Jun 29, 2018

Statistics, a new alliance and challenges ahead!

Dear GlobalGiving donors & SiFuturo friends,

This time, we wanted to summarize the reach of our prevention and sensitization campaigns funded by you – our supporters. The project titled “1800 young in Medellin sensitized to HIV: a hopehas been active for 2 years now, widely fulfilling all of our expectations. Alone in the first semester of 2018, we managed to bring our workshops to 585 young people in the city of Medellín and its surroundings.

Here are some key statistics of our workshops:

  1. In the Tulio Ospina high school, we conducted workshops for 121 students
  2. In the Alfonso Mora Naranjo high shool, we conducted workshops for 101 students
  3. In the San Lorenzo de Aburrá high school, we conducted workshops for 203 students
  4. In the José Manuel Gómez Serna high school, we conducted workshops for 160 students.  

We wanted to give you a glance into the structure of one of our prevention workshops, so you understand how prevention actions are carried out during the 3 meetings that usually constitute the workshop:

  • First session: HIV / AIDS awareness workshop: Why do we take risks if those can be avoided?
  • Second session: Academic discussion led by professional volunteers of the immunovirology research department of the University of Antioquia – one of our long-time academic partners.
  • Third session: Creative workshop: where we use art as a form of expression and collective learning, sharing experiences and collecting messages surrounding the topic of sexual and reproductive health.

The itinerant exhibition we financed with the resources raised in GlobalGiving is also a cornerstone of our workshops. In order to benefit the entire educational community during the time of intervention, the exhibition is taken to the schools and left there for a certain period of time for students to reflect on its messages. The exhibition is composed by 12 publicity pieces that illustrate HIV prevention messages in a creative and contemporary way aimed at reaching our target audience.

The aforementioned workshops had the support of the Ministry of Education of the Mayor's Office of Medellín through the Protected Environments School Program, prioritizing 7 educational institutions. Its purpose was to carry out educational and preventive actions during the first semester of 2018, and in this way strengthen sexual education projects contributing to the development of early warning mindsets in young people.

This alliance allowed for the development of coordinated work with state-funded psychologists in each institution, integrally addressing the issue of sexual and reproductive health.

Just for you to know, we will be closing this project soon. You cannot begin to imagine how grateful we are for your support: it has allowed for thousands to be sensitized about the HIV infection in the city of Medellín reducing stigma and having a long-term impact intended to improve the acceptance of infected individuals.

As you know, we already fulfilled the specific targets of this project. Nevertheless, preventing the spread of HIV and sensitizing young people about the infection is an ongoing task and something we strive for. That is the reason why we want you to stay tuned because a new project aimed at expanding the geographical reach of our sensitization workshops to the regions of Colombia will be launched soon and we need your help now more than ever!

Apr 2, 2018

Some news about our ongoing task

The exhibition in one of the classrooms
The exhibition in one of the classrooms

Dear GlobalGiving supporters, 

We wanted to tell you that our itinerant prevention and sensitization exhibition, financed with the resources raised in GlobalGiving, continues to have a positive impact in the city of Medellín.

The exhibition is now in the Alfonso Mora Naranjo public school. The school is located in the Campo Valdés neighborhood of the city of Medellín and hosts hundreds of students. Primary and secondary education levels are offered in the state-financed institution. 

In addition to that, and as a fundamental part of our mission striving for an informed and responsible sexual life, we commissioned a graphic designer with the task of conceptualizing a brochure regarding the education of the HIV infection. In the brochure, people will be able to find:

  • Answers to common questions regarding the infection
  • A section highlighting the importance of prevention
  • Some key facts about our foundation
  • An introduction to sexual rights and duties

The brochure explores the differences between HIV and AIDS, the ways in which the infection can be transmitted, how the infection is diagnosed and treated and discusses some myths revolving HIV. The ulterior goal of this campaign is centered at raising awareness of the infection while making an emphasis on the importance of prevention.

The educational brochure is available for download in our GlobalGiving portal: please help us expand its reach by sharing it! It is initially available in Spanish but we expect to have an English version soon.  


The SiFuturo Foundation

Jan 2, 2018

2018: a year full of challenges for us

Educational Workshops in the last weeks of 2017
Educational Workshops in the last weeks of 2017

In the last week of the year 2017, we are extremely grateful for all the help we obtained from you: our Global Giving Donors. Thanks to your help, we were able to widely fulfill our goals. The prevention and sensitization of the HIV infection in the city of Medellin is our mission and an ongoing task we strive for: the only way to do this is with your help.

The latter is the reason why we reach to you today. Next year is going to be a year full of challenges for us, in all of our operational lines.

We are dreaming big: Next year we will expand the reach of our educational workshops to the wider region of Antioquia, were the city of Medellin is located.

We partnered with Fraternidad Medellin, one of Colombia’s biggest charities, who offered to co-finance all of our workshops in isolated communities all over the region. They want to match our Global Giving donations, and with the resources raised we are going to make our professionals reach underprivileged communities and schools, with a message of prevention and sensitization. This is something that will require from us an increased logistical capability, since this is the first time we are aiming to reach young people outside of the city of Medellin.

Fraternidad Medellín, one of our partners since 2006, was created in 1957 by the initiative of a group of young entrepreneurs who worried about the social problems that began to generate the industrialization of the city of Medellin. Since 2009, Fraternidad Medellín has been developing great impact projects in partnership with public and private entities.

Seeking to influence the improvement of development conditions in the Oriente, Suroeste and Urabá Antioqueño regions, Fraternidad Medellin constituted strategic units aiming to enhance education and infrastructure quality. Enhancing sexual education quality is where we are planning on playing a role during the year 2018. Today, the last day of 2018, we ask you to help us spread our dream of reaching more and more young people. Without your help, the growth of our initiatives would be unimaginable. And by the way: Happy New Year! 





Educational Workshops in the last weeks of 2017 -2
Educational Workshops in the last weeks of 2017 -2
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