Apr 20, 2021

A new challenging new year ahead

Dear friends,

In 2020, the global pandemic challenged society in general, and educational institutions in particular, to exercise flexibility, innovation and leadership in order to cope with this unprecedented situation. We are facing a complex context, facing a “new reality” where access to technology and connectivity play a central role in this new scenario where “classroom education” has changed and needs to be adapted.

Schools had to face drastic changes, without having time for preparation or planning, and had to make great efforts to respond quickly to new challenges. They are facing continuous and permanent learning so as to adapt and find solutions in the course of the different situations that arise.

On the other hand, the pandemic evidenced many situations of risk and inequality, such as the vulnerability and social disadvantage of a significant number of students who stated that they did not have the necessary connectivity, equipment or physical space conditions in their homes to develop their training process.

The aforementioned aspects confronted us with a new scenario where the accompaniment and intervention strategy and the focus on socio-emotional skills of our Program “Futuros Egresados” had to adapt, strengthen and repositio in order to have the expected impact on young students.

2020 was also an opportunity for the program to “reimagine”, “reinvent”, adapt, learn and improve. The complexity of the context invited us to continue rethinking from new situations the way in which we accompany young students in their school careers. In times of social isolation, it was urgent to design and put into practice devices that would allow us to investigate under what conditions our students go through this situation, what meanings school work acquires for them, what does it contribute to them not only in relationship with learning content but also to better cope with the times that we have to live, what type of proposals awaken their interest, what support they have in their homes, how they link with their teachers and with their peers. Devices that allow us to generate dialogue and better know their obstacles.

As a Program based on the “accompaniment” methodology to school trajectories, we are prepared to face this second year of education in a pandemic, with the goal of accompanying and strengthening the new “students ‘profession” in a changing educational scenario. In this sense, support learning, promote increasing levels of autonomy, maintain links with teachers and peers, build collective practices of caring, promote the rights of girls, boys and youth and intervene when they are violated or are at risk of being, are objectives of accompaniment that need to be put in value in the current times .

Cimientos will continue its hard work so as to support high school education during these hard times and keep up on accompanying young students and bringing closer to them more and better opportunities for their future.

We want to specially thank each one of you, for your unconditional support even during this complex context. It is thanks to you that we can continue carrying forward our projects and activities; giving more students a chance.

Best regards,

Cimientos Team

Feb 1, 2021

Graduates Network - Annual Results

Virtual Training
Virtual Training

Dear friends, 

Undoubtedly 2020 was a very challenging year for the whole world and Fundación Cimientos was not the exception. Our team worked very hard so as to hold all of our programs and actions and continue with the accompaniment of Argentinian vulnerable youth in order to bring them more and better opportunities for their future.

The compulsory quarantine disposed by Argentinian government since March 2020 led us to necessarily review the way we work with young boys and girls who are part of Cimientos´ Graduates Network and participate of the different activities we carry forward with our programs.


We had to set up new challenges and objectives and adapt all of our actions to a virtual modality so as to fulfilling and comply with the commitments assumed with both, our youth and our partners. Well aware of this, we were able to go ahead with all of our planned activities and find new opportunities in the adversity.


We are very pleased to share with you our annual results regarding our project Give Argentine Youth a Chance:

*3296 young boys and girls, from 19 provinces, were assisted with training and job opportunities.

*504 students finished high school during 2020 and were assisted to work on their “life project”.

*2265 participants of our Graduates Network received training.

*We developed 8 training courses oriented to job search in alliance with highly recognized companies.

*92 young boys and girls studied with University scholarships and 2 obtained their graduation.

*61 beneficiaries obtained formal jobs thanks to the intermediation of our Graduates Network.

*11 young boys and girls, participants of our Graduates Network, were volunteers of Cimientos.

*For the first time, in 2020, we organized two National Virtual Meetings and 10 webinars with the participation of more than 1000 young boys and girls from all the country.

*104 organizations/companies offered job opportunities to our youth through Cimientos´Graduates Network.

*441 volunteers from 60 companies and organizations participated from different activities related to training and orientation for young boys and girls. They donated 1546 hours of volunteering.

*A mobile app, which will be launched during 2021, was developed. It aims to enhance our work and communication with young participants of our Program.

For many young boys and girls (who are part of Cimientos´Graduates Network), the possibility of being part of our trainings and courses not only favored their knowledge and learning but it also implied the opportunity of meeting and keeping in contact with others who were going through the same situations. This aspect was highly valued in the satisfaction survey we performed.

Another important matter to mention was the fact that, through virtuality we could reach with our webinars and National Meetings, many young boys and girls from different Argentinian provinces who had not had so much offer before.

2020 was, without no doubt, a very challenging year for Cimientos and for the Graduates Network.  It was a year of great learning, innovation and growth which opened new opportunities in our way of working with young boys and girls who need us.

It was thanks to your support and all of our donors that we could keep up with our work and continue accompanying Argentina´s most vulnerable youth so that they can build a better future. We are truly grateful for your kind commitment to Cimientos and hope you renew your support for this difficult year.

Cimientos Team


Dec 28, 2020

A challenging year

Dear friends,

Undoubtedly this was a very challenging year for the whole world and Cimientos was not an exception. Going through the global pandemic implied multiple challenges and several changes in the way we used to work in our Program “Futuros Egresados”. We had to adapt our strategies, update our goals and be able to manage emerging special situations. Despite the complex context, Cimientos was able to quickly adapt and work hard to continue accompanying more than 1900 vulnerable young students during their path through high school.

COVID-19 triggered a deep impact in Argentina, a country which was already going through a serious economic crisis. In order to stop contagion, the Argentine government decreed preventive, compulsory social distancing (quarantine or lockdown) since March 20, 2020. This decision generated a significant drop in economic activity and in the income of the population.

The lockdown forced by COVID -19 specially affected youth who participate in Cimientos programs and their families. Argentina is a very unequal country where a large part of its population has temporary, informal or unregistered jobs. These families are especially affected since their income was directly affected or deteriorated. Other problems these families are facing are overcrowding, lack of essential services, inability to comply with social distancing and health care habits, among others. Finally, to this list of setbacks are added the difficulties related to internet connectivity to fulfill work tasks, training or studies.

Cimientos´ team have been working from the very beginning of the quarantine in order to continue accompanying youth and their families when they need it most. Tutors and mentors contacted students by phone or using virtual platforms, adapting the different mentoring strategies so that they could keep up with their schooling, as well as to bring training and employment opportunities. On the other hand, we have been working to ensure the scholarship that families receive, which in many cases are one of the few incomes they are receiving.

During this year we were able to guarantee to all the participants in the Program their monthly economic scholarship and their personalized mentoring.

We want to specially share with you that during 2020, 502 students finished high school and will be able to project a better future.

All of our achievements would not have been possible without your kind support and donations. We want to specially thank each one of you because we were able to offer more and better opportunities to these students. 

We sincerely hope you all have very happy holidays!

Best regards


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