Feb 13, 2019

Playing Together!

Dear Parents, Supporters and our Donors!

We appreciate your help and generosity. Thank You for supporting our project. 

We continue to enjoy our social skills activities by learning and teaching how to play cooperatively with toys, peers and adults. Nicholas has difficulty communicating verbally. Using assistive technology and visual helpers, he points to a picture of what he wants to do next at classroom. We friendly remind our parents how important for all children to participate in family activities: looking at books together, pointing to named pictures with mom's support, listening music together, singing a song together, playing with playdough together by looking at mom's face.

Shared reading is one important way to become aware of the rules about printed material. Reading together with children improves their understanding of oral language. Alexander has a difficulty to follow oral directions during a story time, and we let him to pick up his favorite book Panda Bear, Panda Bear and let him to be a leader, choosing which book he wants to read. 

Alexis likes to look at books together, and she enjoys her turning pages activity. Her skipping pages is just step to explore and learn something new. Reading every page with a toddler is not necessary. Every reading experience counts in child's brain. Holding the book, turning the pages, looking at pictures, pointing to named animals, and smiling by touching the textured pictures will help every child to play cooperatively.  

Feb 4, 2019

Reading and Learning Together!

Reading is Fun!
Reading is Fun!

The Literacy Master Map Program is in full swing. Since our last update we have been working diligently in developing literacy skills in our students. Every week, we are excited to greet the smiling faces of our students who have shown significant interest in our program. In the past several months we have been reading books that celebrate different holiday traditions around the world. Alex was very excited to learn about the Chinese New Year and even shown interest in continuing his study with the Chinese New Year by requesting a book about his year of the Dragon. During Hanukah we made Hanukah cards for our friends and families. Kristina has shown interest in writing and enjoyed making the cards as well as all of the writing that we do in class. Kiril and Ivan both have shown significant progress during the last few months. They are very eager to learn and ask many questions. Andrew and Milana are working hard in class as well and have shown significant interest in many of the subjects that we cover.

As we progress with the program, we have been developing important skills such as comparing and contrasting texts, building fluency, identifying the main idea, and leaning to listen for the theme. The students are exposed to read alouds (which all of the kids love), independent reading time, writing, and playing games that are developed for literacy development as well as motor development.

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
Just Keep Trying!
Just Keep Trying!
Nov 15, 2018

Follow Child's Lead

Follow Child's Lead!
Follow Child's Lead!

Dear our Donors and Supporters,

We would like to appreciate receiving your financial support, your help and suggestions to reach our goals. You helped us to design and organize a Sensory Room where our children can be better prepared for learning and interacting with others.  You helped us to buy the sensory tools, toys, 3D books, textured cards and posters, and a variety of equipment. Again and again we say you Thank You So Much for your generosity!

Penndco children enjoy a Sensory Room where they can play, discover, observe, and imitate by using new sensory tools and toys. Once teacher realizes that Ilya does not want to play with blocks, and teacher follows his lead by joining in on what he is doing and turning his interest in dramatic play activity into a game of matching. Including Ilya’s interest means that when he is interested in something, teacher shows an interest in it too. It works perfectly for our unique children. Penndco teachers and therapists use the Hanen strategies that allow our children to lead.


Tetyana V. Varenychenko, M.Ed.

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