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Oct 16, 2019


Hello our dear friends,


We, the Darfur Women Network, DWN, and our clients, and our staff are grateful for your strong support to our water project.  In our last report, we shared with you that we purchased and sent safety tools and  to our volunteer team in Darfur refugees camp in Chad.


In June2019, the rainy season has started, but it is still raining. The refugees get their drinking water from valleys during rainy season. All the wells had been buried. The reason behind the burying of the wells has been due to the rainfall that washed sand from highland to the lowland one where the wells were dug.

Now, our volunteers are ready to clean drinking wells. Their safety tools are available in the camp. then, we will work hard to enable the refugees to drink clean water. This year, we ensure the safety of the volunteers who enter 20 meters into the wells.

We appeal to you to continue your kindness support to donate to enable us to purchase food for the volunteers to do their work. The food we need to provide to our volunteers are meals and tea. Now, we are working hard to complete our preparation to achieve our goals (drinking water). Please, help us with your generous donations to increase the water resources.

please, check this link:



Mastora Bakhiet


Jul 16, 2019


Safety Tools
Safety Tools


Hello our friends,


We, the Darfur Women Network, DWN, our beneficiaries, and staff are grateful for your strong support to our water project. Today, we are excited to share with you your positive impact of your donation on the survivors of Darfur genocide in the refugees’ camp in Chad.  

Your donations have helped us to purchase food to our volunteers to clean up the wells to provide drinking water to the refugees.

On April 20th, we were able to send the safety tools, plastic boots, helmets, gloves, touch, cords, and safety belts. The refugee families always go to get water. Some they have donkeys and some borrow donkeys from their friends, some get five gallon containers on women’s and girls’ heads. They use water for drinking, cooking, little water for cleaning few dishes, and little water for personal hygiene.  

The last cleaning up wells was in April 20th, the team was on safety tools, we provided food that was cooked in the camp. The volunteers were sent down to 25 meters safely.


However, there are two cleaned wells collapsed. Now, we renewed the project  to provide more water to 30000 refugee in the camp and safety tools to support our volunteers from the refugees to clean-up wells to provide water to the refugees.

Would you please , check the link below to see your impact of your donation on the survivors of Darfur genocide in the camp in Chad, you  will see the risk of cleaning wells before your donation. Then, you will see how your eliminate the risk by providing safety tools.


Apr 27, 2019




Hello, our friends,

 On behalf of Darfur Women Network, I would like to thank you for your strong support. Today, I would like to share with you that our refugees in Darfur refugees camp are in serious situation. They are suffering starvation because the World Food Program has refused to give them food since August 2018. Despite they are living in desert area and have no income.

We need you to help us with two things,

Firstly, I appeal to you to  help us with two things: to donate  to enable us to purchase  food for children and disable people who are suffering malnutrition and elderly who couldn’t move due to starvation . We also, need your support to sign our petition below.

Please read more information and sign the petition by checking this link     

Eventually, We are grateful for your support and we are looking for your support to save lives in the refugees camp in Chad


 Thank you, please share the link with your network and your family and friends

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