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Mar 19, 2015

Making a difference at the Government school

Volunteering activities
Volunteering activities

One main focus for Ashwini Charitable Trust (ACT) in the 2014 calendar year was to ensure all-round improvement of the Government Tamil Higher and Primary School, Murphy Town, which we have adopted. We are focusing on infrastructure works like the Repair and Maintenance work and Volunteering activities.


  • ACT has repaired the girls’ and boys’ toilets and has also arranged for a person to clean the toilets twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. It is so necessary for girls that they have access to clean bathrooms.
  • The drinking water facility put up by ACT has an Aquaguard, thus ensuring that the students get pure drinking water. We can ensure that the children are free from water bourne diseases.
  • The water storage sump in the school had collapsed and the same has been repaired by ACT and hence there are two storage sumps now. Thus, there is continuous water supply to all the toilets and wash basins.
  • The large grounds all around the school was totally unused because of overgrowth and was full of garbage .We have cleaned the grounds and flattened it using a JCB and a Road roller and made it ready for sports activity.We will now make use of it to provide cricket, football, basketball coaching for the children of the school.
  • Another classroom in the Annexe building was repaired. The walls were repaired and painted, and the floors which were pitted were covered with linoleum.   Now we can use this room for a nursery section.
  • The garden is maintained by a gardener employed by the Trust. It was cleaned ,stone benches and walls were painted. The fence was redone and bricks were arranged around the plants and saplings.

Volunteering activities

 To enhance the quality of education, we have organized volunteering activities on all the days that the school is open. Everyday ACT volunteers teach the students of all classes basic English and Math skills. We are especially working with the children of all classes.Volunteers also teach computers to the teachers and children.

ACT facilitates the CSR activities of companies in the school. As a part of this initiative, employees of 4 companies have volunteered in the school in the past few months.

ACT has interfaced with these companies on behalf of the school and organized the following activities:

  • Putting tarpaulin on the school roof so that it does not leak during the monsoons.
  • Painting the walls, doors, windows and pillars of the school to give them a bright and fresh look.
  • De-weeding the garden and cutting the over-grown grass.
  • Planting saplings of evergreen trees in the school campus.
  • Planting saplings of flowering plants in the garden area.
  • Teaching the school teachers and children of classes 5, 6 and 7 how to handle computers.
  • Conducting quizzes for the children on various topics, including History, Geography and General Knowledge.
  • Blankets , Sweaters and Shoes were distributed to keep the children warm in the winter season.


ACT ensures that at least one of the Trust members is present when the CSR activities are taking place, so that the events go off smoothly.

Volunteering activity
Volunteering activity
Dec 29, 2014

Save a School with Ashwini Charitable Trust

When Ashwini Charitable Trust (ACT) adopted the Government Tamil Primary School in Murphy Town, Bangalore, the twin mandates we assigned to ourselves were very clear - i.) To improve the basic language and math skills of the children studying in the school and, ii.) To repair and rebuild the infrastructure of the school so that the 80+ children studying there are in a safe, secure, clean and attractive environment. 

On our very first visit to the school, we fell in love with the ancient colonial era school building and its annexe, and the vast green ground stretching behind it. But a closer look revealed the reality behind the facade. The thick walls of the building were hollowed out by termites, the roof leaked during the rains, the children's toilets were crumbling and choked with refuse, one syntex tank serviced the whole school for both drinking and washing up purposes and the green cover on the ground was actually overgrown weeds and brambles.

Even as we were taking stock of the broken furniture, walls and windows, ACT volunteers were on the job from day one, teaching those children who are weak in studies and were lagging behind others in class, basic reading, writing and comprehension skills. ACT has bought a whole series of graded books, which would take these children through the process of gradually acquiring language skills.

Repair work of the building started with the walls being treated for termite infestation and then filled with concrete before being painted a cheerful yellow colour. One room was transformed into a computer room, with two computer terminals and another into a library. ACT had organised for volunteers from companies like Cisco, Synopsis, Thomson Reuters and Citrix to interact with the school children and teachers as part of their companys' CSR initiative. Cisco volunteers even taught the school teachers, including the Head Mistress, basic computer skills, and 101 volunteers from Synopsis deweeded the garden and painted the classroom walls, doors and windows.

