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Jun 13, 2019

Parrot Adoptions Continue to Blossom at PEAC


Hello Members!

Our summer in Southern California has finally kicked into full gear with clear skies and warm evenings. You could even say its the “Dog Days Of Summer” which was also the theme of the most recent Mega Pet Adoption Event we attended at Grossmont Center and hosted by San Diego Animal Support Foundation. One of our fantastic volunteers April shared her videos showcasing PEAC’s parrots at the event on our Facebook page (“” in the search bar,) so be sure to check them out!

Classes on June 30th!

We have two classes back that you may not have seen in some time, in addition to our regular adoption classes. Join us Sunday, June 30th, at the San Diego Humane Society on Gaines Street in San Diego. Some parrots that are available for adoption will be at these classes.

“My Parrot Won’t Eat That!” Gain insight into teaching your bird to accept new foods! As prey animals, parrots are instinctively wary of new things, however with various methods you can teach your parrot to eagerly consume a healthier diet. (11am - 11:45am)

“Managing Reproductive Behaviors in Companion Parrots” Does your parrot lay eggs?  Act aggressively towards you or family members around his/her cage?  Insist on pleasuring themselves on toys, perches or you?  Come learn what triggers these seasonal urges and strategies to minimize these behaviors. (11:45am - 12:30pm.)

Also on June 30th, we will have the classes required for parrot adoption:

“Parrot Behavior, Foraging and Enrichment” Learn how to keep your couch potato parrot active through positive and interesting challenges AND how to observe and reinforce positive behaviors in your companion parrot. (1:30 - 3:30pm)

PEAC Members are FREE! Annual membership with PEAC is just $20 a year. Please visit to register by clicking on the “Calendar” tab or contact us if you have any questions!

So many adoptions!

Ruby was adopted! Ruby, PEAC’s Greenwing macaw definitely chose his new family and Jenell shared with us that "It’s amazing how the trust starts from the beginning. We are so lucky that he loves us as we much as we love him." Don’t worry - we made sure Ruby took his favorite toy with him (the cute little toy we saw Ruby holding in the last newsletter - a little stuffed red parrot…aw!)

Mango our Alexandrine was adopted! Mango’s new family was woo-ed quickly by Mango’s attention during their visits with him.  We haven’t really shared his photo much before now, because he charmed them so quickly and so thoroughly. We know they’ll have many happy years together.

Ollie our Cinnamon mutation Green-cheek conure was adopted! Ollie’s new mom April was persistent and patient with her interest in Ollie, who was a bit shy initially. However, Ollie loves anyone with food, and perhaps sharing some treats together was when love began to grow between them for the first time. Ollie began to preen her hair and woo her, and that was that! Since Ollie’s adoption, April has been sharing adorable photos and videos of the adventures they’ve been having and clever enrichment ideas where Ollie has to find where she has hidden a snack. Totally adorable together!

Elvis, the Congo African Gray, has left the building! Well, actually, Elvis is staying... because he was adopted by his foster family! Do you think he enchanted them with renditions of "Love Me Tender" or "Don't Leave Me Now” ? Because they just "Can't Help Falling in Love" with him! Congratulations to Elvis & his family - we are "All Shook Up" for your happy ending!

Kiwi our Green-cheek conure was adopted! More congratulations are in order as he has found his forever home with a wonderful family.  He is absolutely the king of his new castle with lots of fun to have and love to share.

Mango the Senegal parrot was adopted! What’s the first thing you do when you’ve won the family lottery? Have a shower and get all cleaned up to make a good first impression apparently! The photos did not come out very clear, so you’ll have to take our word for it that a splashing time was had by all. Congratulations Mango!! (His video is on Facebook and Instagram!)

But even with all of these adoptions, new parrots are coming in every week to find their happy endings too.  

Such as... Tiki a female Cinnamon mutation Green-cheek conure who is so sweet and lovable and looking for that special person or family to share their life with.

Picasso and Albert are kind, male, Blue and Gold macaws, and Carmen is a female Blue and Gold, all from separate homes, who have recently arrived and are getting used to their new surroundings.

Buddy is a gentle-natured male Congo African Grey and Amos (a female Congo African Grey,) is still with us, both looking for a home.

