Aug 21, 2019

Digital Youth Embassadors for the learning center

Youth Embassadors communication image
Youth Embassadors communication image

¿Have you seen them?

We keep joining efforts to reach the goal of building a new learning center for outcasted children in Jalisco, Mexico. This time the youngest have been actively participating through our Digital Youth Embassador campaing, which uses social media as one of the main communication channels.

Since June we started inviting the youth of thos companies who had previously participad with us in volunteering activities, and right now we are super excited there’s a team of 10 DYE (Digital Youth Embassadors) commited with the children’s rights.

¿What do the DYE do? 

Youth embassadors’ mission is to share the cause with their Friends and family, use the social media to generate social impact, invite others with creativity and empathy, but mainly what they do is to believe in education as a tool to transform their surround, in the accomplishment of human rights as a way to procure the development of the person, and in the construction of the peace through the access of development opportunities.

So if you see one do not doubt on supporting them.  

We are getting closer and closer to our goal thanks to your donnation. Let’s keep rocking!

Jun 4, 2019

Blooming little by little

Hello friend, its been three months since the last time you read us, and we are happy to share with you some of the most relevant events in our organization.

In March, we worked on prevention of sexual abuse, highlighting the difference between good and bad secrets, private parts of the body that no one can touch, and identifying their support network to ask for help in case they need to. This protection tools are important since they live in contexts that make them more vulnerable.

During April, we celebrated Children’s day, each group had his own event so it meant two days full of celebration. With the help of our volunteer partners we made possible to create a party with a lot of fun activities, some of them were: cookie decoration, dance contest, team games, and doing clay from scratch. You could see their happines reflected on their smiles.

 In May, we talked about the importance of the enviroment, since the origins of the earth to the envorimental footprint of the human being among the history. We reflected about what we can do now to decrease each own enviromental footprint and what strategies we can do in our lives and community to protect the enviroment.

Finally, in mid May we celebrated one of the most important events for our organization: the 8th Anual Report, in which we shared our results and growth of 2018 with our donnors. This event also represented the launch of our fundraising campaign to build a new Learning Center, that aims to have better educactional spaces. You can find more about it in our projects on GlobalGiving’s platform.

Thank you for being part of this amazing project, trough your donation you’re making possible that children living in contexts of poverty and violence acces to  development opportunities to bring out the best in them.

8th Anual Report Event
8th Anual Report Event


May 24, 2019

Step by step

First of all thanks for being part of this amazing project, we deeply believe that team work makes possible achieve any goal, and we’re glad you’re active part of this one trough your donation.

During this three months we’ve been having executive breakfast in which we invited key people to join us as embassadors of our campaign in order to spread the word and help us to share this project with the accurate people, interested in building a better future for children specially those who lack access to develpment opportunities. All this with the purpose of generating a more powerful fundraising campaing in our town.

The first breakfast was focus on inspiring and directly inviting the people to become embassadors of our organization. With a high commitment and responsibility most of them accpeted and started inviting other people.

The second executive breakfast aimed to provide some tools to comunicate effectively  the campaign. This time one of the graduated children of our program shared with them his testimony of what he lived during it and how did it change his life, it was definetly a very emotional and inspiring moment.

The third and the last one, we had in total 22 embassadors, in this breakfast they started defining some fundraising strategies and the team members that will be collaborating with them among this next months to have a succesful fundraising campaign.

This is an important step for our organization, we feel excited because we know that there’s nothing imposible for those who seek the good in the world. Thank so much again for being part of this trascendent moment in the life of Mayama. 

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