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Jan 25, 2019

New Year 2019! Another chance to change lives.

Children dressed for Pongal festival
Children dressed for Pongal festival

Greetings from Ashwini Charitbable Trust!

It's New year again, a wonderful time to make promises, become the reason behind someone’s smile. For 18 years, our New Year resolutions have always been about helping children and dream for them until they become empowered to dream on their own.

It’s the right time to remember the best memories the previous year had gifted and here is the story of a girl who helps us look forward to more new years.


Akriti’s(Name changed) father left the family few years back and it is the mother who has been taking care of her as well as her brother all these years. Although the mother has many health issues she goes for work and makes sure that the children are properly fed. ACT has taken up the education of both Akriti and her brother and her mother feels proud to see Akriti doing well. She finished her class 10 last year with 74% marks and is currently in class 11. She is a very good dancer. Akriti serves as a very good example to prove that after all broken families do not create broken people. Some people have the maturity to outgrow any kind of situations.

To help children transform, to make them empowered we have programs all throughout the year.

Every November we celebrate Annual day. This year we celebrated our 18th Annual Day. The children and mothers put up a series of variety entertainment programmes. Some of our outstanding students, mothers and volunteers were recognized on this day.

Christmas at ACT was all about our choir team going to elderly homes and singing for the people there. The children are not only given education, they are taught to carry forward the help they receive to others who are in need.

Thank you so much for helping 2018 memorable for the children. Let’s welcome 2019 as we await for many more smiles. Let’s unite to dream big for the children.

Christmas caroling by our ACT choir
Christmas caroling by our ACT choir
Children dancing on Annual day
Children dancing on Annual day
Akriti happy in the Trust
Akriti happy in the Trust
Nov 6, 2018

Encourage & inspire the children to come to school


Sahana( name changed) is studying in the 4th standard at the Government Tamil Higher Primary School. She is very regular to school and she brings her three year old brother along with her to school since there is no one to look after him at home and takes good care of him. Her father is an auto driver and mother is working as a house maid. Sahana’s mother is struggling to make ends meet  as her father is an alcoholic and harasses them very often. They stay in a very small unventilated rented house. In spite of these difficulties , Sahana is very happy to come to school.  She wants to continue her education and her dream is to become a teacher and serve the society.

We continuously conduct various extracurricular programs and provide food in the school to inspire and motivate them to come to school regularly. And hence we do the following:

  • Make a daily protein mix which has all the vital nutrients and vitamins that the growing children need, as most of the children come to school without having breakfast. We have measured the height and weight of all the children this year to assess and analyse the impact of nutritious protein powder.

  • Distribute delicious morning snacks to the children to encourage them to come to school on every Saturday.Celebrate birthdays of the children at the end of each month. The children cut a huge cake in front of their friends and eat it too. Eurokids, a play school in Bangalore donated non-perishable food items to the children during Daan-utsav which is the Joy of Giving week

  • Well qualified yoga professionals of Sri Krishna Wellness, Yoga and Cultural Centre conduct  classes to improve overall health and their concentration power .
    Conduct music classes every Saturday for the students of Class 5 and above. We have selected 7 students through an audition and the class lasts for more than one hour. Our regular volunteers conduct Elementary English reading, writing and spoken classes for all the children.

  • Interns from the Ramaiah Institute of Legal Studies taught drawing to the junior children ,took English classes for the seniors, made an inventory list of school needs and helped in gardening activities.

  • Distributed sandals to all the children since they get shoes from the government.
    Conducted a sports day program on 29th September in which all the children  participated .They had a fun day.

"The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do." -- Kobe Bryant

Oct 26, 2018

Our interventions and programs to assist children

Navya Rani
Navya Rani

Navya Rani joined Ashwini Charitable trust(ACT) at the age of nine when she was in class 4. It has been 8 years since she and her 2 sisters became a part of the ACT family. Having come from a family of an alcoholic father and a hard working mother who struggles to make both ends meet with her measly income, Navya took it upon herself to become industrious and to find her own purpose in life. Then came the days of transformation when she learnt to dance, sing, and protect herself through Karate training and a lot more. 2017 was a remarkable year in Navya’s life as she gave her class 10 board exam and passed with flying colors despite the unfortunate circumstances which challenged her resolve  to become the topper in class. She has thereby secured admission in one of the prestigious colleges in bangalore for class 11. She serves as an exemplary model for all those who struggle to achieve their goals.

We provide the academic and social interventions:

1)Education: ACT strives to achieve the same for every child by providing all the educational needs of children including fees, school uniforms; by building independent study skills through an army of volunteers.

2) Food: With the support and assistance of mothers from the community ACT ensures that every child receives nutritious snacks every day. Every sunday all children are entitled to get special lunch.

3)Sports: Physical activity has proven to have an impact not only on children’s physical health but on their psychological health as well. It increases self confidence and self esteem in children. Therefore ACT engages the children in activities like Yoga,Karate and Cricket.The children get the benefit of protein mix regularly and 8 mothers prepare a mix once in 2 months for about 60 kgs of powder. The children use protein mix as a supplementary food. 

4) Health: A fit body is a precursor to a fit mind and overall well-being. Keeping that in mind, ACT conducts routine health checkups and vaccination drives for children. About 80-90 children get the benefit of protein mix regularly and 8 mothers prepare a mix once in 2 months for about 60 kgs of powder. The children use protein mix as a supplementary food.

5) Life skills: ACT provides life skills education to children so as to equip them with the requisite skills to overcome challenges. Candle making, decoupage, dance, music are some of the classes organized every year to help the children express their ideas and explore their worlds. Every summer vacation, the children are given training on personal and safety and sexuality to sensitize them on child sexual abuse in an age appropriate manner.

6) Financial Inclusion: Financial literacy and independence ensure a strong foundation for building dreams. At ACT it is mandatory for every child and their mother to have and to operate a bank account.

7)Emotional well being: Childhood and Adolescence are the formative years and therefore presence of informed and positive role models,support and guidance are extremely crucial for the children’s emotional well being and positive mental health.. One on one counseling is also being provided so as to help the children to handle difficult situations, in making healthy decisions and reaching goals.

8) Mentoring: Having taken the roads less travelled by others in their community, the senior students take it upon themselves to become a guiding light for the younger ones by mentoring and teaching them. This creates a beautiful bond of companionship and community

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