Polo a Red-lored Amazon parrot, who truly loves children and is so gentle, is still here as is Conner (Meyer’s parrot) and Skye (Grey mutation Indian Ringneck - so fun and curious!)

Perhaps you know someone who needs “a little more parrot” in their life? If so, point them to our website, where a link to our adoptable parrot profiles is on the front page. Or visit - and we’re always here to answer any questions. Please keep spreading the word about adoption so that all pets waiting to be adopted will find that special someone and get to go home.

Gratitude for Donations! 

Thank you to our generous parrot diet donors!! Thank you Philip for all of the bags of Harrison's diet you provided, our parrots have loved it!! Abril, thank you so much for your donation sent directly from, of course always popular as Amos immediately dove into the Pistachios upon arrival! And thank you to the London family for sending a huge bag of Soak n Serve from Christine's Chop!

Thank you Marcin & Jana for your gift of two HUGE bags of Christine’s Chop for our adoptable parrot flock! They LOVE the Soak and Serve Chop and it gives our fosters a night off from cooking while still providing a warm delicious & nutritious meal. We are truly grateful for your amazing generosity and for the lovely note that Christine and her elves always include in the box,

We always welcome donations! If you are interested in sending our parrots some treats, the following websites will send your donations directly to our PO Box and have our pre-selected preferences on their charity pages: - search under “gifts” and then “charities” and look for PEAC! - Click the tab on her homepage for “Rescue Wish Lists” and find our name to find our preferences.

We also accept donations of pelleted parrot diets like Harrison’s, Caitec, Zupreem natural and Mazuri parrot diet, and toys - toys - toys! You can ship them directly to our Post Office box at:

PEAC’s Parrots - PO Box 600423, San Diego, CA 92160. Should you need to send your donation directly to a physical location, please let us know and we will make arrangements!

Did you Celebrate World Parrot Day on May 31st? We sure did - but we love celebrating our parrots every day…. Because WE ARE our parrots’ WORLD every day!

Thank you members, and keep spreading the word about parrot adoption!

With gratitude,

Kelly Flynn, President

Parrot Education and Adoption Center

Mar 18, 2019

Spring-ing Forward Our First Adoptions in 2019!


Top O’ The Mornin’ this fine spring day! Southern California has had *quite* the drenching of winter rain (with occasional hail,) keeping us mostly indoors. But finally (!!) we are enjoying mother nature’s payoff - Painted Lady butterflies in droves have set our skies aflutter chasing after a record-breaking wildflower bloom along the entire state. We hope you’re able to get outside this weekend and enjoy a little Irish-luck and spring green in your neck of the woods.

 You Sham-ROCK! 

We feel like the luckiest leprechauns to have YOU, our members, supporting our parrot adoption program and educational classes. Because of your support, we’re happy to announce THE FIRST TWO ADOPTIONS OF THE YEAR!

Our little Lance (Senegal parrot,) has found his home with wonderful mom Amanda! Amanda says Lance is doing great playing with his toys and sharing special snuggle movie-nights with her. Congratulations Amanda and Lance, we’re thrilled you each found your new best friend! 

Sunny, our White-bellied Caique also got lucky with love and found a permanent home with his foster family! Sunny may have set a world speed record for “foster-failure” with his family who instantly fell in love and put in adoption paperwork faster than you can say “Cheers!” in Irish (“Sláinte!”) We can see by the look on Klair’s face that she feels just as lucky to have found Sunny too. 

Update on Virulent Newcastle Disease Outbreak in Southern California

Well, this is the one “unlucky” story we wish we didn’t need to share, but the outbreak for Virulent Newcastle Disease (VND) that started last year, has not yet ended. New cases have been found in Utah (traced to a bird moved from Los Angeles,) and most recently, in San Mateo County in Northern California.

VND, formerly known as Exotic Newcastle Disease, is a serious, highly contagious viral disease that can affect poultry and other birds. In rare cases, humans that have exposure to infected birds may get eye inflammation or mild fever-like symptoms. There is no effective cure for virulent Newcastle Disease.

