Nov 27, 2017

update and Invitation

Shortage of Water Project:    

Hello our dear Supporters,

We are, the Darfur Women Network is grateful for your strong support and your generous donation! We hope for those who celebrate Thanksgiving Holiday, they have enjoyed your families gathering and your fasts!

  • On behalf of DWN, I would like to share with you an update about our important project, Water Project.   We also invite you to continue support us on our fundraising campaign. It is The #GivingTuesday Campaign starts at 00:00:01 EST and ends at 23:59:59 EST on Tuesday, November 28th, 2017.


Goal: To provide clean drinking water with no risks to the Darfur refugees for safety and health.

The project comprises of two parts:

 Short- term solution: Clean the water wells

 Long-term solution: Cover the water wells

 The water wells were built in the heart of valley. During the rainy season, the rain washes grass, wood, and other trash from the high level lands to carry them to the valley. Therefore, the drinking wells would fill with trash and sand because they aren’t covered. The process of burning trash and sand in the wells would happen many times a week or a month based on the density of the rain.

 Now, the rainy season  and during the harvest ended. , the refugees suffer a shortage of water. They have to clean up the wells to be able to get water to survive.  Cleaning up the wells means the refugees would designate volunteers to tie them with a rope around the waist of a young man. The volunteers  would be sending carefully down  12 meters in the depth of the wells.  The container and shelf should follow them to the well. He should clean up the wells and would remove the dirt and trash by pulling the robe. Then, the refugees around the well will pull the volunteer out of the well.  Afterwards, the well would be ready for serving our refugees community.


Challenges: Risky and dangerous( some poisoned snakes could be found ) for the volunteers who would allow people to hold the unsafe cord to get them deep into the wells. In addition, it is painful to be pulled out with a rope, they have no safety tools.

  Solution: provide safety tools to those who clean up the wells.


 Cover the wells (keep the wells clean)


The important thing is to keep the water wells clean during rainy seasons. We suggest cover a, but we need the Engineer Department to help us. We're beginning to develop ideas for well lids and safer harnesses. We are working with students from Butler University to solve the water problem in the refugee camps. 



Nov 20, 2017


Safe Stoves

Now ran is stopped and the right time for the production groups to make safe stoves.  We are grateful for your generous donation and support.

 1200 Darfur refugee mothers received safe stove.  1200 women and girls reduced their trips to collect firewood by 75%. In the shelters, mothers are cooking food for their families without producing huge smoke during cooking process as when they used to cook on their traditional stoves.

Now, We are working with two students from Butler University to help us with this project.

Without your support, the refugee mothers production groups could not be able to make 1200 safe stoves to earn income  to take care  and the beneficiaries couldn't impact postively from this project.

You are our hope to continue reducing the trips of collecting firewood for more refugee women by 75%.
Please help us during #GivingTuesday, Our project link is on the GlobalGiving’s 2017 #GivingTuesday campaign will begin November 28th, 2017, at 00:00:01 EST and end at 23:59:59 EST on November 28th, 2017.
Here is our project link:
Please share our link with your network to reach out to more kind people to help us to protect more refugee mothers and girls from rape, from hostile violence against women, and to improve the environment in their shelter by reduce smoke during cooking process, as well as increasing safety for the children.

Year-End-Campaign: Begins at 00:00:01 EST on Wednesday, November 29th, 2017 and ends at 23:59:59 EST on Sunday, December 31st. I will send detailed email about this Campaign.
Thank you so much for your endless support!

Oct 24, 2017


Hello our dear friends,

Thank you for your generous doantion and your unlimited support. You and our wonderful partner, Globalgiving are our inspiration and our power to work harder to help refugees to feed their families. 

Food security is our goal to decrease hunger among refugees who were farmers before they fled their countries.

This year, refugees grew their food. The season was successful; nevertheless, there was enough rain throughout the summer. The farmers grew their main crops such as milt, sorghum, maze, okra, peanuts, and beans. They use oxen to plough and clean the land before they plant their crops.

During farming season, farmers and their children do the work at the farm. They worked hard to secure their food because they’ve experienced extreme hunger before and wish to not relive the hunger.

Now, the refugees harvest their crops. They are happy to have food and they give away some of their crop to needy people in the camp. They have to fulfill their religious obligation, which it called Zakat. Zakat is religious responsibility towards our people and our neighbors.  The amount of crops that would be given away would be measured based on the crops’ measurement at specific countries.

This dish is the only type of food that refugees hope to feed their children to end the hunger. It is a dough with souce. It is traditonal food.

Now, we are working with Butler University students to help us layout strategy to help the refugees to increase their farm and to reach out to more people for securing resources to provide better services. 


Thank you so much 

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