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Mar 13, 2014

Patrol Postcards

Looking across the land from Jimi-Molu
Looking across the land from Jimi-Molu

Our contact with the Jimi-Molu people is helping them come to terms with the threats and opportunites presented by our modern, globalized world. Through our work, they see more of what is already good about their lives, and see more clearly the pitfalls of industrial scale resource development.

After our journey, I wrote this reflection: "And so we laughed..cried and is it that we have all the trees but no classrooms and good houses? is it that we have oil and gas but the fuel price is way over? is it that we have everything and still suffer? Etc..etc..the welcomes and goodbyes of real people in real places like the Jimi-Molu people are from the heart with a strong sense of emotion that you and I can only imagine..How do the politicians manage to just smile and walk through all the outstanding and goodbyes..How is it that we call ourselves humans 'the cleverest species'..when we can't even sense and help our fellow men/women?

I sat looking at this view back where I've walked with this Jimi-Molu people..a personal best for me climbing all those mountains in that view to where I am..but my heart breaks as I think of these people I will leave behind when I give my back to leave..a people who should be running this world instead.."

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Feb 24, 2014

Bismark Ramu Group Donor Update, February 2014

National Debate on Land Theft and Illegal Logging

Things are certainly moving in regards to the land theft in PNG. And thanks to the support of all of you the Bismarck Ramu Group (BRG) has been able to contribute effectively to addressing the issue.

Overall the government of PNG is beginning to feel the pressure from all sectors of society including the churches, civil society, the grassroots and a social media blitz that is calling the government to account for its actions. After a media blitz and press releases from civil society groups the Prime Minister went on the airwaves to declare on FM100 Talkback that the government will start cancelling Special Agricultural Business Leases (SABLs) that were acquired illegally and restart the process with strict guidelines to protect the landowners!

The Prime Minister has set up a Ministerial Committee to look into the findings of the SABL Commission of Inquiry. HOWEVER the Ministerial Committee is made up of the same three departments and ministers found to be responsible for the corruption! This has caused nation-wide outrage, which BRG plans to harness for change.

How Your Generosity has Helped

During the period since the Global Giving competition BRG has been able to conduct four (4) patrols to SABL affected communities, released two press statements addressing the issues and set up several interviews between landowners and local media. We have also been able to get the issue addressed in overseas media including several interviews by Radio Australia, including one with John Chitoa, BRG Coordinating Team Leader and Radio New Zealand. Also, you can listen to one of our advertisements that was broadcast on PNG FM 100 radio.

For More Information

For those of you who want to know more details of the unfolding events can go to our sister organisation’s website ActNow PNG. We also direct you to an outstanding article by Jo Chandler from the Global Mail and "Like" our Donor's Facebook Page.

Thanks again to everyone who supported us during the Global Open Challenge. Your donations have made this work possible, saving people’s livelihoods and the last great rainforests on the planet. And we have not stopped yet. Please keep sharing our GlobalGiving donation site with your friends and colleagues. IT IS STILL OPEN FOR DONATIONS!

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