The virus is found in respiratory discharges and feces and may cause high rates of sickness and death in susceptible birds. For poultry, chickens are most susceptible and ducks and geese are the least susceptible. Mortality rates for Psittacine birds (parrots) can range from zero up to 75%. Certain parrots, especially Amazon parrots, can shed VND virus intermittently in excess of one year and thus transmit the disease to chickens and other pet birds. Once VND is introduced into domestic avian populations, subsequent spread is normally caused by domestic bird-to-bird contact or through contact with contaminated people, feed or equipment.  

What can you do to keep your companion pet parrots safe?

If you are residing within the regional quarantine zone set up around Los Angeles and Riverside Counties, keep your birds indoors and keep your pet birds away from any and all other birds.

Additional ways to protect your birds (and best-practice procedures for all companion parrot owners,) include:

Don’t visit poultry farms, farms that may contain other domestic fowl or any bird mart or fair that may have domestic fowl, pigeons, doves, geese, ducks, ratites (like ostriches,) or quail on site. Should you bring a new bird onto your property, quarantine them for 30 days before bringing them in contact with any birds you may have. 

Try to keep people who also have birds, from visiting your property. If you should visit family and friends with birds: shower, wash your clothes and change your shoes before handling your birds. Don’t visit them without taking these same steps if you have handled your bird. And share information about VND with family and friends.

Most importantly: Stay informed! To view the regional quarantine map and learn more about biosecurity measures you can take to keep your birds safe, please visit the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s website at or call the Sick Bird Hotline at 866-922-2473, for more information. 

 Featured Adoptable Parrots - Ruby and Mango 

PEAC’s foster mom for Ruby the Greenwing macaw told us the cutest story about his latest accomplishment.  She said that Ruby never climbs down off his cage, but when some new toys were given out, Ruby noticed that one of them was a stuffed toy parrot that looked just like him!  Ruby snuck down to claim it as his own and proudly took it back to his cage all by himself. We think he looks especially pleased in the picture she shared with us, what do you think?! 

If you couldn’t make it to our Volunteer meeting last weekend, then you missed one of our newest volunteers, Tori, creating beautiful artwork of each of our adoptable parrots! We just had to include a picture of Mango (a Senegal,) who is enchanted by what she is seeing! It was a real treat and we’ll do our best to share more of her drawings in future newsletters!

If you would like to learn about some of our other parrots who are looking for a home, please visit our adoptable parrot profiles at to learn more about each of our birds.

And follow us on Facebook (; Twitter (@PEACsandiego) or Instagram (@peac_sandiego) for more cute photos and stories about all of our adoptable parrots (and more of Tori’s artwork!)

 What’s It Like to Foster a Parrot for PEAC?! 

We asked one of our newest fosters, Daniela, to tell us about her experience fostering one of PEAC’s adoptable parrots and to catch us up on how Baby, our adoptable Yellow Collared mini macaw, is doing. This is their story. 


Last year, when I attended my first Volunteer Meeting and Parrot Behavior, Foraging & Enrichment Class, it was basically just to learn more about the organization. I was not thinking that pretty soon after I would foster a parrot for PEAC.

However, being a foster is very rewarding for me, not only to provide shelter for a parrot I can take care of until they find a loving forever home, but I also get to work with different parrots and their unique personalities, backgrounds and stories. And while giving those intelligent and challenging beings love and security, they show me their gratitude in so many ways. 

When Baby came to me a few weeks ago, he wouldn’t really step up or want to engage, especially during the day. I was still a stranger to Baby, and he needed time to get to know me and I respected that. But I also wanted to challenge him (probably more myself) and see how far we could come.  At first, I just visited him during the day in his bird room, talked to him, offered him treats (which he gladly accepted) and left his cage door open whenever I was home. It took him only two days to come out and explore his new environment. But still no stepping up.

So, I decided to try and use target training with him. Target training can be a great way to communicate with your parrot and build trust. To my surprise, he picked up on it very quickly. One morning using the target stick (a simple chopstick) he stretched his foot out and tried to step on it. Maybe you can imagine how clumsy he was considering his weight and how much he must have trusted me to hold him on that little tiny stick.

