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Oct 24, 2017


Hello our dear friends,

Thank you for your generous doantion and your unlimited support. You and our wonderful partner, Globalgiving are our inspiration and our power to work harder to help refugees to feed their families. 

Food security is our goal to decrease hunger among refugees who were farmers before they fled their countries.

This year, refugees grew their food. The season was successful; nevertheless, there was enough rain throughout the summer. The farmers grew their main crops such as milt, sorghum, maze, okra, peanuts, and beans. They use oxen to plough and clean the land before they plant their crops.

During farming season, farmers and their children do the work at the farm. They worked hard to secure their food because they’ve experienced extreme hunger before and wish to not relive the hunger.

Now, the refugees harvest their crops. They are happy to have food and they give away some of their crop to needy people in the camp. They have to fulfill their religious obligation, which it called Zakat. Zakat is religious responsibility towards our people and our neighbors.  The amount of crops that would be given away would be measured based on the crops’ measurement at specific countries.

This dish is the only type of food that refugees hope to feed their children to end the hunger. It is a dough with souce. It is traditonal food.

Now, we are working with Butler University students to help us layout strategy to help the refugees to increase their farm and to reach out to more people for securing resources to provide better services. 


Thank you so much 

Sep 13, 2017


Dear friends,

Thank you for your generous support and your interest in protecting women and girls from rape and hostile attack during collecting firewood to cook for their families in Darfur refugee camps in Chad. 

For those who are in Indianapolis, Please check our event below

The Darfur Women Network and Immigrant Welcome Center are grateful to invite you to their cross cultural picnic/Potluck Picnic. The purpose of the picnic is to connect immigrants and American to share their culture and to learn as well as to build trust and friendship. We are in need to volunteers.

We share international food, learn and share our cultures, and creating an opporutnity for immgirants and Americans to have direct communciation to know each others without assumption. As a resut, you will improve your intercutural communcation and add some friends to your list.


Please chaeck our flyer

Jul 28, 2017


Dear our friends and our supporters,

We are grateful for your support and your generosity! We are so sorry about lack of progress in our Nutrition and Fitness despite of the important of the program to healthy life styles.

Before we started our pilot project, we had a hard time to convince immigrant women to join the project to maintain a healthy life style.

However, after six months of learning about nutrition facts, healthy cooking demonstration, and exercise to lose weight, they learned by practice how to maintain better health and knowledge about maintaining healthy life styles.

 Now, every time the immigrants gather, they express their interest in joining Nutrition and Fitness program to lose weight and to learn about healthy meals and cooking.

 Unfortunately, we are still looking for fitness coach and nutritionist. We posted request for volunteers on VolunteerMatch site, our Facebook page, and other social media.

We talked to some people to help us and we are still asking you to share our request with your network to help us to resume this great project to help immigrant women to benefit from this project.

 Moreover, we are looking for space to help immigrants to grow their organic food to eat healthy food despite their low income.

 This project is about changing the culture and eating habits of immigrants. Living in America is a different lifestyle. There is less walking and more driving, lack of access to fresh organic food, and less manual work at home. As a result, all these factors lead to increased obesity and an unhealthy life.

Thank you


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