Mar 18, 2015

You helped parents to see their future children

Dasha and Masha in new family of Alena and Andrey
Dasha and Masha in new family of Alena and Andrey

We have great news to share with you. At the moment we have 17000 videoprofiles of children who need parents in our database from 60 regions of Russia. And more than 3000 of them are in families now.

There's a share of your assistance in these results. Thanks to your support 154 films were shot and 24 kids - heroes of these videos - were brought to new families.

Many of these girls and boys have been in federal orphan database for a long time and no one ever asked of them. Poor quality photos and lack of information about kids, false diagnoses were quite serious barriers children and people who could decide to take them home.

Alena and Andrey had six children. A year and a half ago they adopted little Alice. And last autumn they saw in our database the videos of two sisters Dasha and Masha from Kemerovo Region. Alena was sure that girls are "their daughters" and soon they were taken home.

Alena says "Later I realized that two-year-Darya, the eldest of the sisters, is very like my younger daughter. Not even features but expressions, gestures. The way she moved, shy, smiling, eyes closed, seemed surprisingly familiar and dear. Dasha's photographs are not like that. If I saw a photo only, they would not touch me like that."

The whole story you can read here.

Ther's another wonderful news- there is a perfect chance to make more children happy by giving them family. Support us on Bonus Day on the 18th of March on Global Giving and your donation would get +30% bonus from Global Giving.  Bonus Day starts on 9:00 EST (17:00 by Moscow time) and bonus would be available until all the matching funds would run out.

Dec 30, 2014

You've helped to change the lifes of 23 children in 2014

Angelina's first birthday in family
Angelina's first birthday in family

Dear friends!

We’re very happy that you’ve spent this 2014 year with our project. Thank you for your support!

You’ve helped us to shoot 67 videos about orphan children this year. And  films have brought 23 kids to parents who love them and care.

Children lifes were changed so much. Now they are parts of a families, just like ordinary children with mom and dad, brother and sister, grannies, friends of a family. Now they can choose which food to eat, what clothes to wear, when to play or to rest. They have their private space, private things, their  own home. Now they know how to care about somebody, to help, to love, or how to make ordinary things like cooking, shopping.

And their birthdays are now in the circle of dear people. Just like Angelina – she also has found the family this year.

And you were the reason why such changes become real!

We hope you’ll be with us next 2015, and we’ll help other children to find their ways to families.


Wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Let the New Year bring joy and happiness to your family!

Oct 15, 2014

You've made 9 kids happy

Viktoria: 1 week at home
Viktoria: 1 week at home

We have so much to tell you!

Your help made it real for 9 kids from orphanages to be loved by mom and dad:

Nina (12 years old) from Chelyabinsk region; Vladimir (12 years old), Yana (12 y.o.), Nikolai (2 y.o)? Milana (2 y.o.) from Ulyanovsk region, Sergey (12 y.o.) and Ilya (9 y.o.) from Moscow region; Roman (4 y.o.) from Nizhniy Novgorod region, Viktoria (2.y.o.) from Samara region.

It's amazing what simple things like donations can do!

And there are more 24 video profiles of other kids from Ulyanovskaya and Kemerovskaya region. All of them were made on the donations on Global Giving:

Eugene, Yana, Dmitry, Andrey, Pavel, Alexander, Alexandra, Kirill, Irina, Elizaveta, Evgenia, Karina, Elizaveta, Kirill, Artem, Ilya, Nikolai, Aleksandr, Artem, Petr, Kristina, Ustinja, Polina and Juliana.        

As we see video profiles help not only little kids, but teens too. Videos empower adopters to go through bureaucratic threats and often disinformation regarding the children till the end  - and bring the child to the family.

Just a week ago there was such a story with a happy end. Julia Filina succeeded to adopt little Viktoria, though the orphanage director was describing false diagnoses of the girl in order to frighten the adopter and make her cancel her decision to adopt Vika.

Look, how Viktoria changed just for 1 week in a family!

There is a great chance to give more children happy life in a family. Support us on Bonus Day on the 15th of October on Global Giving and your donation would get +30% bonus from Global Giving.  Bonus Day starts on 9:00 EST (17:00 by Moscow time) and bonus would be available until all the matching funds would run out.

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