Dec 23, 2020

1 Million Food Parcels - Big Impact

Our Communities Thank YOU

Since lockdown began we have been able to deliver ONE MILLION food parcels to children and their families living in the slums of Kampala, Uganda.

As a community-led organisation we have been driven to deliver to the needs of those who we serve. Lockdown in Uganda has meant that people cannot work, children cannot go to school and food security was identified as a key issue.

Our education centres have been running as food banks for four months now, extending to new communities. 

Similar to a prior blog post, we will be focusing on how our COVID-19 response has impacted the community where we work.

Please note, names have been changed



Kids Club Kampala has helped us a lot during this lockdown because we were worse off than before and there was nothing for us to eat but because of Kids Club Kampala it has helped us with food and we are satisfied completely.

The management of Kids Club Kampala is very good and doing a great job. I am very happy by the way! May God bless Kids Club Kampala.



Kids Club Kampala has been there for us more than the government and we appreciate their efforts.

Kids Club Kampala gave us good quality posho and beans which was During this lockdown I want to thank the chairman Mr. Onyut and his vice Mr. Baker they are doing the work of “For God and my country”. I finally want to appreciate Kids Club Kampala as an organisation and its workers for reaching down to us. God bless Kids Club Kampala.

During this time many organisations have understandably found it difficult to serve the communities where they work. At Kids Club, with the help of our great supporters we have been able to provide 28,291 families with food parcels over this period. Our response has been recognised and commended by local community leaders with whom we have strengthened our partnerships.

We hope to build on this bond as we shift our operations to help rebuild these communities as an estimated 3.5 million more Ugandans have fallen into poverty during lockdown.

Florence & Dennis.jpg

Florence and Dennis

Thanks for all you have done for us. We are very grateful, even the clothes I am wearing came from Kids Club. I am very grateful for the matoke, posho and beans that I received from Kids Club Kampala.

They have done a very great job, keep it up and prosper.

Even those who are elderly or physically unable to visit our food banks, our team in Kampala have worked hard to deliver food parcels to their doorstep. As restrictions have eased slightly our teachers have been able to support the children by delivering homeschooling workbooks too as there is still very little indication when schools will be back open.



Today is Eid, I didn't even have anything to eat but now I have food that I can eat for my Eid because of Kids Club Kampala. Kids Club Kampala has been very helpful to us all not only to the children but even to the single women and men plus the married couples. Kids Club Kampala is not selective, we see the help of Kids Club Kampala during this lockdown season and they do it willingly providing food items for example soap, sugar, beans, posho, matoke and cassava plus potatoes and so much more.


I pray for Kids Club Kampala day and night. I am really grateful and I pray for the expansion of this organisation so that it can continue to extend help to everyone in need because some of us are trying to get help and it has been Kids Club Kampala helping us, sharing the little they have with us. Kids Club Kampala is a get together organisation may it never remain the same but may it grow, increase and expand.

It has been amazing that we have been able to support so many at this time of need. As a supporter just know that your donations are really appreciated and made a huge difference to the lives of so many people. You have saved lives. Thank you. 

Where possible, we will now be shifting our focus from basic needs to help rebuild communities and support families over the long term. This will include: increasing safeguarding, preparing for home-schooling and increasing our training programmes to help families begin to sustain themselves as we move into the future. 

Life in the slums is tough and no child or family should suffer.



I thank God and ask him to bless Kids Club Kampala. I feel happy because Kids Club Kampala has helped me with my children and I also thank God for the devoted help Kids Club Kampala has rendered towards them. I thank God for the protection it has given to my children for providing for them a safe place to stay and now during this lockdown. It has continued to give a hand by giving them food like today it was not expected but Kids Club Kampala came through. Thanks to Kids Club Kampala, many blessings upon blessings.

Ann and baby.jpg


Even the place where I used to work has not given me anything during this lockdown but Kids Club Kampala has and it has been my help and hope. God shine upon Kids Club Kampala I pray. May God’s support be upon Kids Club Kampala so that it may continue to help us.

Thank you for all your donations, prayers and support to make this possible. 

The Kids Club Kampala Team

Dec 23, 2020

Gemma's* Story

Since launching the Ewafe project our team has rescued over 100 children from abuse or abandonment, and over 70 of these children have been reintegrated into their families, or like Grace, into a loving foster family. We are family-based care advocates, which means that we try to reintegrate children into their families as we know that is the best environment for children to grow up happy and safe, and feeling like they belong. We are unusual in reintegrating families, as many privately run institutions make no effort to find family members. In Uganda, 85% of children living in institutions have at least one surviving parent, and 52% of institutions have no reintegration or foster care programmes. This means that thousands of families are unnecessarily being forced apart. Chronic poverty, exacerbated by the impact of COVID-19, puts children at risk of abuse and exploitation and families in danger of breaking apart. We are supporting families in crisis, rescuing children who have no safe place to go, helping them to heal, and finding safe families for these children.There are some situations where it is not safe for the child to live with their family members, which is why we launched our foster care program. This is the story of how Gemma came to be the first fostered child with our Ewafe Project.
Gemma settling into her new home, 2019.

