Apr 30, 2014

Meet our Global Citizens from GPS Gandhinagar, Hyderabad!

Our Superkids from GPS, Gandhinagar
Our Superkids from GPS, Gandhinagar

Greetings from Teach For India!

As we are ready to induct our sixth cohort of fellows in Teach For India for the next academic year, we bring to you a story from Government Primary School, Gandhinagar at Hyderabad.

Zuha Moin, after finishing her graduation in International Affairs from George Washington University decided to join Teach For India Fellowship in 2012. Her class of 28 children studying in 4th grade proudly call themselves Superkids. The school is located in Patigadda and Prakash Nagar area in Hyderabad. Most of their parents are from low-income communities in the vicinity and work as drivers, watchmen and construction workers, etc. 

This is what Zuha has to say about her students who she has been teaching for the last two years,

"When I came into the classroom in July 2012, I envisioned that by the end of my two years as their teacher, my students would become global citizens. They would be aware of different cultures and would have an interest in current events. One project we did combined a chapter in our EVS textbook on houses and different cultures. Each group was given information on a type of house lived in by a group of people. They had to construct the house and then had to give a presentation on why the people live in this kind of a house.

By the end of my two years, I am glad that my students have now become global citizens. They watch the news every evening, and come back to class with an interesting story they heard on the news. I have seen the students from not knowing anything outside of their homes to becoming students who critically think about current events."
We at Teach For India believe that every child deserves an excellent education and this is possible only if we dream and act together. We will need your continued support till we achieve our target goal. Until then, help us by spreading the word and supporting our project.
*Name changed to protect the identity of the beneficiaries.
Priya* and her group's project - Tree House
Priya* and her group's project - Tree House
Students with their acting coaches from Samahaara
Students with their acting coaches from Samahaara


Feb 14, 2014

Meet our bright 3rd graders from Grace Model School

Greetings from Teach For India!

Teach For India team would like to thank all of you for supporting our cause. Every child deserves an excellent education but the stark reality today is that less than 10% of Indian students go on to college. Teach For India exists because of a deep belief that every child can and must attain an excellent educationWe are committed to finding, developing and supporting India’s brightest, most promising leaders for this to happen.

In our last report, we introduced you to our three fellows who have been teaching in our classrooms. Today, we are proud to share with you a story- a story of  44 bright children from Grace Model School. This is a low-income private school in Mustaidpura, Karwan Road in Hyderabad. The school operates in 3 separate blocks triangulating the Old Subjimandi (Market) area in the old city region of Hyderabad totaling a school strength of 900 students from Pre-KG to class X. Vast majority of the students come from economically and socially backward Muslim communities. All of these students are first generation school goers with their parents as daily wage workers, auto/taxi drivers, laborers in carpentry workshops or slaughter houses, etc. 

Karthik Rapaka, a 2012 Teach For India fellow, 'Bhaiyya' (Elder Brother) - as the kids fondly like to call him, has been with this curious bunch of kids since June 2012. In Karthik's words, these children are on their ' Journey to Success ', which is also the theme of their classroom. Everyday these lovely children come to school to continue their journey to success. 

In the last two years, these kids have been at more places than you can think. From participating in Mastermind Quiz to  attending a conference at Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, these kids have been crossing one milestone after the other. We believe this exposure will make them dream bigger. With your love and support we can help them dream bigger. You can see pictures from the classroom and the events in the attachments below.

In our next report, we will bring you stories from the other classrooms. As of today, we have raised 47.8% of our target. We will need your continued support till we achieve our target goal. Until then, help us by spreading the word and achieve our goal!

Lavanya M

Development Associate | TEACHFORINDIA



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Dec 2, 2013

Meet the leaders who are teaching these wonderful children!

Hi there, 

Thank you for your support and help in winning the Global Giving Challenge! Because of you, we are permanent partners and can raise funds to support the excellent work that our Fellows are doing in classrooms. 

In this first report, we want to introduce you to the 3 Fellows teaching in 3 different classes and impacting over 105 children. Knowing these leaders in classrooms will help you understand what wonderful teachers they are and take a peek into their classrooms. 

Meet, Karthik Rapaka, engineer by qualification, he graduated from Rutgers University and then went on to do his Masters from University of Illinois. He worked with Deloitte for 4.5 years before deciding to move to India with his wife and join the Fellowship. In his own words, let’s see what he hopes to accomplish with his students: 

'When I took over my class in June 2012, the students were at least 3.5 years (on average) behind their grade levels. Almost all of them couldn’t even recognize English alphabet or numbers. After naming my class as Journey to Success, in the last 1.5 years, I enabled 70% of my class which is highly differentiated across age groups 6 – 14 to meet their respective individual academic goals. Besides just knowledge and academic skills, I consider myself accomplished (through external validations) in building a strong classroom culture – where kids are confident, curious, work-hard in teams, help each other and are not afraid of learning from new situations or new people. Their worldly exposure and awareness has also increased many fold through a number of our class room structures and external visits. In the remaining 5 months, I hope to instill in my kids – a strong sense of ownership for their own learning so that they become the captains of their ships! ' 

Now let’s meet Zuha Moin, who, after completing her BA in International Affairs from George Washington University decided to join the Fellowship. Let’s read the why behind her decision: 

'Most of the courses I took in college related to development. I spent much of the time outside of the classroom working at different types of internships - with non-profits and government agencies. I felt that there was a disconnect between my exposure to reality in D.C. with what was the actual happening on ground.

Teach for India is one of the few Fellowships in India open to foreign citizens of Indian-descent which provides great first-hand exposure to ground reality. When I found out Teach for India was coming to Hyderabad, I knew I had to be a part of the movement.'

Lastly, let’s meet Meghana, also an engineer from University of Illinois. Let’s read what her future goals and aspirations are: 

'Teach For India which started as a two year sabbatical from my education, has opened many new frontiers in terms of aspirations and ambitions in my life. Now, I have a much broader perspective as well as a much better understanding of my long term goals. After my Fellowship I wish to pursue further education in the field of policy making/International development.'

In our next report, we will tell you about the students that these wonderful teachers are leading and their story. Until then, help us by spreading the word and achieve our target goal! 


Teach For India team


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