That was the breakthrough for us. We found a way to communicate and get him out during the day without having to step up on my hand. Since then I give him an option every single day - “hand” or “stick.” I now use a stick that is similar to his perch. He also got to experience fun things during the day whenever he steps up on the stick, as a reinforcement. He is going outside in the yard (protected and secure of course), watching the food preparation in the morning, he is able to hang out on different play gyms in the house, etc.

Baby has come a long way in a few weeks. He talks, is with my other parrots and me in the living room during the day whenever I am home. He is trying new foods, steps up more and more on the hand, and he lets me touch his head and beak. We also went to our first vet appointment for grooming where he charmed the whole staff and stepped up for the vet with no hesitation!  Sometimes we laugh and sing together and he has started to say “I love you.”

Of course, I love Baby too - he melted my heart from day one with his sweet face and deep eyes. I learn so much every day from fostering him and growing with him. Although it will be hard to say goodbye when he finds a forever home, I know he will be going to a family who will also love him and enjoy hearing him say “I love you” too. 


PEAC can always use more fosters for our adoptable parrots. If you are interested in becoming a foster, please reach out to us at or and we’ll be thrilled to discuss this volunteer opportunity with you!

 Our Next Event 

Meet us next Saturday, March 23rd at Turquoise Animal Hospital in Pacific Beach from noon to 4pm (950 Turquoise St, San Diego,) for their FREE and FAMILY oriented Exotic Pet Expo! Last year we had so much fun and there will be other exotic animal representatives like San Diego Turtle and Tortoise (and many more!) plus raffles, face painting, and surprises! We hope you can join us! 

Wishing you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day with this Irish Blessing,

“For every petal on the shamrock, this brings a wish your way - Good health, good luck and happiness, for today and every day!”


Kelly Flynn, President, and Barbara Crouse, Board Member

Feb 15, 2019

Still Looking for a "Tweet-Heart" This Weekend?


Are you still looking for a “tweet-heart” this weekend? Join PEAC, our adoptable parrots and friendly volunteers this weekend at “Cupids and Canines Mega Adoption Event” at Grossmont Center on Saturday February 16th, from 11am to 3pm!  We love talking about companion parrot care and giving high fives to all our members and supporters!  You’ll definitely make our hearts flutter when you stop by our booth! And don’t forget to snap your picture with our Rainbow Wings to become “Insta-famous!” 

On March 23rd, we’re returning to Turquoise Animal Hospital in Pacific Beach for their exciting “Exotic Pet Expo” which is a blast! Meet your local veterinary staff who will have raffles, face painting, snacks, and representatives from Project Wildlife, San Diego Turtle and Tortoise Society, unusual pets and US! (Because it’s not a party without the parrots to spice things up!) Completely free and fun from noon to 4pm on Saturday, March 23rd. 

Upcoming Volunteer Meeting and Classes

We’re still having our monthly parrot educational classes which are FREE to members! It’s a great place to meet our adoptable parrots AND like-minded friends to talk about our favorite subject (parrots!)  Find our class listings and register at our website Just click directly on the label “Seminar Schedule and Registration” page under the “Calendar” tab and you’re there! (If you have any problems, just email us and we’ll make that magic happen )

Have you thought about becoming a volunteer or foster? We would love to tell you more - reach out to us directly, or just stop by our next Volunteer meeting March 10th, starting at 11am at the San Diego County, North Animal Shelter in Carlsbad, and please RSVP for specific directions and so that we’ll have enough treats for everyone in honor of National Volunteer Week! 

Year End Campaign Report

We had an excellent response to our year-end campaign, bringing in $7,379.86.  We can’t say it enough - THANK YOU - to everyone who has contributed to PEAC this past year! 

Because of your support, in 2018 we adopted 17 parrots, placed 2 parrots with sanctuaries, participated in 15 outreach and adoption fair events throughout Southern California, answered hundreds of calls and emails and taught over 33 hours of classes! (whew! ) It takes *tremendous* support to make all of this happen and the need for our work continues. If you have not renewed your membership for the upcoming year, please visit our website or Global Giving to do so today!  We can’t do this without OUR tweet-hearts - that’s YOU!  

If you have any feedback on what we’re doing, or ideas and thoughts on what you would LIKE to see us do, please share them with us by responding to this email or reaching out directly, we are always interested in what you have to say. 

Coming Soon to a Theater Near You: Blaze!

