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Our mission is to teach children with hearing loss to communicate and learn through spoken language so that they may reach their full language and learning potential. We are dedicated to fostering children's growth as we work with families in a nurturing environment. When a child is identified with a hearing loss, fit with appropriate technology and provided the guidance of Listen and Talks compassionate expertise, children can... Enter and thrive in regular neighborhood schools from kindergarten or first grade. Interact and learn in regular classrooms without sign language interpreters. Read, write, and perform academically at a level on par with their classmates. Under...
Jul 23, 2015

Testimonials - Parent Empowerment

Mother and Child
Mother and Child

Listen and Talk is deeply committed to family centered services. Our Early Intervention providers coach families to help them understand the process of helping their child develop listening and spoken language skills in a natural, playful way. Through supported practice, a family learns to help their child respond to and interpret sounds, building a foundation upon which spoken language and learning will grow. 

When we initiated a telehealth model of service delivery (Virtual Home Visits or VHV), we were intent on making sure that parents received the coaching and support that would help their family be successful. With the results of the study described in our previous report and interviews with families, we are learning that parents CAN get their needs met through a telehealth model of service delivery.  Now some of our families are asking we provide services solely through VHV!

We had the opportunity to interview some of these parents in an effort to better understand the reasons for their preference. Here are some highlights:

Do you feel your needs are being met better with in-home visits or virtual home visits?

Parent 1 Answer:

"I do better with VHV because it forces me to practice on my own —rather than rely on the therapist to run the session... I find I have more confidence doing the whole session myself after a virtual visit."

Parent 2 Answer:

"VHV is either the same or better... Before, when I had in-home services, I would sit back and watch the therapist... Now, sessions are tailored to how I would perform as opposed to how any given therapist would do it... I guess that could be perceived as better or worse—depending on how I am doing with it!" 

Thanks to donors like you, we are developing evidence-based methods for meeting the complex needs of families no matter where they live! Thank you for your support!

Mar 25, 2015

Report to Virtual Home Visiting Supporters

L&T children lending each other helping hands
L&T children lending each other helping hands

New research supports the viability of Virtual Home Visiting (VHV) for serving the needs of families and children who are deaf or hard of hearing and learning to listen and talk.

As noted in our last report, Listen and Talk participated in a national multicenter study to evaluate the outcomes and cost-effectiveness of providing services through VHV compared with in-home services. Factors which were evaluated included the development of listening and language skills, the quality of the parent-child interaction, and the development of the parents’ confidence in supporting their child’s needs. The powerful overall findings showed that on average, VHV sessions resulted in as beneficial or better outcomes when compared with the outcomes achieved through traditional visits.


  • Families and children receiving services via VHV had better language outcomes and auditory skills than children who received services through traditional in-person visits.
  • Families receiving services via VHV were more engaged in the sessions than those families in the in-person sessions.

According to self-report measures:

  • Families receiving VHV services felt equally supported, knowledgeable, and confident in fostering their child’s development as families who received traditional in-home services.

Thanks again for your loyal support! You are helping us reach more families with high quality early intervention services than ever before. 

Please enjoy this new video that demonstrates the impact of our work over the past 20 years:

Dec 29, 2014

Virtual Home Visit Update from Listen and Talk

VHV in action!
VHV in action!

Your support is helping us reach more families with high quality early intervention services at greater distances than ever before!

Thanks to you, children are reaching their full potential, entering their neighborhood schools by the time they are in kindergarten, and enjoying a world of opportunities. This is good news for the children, their families, and the wider community!

I am happy to report that Listen and Talk has been participating in a national multi-center study to evaluate the outcomes and cost-effectiveness of providing services virtually, compared with in-person visits from a provider. Analyses of the results are near completion and the preliminary data supports the continued viability of the tele-health model of service delivery. In the coming months, we will share the stage with our collaborators to report the findings at various professional forums and in print publications. We look forward to sharing those details in our next GlobalGiving report so you too can see the outcomes and lessons we have learned.

Thank you again for your support in helping us apply our expertise to those in need. You are changing the lives of children and families.

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