate her till 5th grade, however, her father’s gambling habits put the family in shambles. To escape her father’s rage, her mother sent her to Dhaka where she lived with her maternal aunt and continued education till 7th grade. Her other paternal aunt though, forced her to leave school and start working at a beauty salon and even managed to forcefully marry her off to a 45 year old man while she was trying to help her family’s financial situation with whatever she made working at the beauty salon. After marriage she ended up in the Rayer Bazar slum and that is how she came to know about Spreeha.

She started coming to Spreeha’s sewing training center when her husband was not home. Moriom also has a passion for dancing, so she is attending Spreeha Cultural Club’s sessions too. Moriom thinks she will be able to fight back if she can start earning again from home and she will never let this misfortune touch her future children. Moriom pointed another reason of coming to Spreeha Cultural Club, she says, “I love to come to Spreeha Cultural Club because I get to meet with friends here who are of my age. Apart from this space, I literally do not get to meet anyone of my age at home, because in the community girls of my age do not talk that much with me because I am married and they think I should belong to another (married) peer group.”

Statistics from 2018 Q3 (July – September)

Statistics from 2018 Q3 (July - September)
Statistics from 2018 Q3 (July - September)
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