Imagine our surprise when we learned that our little Blaze, (a Red-bellied parrot who was adopted in 2017,) will soon be a movie star! His mom, Rachel, was hired as his “wrangler” and she was with him every day on set. “Everyone fell in love with him,” Rachel said. And she let us know that there were “animal protection people from Hollywood” to ensure everything was done ethically and with Blaze’s safety placed first and foremost as a member of the cast. Blaze had a custom “double” made to stand in for any filming that could be hazardous. The film is titled “The Sweet Taste of Souls” and is described as a psychological horror. Filmed locally in Julian, California, it is expected to be released this year.  We hope the cast is used to being upstaged by a parrot because we know that Blaze will set everyone’s hearts on fire once he’s on the big screen! 

Our Adoptable Flock

We have some new additions to our adoptable flock!  

Carmen is an 8 yr old, female, Blue and Gold macaw who has been spoiled by one family her entire life.  Carmen would call over her family’s dogs by name, and also says “I love you” and “poopies” with enthusiasm. Carmen is a little suspicious of men and tends to go to women first. She’s always had a good diet and enjoys time outdoors in her aviary in addition to spending time in the home.

Kiwi is an 8 yr old, female Green cheek conure who is very well socialized and will step up for just about anyone. Kiwi loves dancing to music and receiving head-scritches.  She has always had an excellent diet but will do just about anything for an extra bite of walnut. Kiwi just wants to be doted on by a loving family and be the center of attention! 

Elvis is a 24 yr old, male, Congo African Grey parrot who enjoys carefully watching absolutely everything going on around him! He’s recently conquered a complex foraging toy and is sweet and gentle with his foster mom. He says “wanna cookie” and “hello” in the morning when his foster mom greets him or when the phone rings. 

Amos is a 16 yr old, female, Congo African Grey who enjoys head-scritches and does very well with baths from a misting bottle. She has a large, sweet vocabulary, enjoys staying busy by chewing up her toys and actively climbing on her cage or playstand. She is also not afraid to leap off her cage and has strong flight muscles, so keeping a close eye on her is a must.

But don’t forget about… 

Mango, a 19 yr old, female, Senegal parrot who enjoys “woodworking” (splintering any available wooden toy into bits,) and head scritches. She will go to just about anyone and step up. Mango was aggressive to another smaller bird in her previous home, but has been a good girl in her foster mom’s home and will make someone a wonderful, loving companion. 

Skye is a 3-4 yr old, male, Indian Ringneck (Grey mutation,) who was found by the Department of Animal Services.  Skye is just a joy to have in your life - he is energetic, inquisitive, gives kisses (complete with kissing noise,) talks in a squeaky voice, loves to bathe (especially in someone else’s water bowl,) and receive attention. He expects to be in the middle of everything that happens and enjoys watching videos on your mobile device. He makes friends with everyone (or certainly tries to!) Perfect for the home who would love a nonstop nosy-buddy!

You may have noticed that Ollie, an older Green cheek conure (Cinnamon mutation,) is still with us after a year! Ollie is a SWEETheart! He loves to dance and step up (once he gets to know you just a little.) Ollie might have a bottomless stomach though, he is always eating, but always on the go too! You have to meet him to really appreciate what a wonderful, loving companion he would make for any family.

Remember, ALL of our parrots have had at least one exam to check their general health by a veterinarian that specializes in avian care. This incoming exam includes a physical review of their body and additional lab work for: a basic bloodwork panel, choanal (throat) culture, psittacosis test and, for old world species, a test for Psittacine Beak and Feather disease. Each of these exams is covered by your donations and our adoption fees. Although they may be costly, it’s critically important to us that the companion parrots who are adopted into their forever homes be healthy and ready to begin that happy new chapter in their long lives.

As always, should you ever have any questions about our adoptable parrots or anything at all, never hesitate to reach out to us - that’s why we’re here!

Keep an eye on our Facebook pages (“”) Twitter (“@PEACsandiego”) and Instagram (“@peac_sandiego”) for the latest cute videos and photos of what our volunteers and parrots have been up to!

Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day weekend!

With gratitude,

Kelly Flynn, President, and Barbara Crouse, Secretary

Parrot Education and Adoption Center

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