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Feb 6, 2020

Build School for 80 Students in Arid Kachuru Kenya

Kachiuru primary school resumed after long December holiday with some management changes. This is after the headteacher was transferred to another school and a new headteacher reported to the school although this took sometimes for the pupils and parents to adjust to the new changes, normal school activities are now going on as usual. We held a meeting in January 2020 with the new headteacher and school Board of Management (BOM) to brief the teacher on our various interventions in the school as well as discussing the way forward. One of the issues we discussed was the previous plans of holding a fundraising ceremony with the parents and other guests to raise funds for purchasing school desk. As earlier reported, the parents suggested that the ceremony to be held this year. After long discussion with the BOM, it was agreed that the fundraising be held next term that is between May and July 2020. This is to give room for the new teacher to understand the process well as well as knowing more about the interventions. It was also suggested that the headteacher to call for a teachers parents meeting in the course of them so that they can as well have a clear picture of the promises and to commit themselves in participating and contributing the money for that development. We are happy and wish to thank our partners for sponsoring feeding program in the school for another year and also for providing scholarships for the most vulnerable pupils in the school 35 pupils benefited on scholarships and we appreciate the support. Kachiuru primary had candidates sitting for national exams in November last year and we are happy to report that the candidates did well and most of them joined secondary schools with few of them joining vocational training centres congratulations to the candidates. Through our partners, we have also supported a few students who joined the secondary school and 1 vocational training student. We are happy for the good progress and feel sorry that we were not able to support all the students who requested for the support due to limited resources. We have encouraged them to apply for bursaries and seek support from other organizations and banking institutions we wish them well. Thank you to all who have supported us and the Kachiuru community in one way or the other and we are optimistic that we get more support from our friends, well-wishers and our partners.

Jan 30, 2020

support 2000 Kenya school girls with reusable pads

It’s another new year and we are happy to report that our girls from different schools had a great long December holiday.  They are now back to school for a new term and for those who graduated from primary school they have now joined different secondary schools in different parts of the country.  We are proud of them for the achievements and smooth transition.  As we start the year, we plan to do more for our girls in terms of empowering them and ensuring that they remain in school as expected.  We have a group of girls who are starting their adolescent and maturity and menstruation might be a night mare to some of them and especially the very young one who doesn’t understand what is happening or what will happen to their bodies.  There is need to have  sessions on some of these sensitive topics with them to prepare them even before they are taught by their teachers where sometimes they don’t dig deeper into the details and we have realized that some of them are not well prepared and they get confused in the process.  Our plans are to have these sessions with these girls and their teachers so that they can understand into details what this is all about as well as give them room to air their views and ask questions which they might be having.   We intend to do this when distributing reusable sanitary towels in various schools in the course of the year.  The idea is to support and help as many girls as possible but due to limited resources, we are not in a position to support many girls but with your support and donations, we can increase the number of beneficiaries and we therefore invite you as we start the year to consider walking the journey with us.  This school term, we intend to distribute some sanitary towels to a school in Baringo where we will also conduct the sessions as we continue fundraising for more funds to support other schools who have already requested us to consider them.  We appreciate the support and your generous contributions that you have given us.   Thank you very much as we pray for more blessings to you and your loved ones.   

Jan 30, 2020

Help Educate 330 Mukinyai School Orphans, Kenya

The year 2020 started well and appreciates the opportunity given to see another new year. Our schools opened in early January and all our beneficiaries reported back as expected. They are progressing on well and we wish them well as they start the year in their new levels. We managed to pay school fees for our beneficiaries although we did not manage to continue supporting the form one students who we supported last year and since we had promised to support them for 1 year, we prepared their parents and guardians in advance so that they can source school fees elsewhere. We had encouraged them to apply bursaries offered by the government and we are happy some of them were supported and we hope others will benefit also in the course of the year. We feel sorry since we could not include them in our program although we have not given up and we will definitely consider them and possible others if we are successful in fundraising this year. Thank you for making it possible next year and we request for further donations. Just as previous years, we have received many request from students and parents/guardians from different areas to consider supporting them and due to limited resource we have not promised them any support. We have been encouraging them to seek support from other service providers like banks, other NGOs, Faith based organizations and foundations and some of them were lucky to get scholarships. It is our wish to support as many as we can but unfortunately it have not been possible to accommodate more vulnerable students. We request for more support from our GlobalGiving friends for us to continue with the program as we thank you so much for the achievements realized this far.

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