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Jan 30, 2020

Improve Livelihoods of 225 HIV-Affected Families

The success of this project has been realized through support and donations by our GlobalGiving friends locally and internationally, well-wishers and other partners something that we value and proud of. We appreciate all of you for your kind contributions towards this project. Our beneficiaries are humbled by your generosity and they wish you all the best in everything that you do as they wish you more success in this New Year. We are not left behind in extending our appreciation to all of you we value all the support channelled to us so as we can extend the same to the less privileged in our society. As the year starts, we plan to continue the journey with our beneficiaries and we are committed in assisting them whenever possible. The year have started quite well with rains in many parts of the country a great change from previous years where January is referred to us the most dry and hottest month with very little in the farms. Farmers have crops in the farms and they are planting more taking advantage of the current rains, our beneficiaries have informed us that they are doing fine and they managed to do seed savings after the trainings and they now have plenty of planting seeds and other planting materials. They have also updated us on livestock rearing and they are very happy they are not struggling for pastures, feeding materials and water compared to previous year where January and February they struggle a lot for pastures and water for their livestock. They are optimistic that the weather will be favourable in a way that their crops that are in the farms and the one they are planting will do well and they will have good yields. This way they are sure they will be food and nutrition secure. They are also happy for the value addition trainings we have conducted as they are now into value addition especially when there is surplus produce and demand is low. Thank you to all who have contributed in making this project successful l; let’s continue the journey together for more achievements.

Jan 14, 2020

Protect 1800 people on Kokwa Island from Malaria

Dear Friends and well-wishers. We sincerely thank you for being with us in the journey of helping and supporting the less privileged in our society. The year 2019 had various challenges and we tried our best to support our communities and contribute in solving some of the challenges. In one way or the we contributed in improving livelihoods of our communities and we hope to continue doing so in this new year and we welcome you again to walk the journey with us as we appreciate and value all your support that you give. During the festive seasons, we celebrated together with Kokwa community in various ways and especially the most vulnerable families. We did a campaign to collect clothes, shoes, school bags and utensils from our friends and family members to support the needy families in Kokwa Island where our friends and family members generously gave a lot of items which we distributed to the needy families and made their festive seasons more enjoyable. Some people also contributed cash money where we did Christmas shopping for the most vulnerable families. We appreciate all the support given to the people in Kokwa Island and we scincerely thank all those who supported us in making their festive seasons merry. The community and all the beneficiaries were very happy for the support given and they also appreciated everyone who has made the contribution to improve their living standards. As we start the year 2020, we hope to continue working with Kokwa Island community in various ways to improve their livelihoods. In the previous report, we had the issue of following up with the county government on the new dispensary. Unfortunately the community has not received any positive way forward from the county government on that matter and the dispensary committee has not managed to meet the governor himself much as they have not given up on the matter. They are determined and they want to embark on official visits to the governor’s offices so that they can have a clear way forward on the position and what to expect. They will let us know when they intend to visit the governor and we are ready to give them any support that they will require to ensure they have what is required of them in order to push on the matter we will keep updating the progress in our next reports. We take this opportunity to thank you for your kind contribution and your support as well as wishing you, family members and colleagues prosperous 2020. Thank You!!

Jan 14, 2020

Empower 175 students for food security in Kenya

We are excited for the gift of another year and we hope that you have all started the year well in good health and more energy. We take this opportunity to wish you a prosperous new year 2020. Our youth polytechnics students have been on long December holiday and they are now back to school for a new semester. Most of the students graduated from the training centers and they are waiting for their results as the institutions are busy enrolling new students. We have been encouraging youths to join these vocational training centers so that they can gain technical skills that will help them self-reliant by creating their own jobs and being employers. Good examples are our agribusiness club members who have graduated and they are busy in utilizing skill gained on agribusiness. Most of them are already into the business even as they wait for the results. The weather has been very favourable thus enabling them to implement various agribusiness activities and especially modern farming techniques where they have been growing crops and selling them at good prices especially during festive seasons when the demand for most products was very high. Since it is still raining in most parts of the country, they are producing more products so that they can sell to various schools, institutions and local retailers as it is usually very dry in January. They are taking advantage of the rains and demand is still very high. We are encouraging them to continue with the same spirit and focus on expanding their farms for more produce and profits. Some of them are also offering trainings to the communities and institutions at a fee again increasing their income. Our discussion on previous report was on water harvesting structures and we hope the parents will participate in making this initiative realizable as they promised last year. The semester is very new and the schools management will guide us and the parents on the way forward on this issue. We are planning to engage graduated students in facilitating trainings on agribusiness to the new students who are joining various institution and are ready to join the club. This will be planned in due course with the teachers, new students and facilitators who will be the already graduated club members and of course the other club members who have now gained a lot of skills. We thank you all those who have made this project successful as we welcome them and others to continue supporting our young youths.

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