Gemma settling into her new home, 2019.

Gemma* was 8 when her mother became very unwell and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital. This meant that Gemma was without any family to take care of her and was at risk of homelessness. The local authorities brought Gemma to our Ewafe Project in 2018, in the hope that Gemma’s Mum would recover.Sadly, after a few months Gemma’s mum had not showed signs of recovery and was still too unwell to look after her. Gemma didn’t have any other family, so we knew the best option for her was to be placed with a loving foster family.
Gemma with her foster family, 2019.

Gemma with her foster family, 2019.

Foster carers are a new concept in Uganda, but with the support of local social services, we were able to bring one loving Ugandan family through the process of becoming approved foster carers. In June 2019, after all the checks had been completed, Gemma went to live with her new family.This family have the ability to provide Gemma with the love and care that she desperately needed, and a sense of belonging that she would not have otherwise had. Gemma has settled in wonderfully, having started school and has the loving care and support from her family.Gemma and her family receive regular visits from our social workers, and we are delighted that Gemma is loving being with her new family.(*name changed)
There are estimated to be over 40,000 children currently in institutional care in Uganda. This is the story of just one. 
A recent photo of Gemma, 2020.

A recent photo of Gemma, 2020.

Family care is the best possible environment for a child and it’s so important that children of all ages have a loving family to rely on. We advocate for children to be with their families or a foster family because we know that long term institutionalisation can have long term negative effects on a child’s development and well-being. Children need to live in families and should not be separated from them unnecessarily. Kids Club Kampala are working hard to strengthen families and communities and we love to see children going back home to loving families, this case is so special as we have been able to reintegrate a child into a loving foster family for the very first time.We shared the story of Gemma with our team and to our surprise a volunteer who had visited the Ewafe home last year shared that he had been praying for Gemma to find a new family, he was delighted to hear the news that Gemma had been welcomed into a loving family and was a part of our very first foster family placement. It is great to know that we have supporters praying for the children in Uganda and it’s a wonderful reminder that prayer works. We value your prayers for the children and communities we serve in Uganda. 
Gemma smiling happily with her foster family, 2020.

Gemma smiling happily with her foster family, 2020.

Our vision of seeing more children reunited into loving families is hugely dependent on people like Gemma’s new foster parents, who are making a true difference by bringing hope to Gemma's situation and providing a family home for her where she is safe. We love to see children leaving our emergency care home and going back to loving families and we hope this is the first of many foster family placements that we help to facilitate. Today we take the time to celebrate and honour foster families and the difference this makes to children like Gemma. Foster care is changing the lives of vulnerable children in Uganda and we are so excited to be a part of this process.
There are estimated to be over 40,000 children currently in institutional care in Uganda. This is the story of just one. 
Dec 23, 2020

A story from our education project in Katanga

Children at our education project in Katanga.

Children at our education project in Katanga.

“What is your favourite word in English?” I asked.

She took a moment to think and then smiled at me shyly and said “girl”.

I was sat in the small Kids Club Kampala office in Katanga slum with Rebecca*. Rebecca is 10 years old and has been attending Kids Club Kampala activities since she was 7. She is one of over 100 children who attend various Kids Club Kampala activities in Katanga daily.

She first heard about Kids Club Kampala through a friend. She started coming and then she told her sister about it as well. Both Rebecca and her older sister, Beth, said the education project at Kids Club Kampala has helped them to learn maths, science and English, possibly even more powerful though is Ruth’s comment that “Kids Club Kampala taught me to learn”. While both girls officially attend school, at the moment they do not have school fees and so they are really benefiting from the support and teaching provided by Kids Club Kampala.

These girls live at home with a brother and their parents. Their parents are both working hard trying to earn a living so that they can pay for their children's education, but in Kampala that is difficult. Life can be a struggle for their family, but the food and education provided by Kids Club Kampala has really helped them along the way.

The Staff at Kids Club Kampala Katanga say that they have really noticed a change in Ruth over the last 3 years. They said “When she first started with us, she was not respectful, she would use bad words, but now she speaks well and looks out for the younger children”.

This is just one story of how we are making an impact and changing the lives of the children and young people growing up in Katanga slum. Each child we meet here has their own story to tell.

*Names have been changed.

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