Once the summer vacation started, ACT got the childrens' toilets totally redone with continuous water supply and also organised a lady to clean both the girls' and the boys' toilets twice a day during school days. An aquaguard water filter has been fitted in the drinking water area so that the children get clean poatble water to drink. The washing up area has also been redone with a long, cement wash basin and an outlet for used water.

Tarpaulin sheets have been spread on the roof to take care of the leaks, and the classroom windows have been repaired with all the grills redone in order to ensure safety for the children. ACT has also got more than 50 saplings in the school premises.

Now when we visit the school, we are greeted by flowering plants and smiling faces.

But, this is just the beginning - a lot more needs to be done.         



Oct 1, 2014

New Initiatives at the school this quarter

The Government Tamil Higher Primary School is located at Murphy Town .It was was started in 1924.It has 88 children on roll  and adopted by NGO Ashwini Charitable Trust.We intend to carry out the needs of the school in a phased manner and based on  funding/support we receive from sponsors and Donors.



  • DRNKING WATER FACILITY – Before we adopted the government school the children of the school used to drink water directly from the tap attached to a syntax tank. Tap water is full of germs and it is essential to filter the water to be potable and prevent water borne diseases .The NGO has now provided clean drinking water with a UV ray and carbon water filtration system.
  • WASH BASIN FACILITY - During the summer vacation time we took up some infrastructure development work and put up certain essential facilities such as arrow of 6 taps for the children to wash their hands after drinking their porridge in the morning and lunch in the afternoon.  
  • UTILITY AREA – The area where the children used to wash hands earlier has now been cemented and spruced up for washing used plates, glasses and other utensils in which the midday meal is supplied to the school.
  • UNDERGROUND SUMP - The water to the toilets, wash-basins, utility area and for gardening purposes is now stored in two underground sumps constructed by us.
  • ANGANWADI CENTRE – We have cleared up a classroom which was used for storing unused and broken furniture and have earmarked it for use as an Anganwadi (Day care centre for pre-school children living in the slums around the school) for the area.  The leaks in the asbestos sheets have been repaired with tar sheets.


  •  ASHWINI TRUST VOLUNTEERS – From 2nd June onwards, since the school reopened after summer vacations, 7 ACT volunteers have regularly taught the school children spoken and written English using the Lady Bird Series and have followed the Chipper Sage Flow of English Programme. ACT volunteers also teach the children Math skills.
  • GOLDMAN SACHS VOLUNTEERS – On Thursday, 17th July 2014, 17 volunteers from Goldman Sachs worked tirelessly to de-weed the overgrown garden area, mowed the grass, composted and planted saplings of Pungamia, Ashoka , Margosa, Honey Suckle, Jasmine, and Bougainville.  
  •  CISCO VOLUNTEERS – On Friday, 12th September 2014, 8 volunteers from Cisco spent the whole day in the school interacting with both the teachers and the children. The Head-Mistress and all the 5 teachers of the school were taught basic computer skills by the volunteers, while the children were treated to a magic show by Mr. Puttaraju, which they enjoyed immensely. Post-lunch, the volunteers interacted with all the school children by giving them English work-sheets and then conducted a quiz.
  • SYNOPSIS VOLUNTEERS – On Saturday, 20th September, 2014, 124 volunteers from the company ‘Synopsis’ spent their valuable time the whole day at the government school cleaning up the premises, painting the classrooms and the garden compound wall. Four classrooms have been freshly painted in bright colours. The windows of all the classrooms have been repaired and fibre glass sunshades have been fixed to keep rainwater from entering the classrooms. The garden area has been cordoned off with a metal mesh fencing to prevent children/animals from entering. The herbaceous borders have been beautified a red-brick border. We have planted many new saplings of drumstick and neem with tree guards to protect the saplings. The volunteers also planted vegetable patches of radish, cauliflower, mint, chilies and brinjal in the garden area.
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