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Sep 19, 2019

Swift walks after months of physiotherapy

Dharamsala has a long monsoon. It starts in mid-June and lasts all the way through September. During this year's monsoon, DAR saw a 40% increase in cases of suffering street dogs.

One dog that came to DAR this monsoon was Swift. She was paralyzed as a result of a car accident. Before we could even begin to treat her paralysis we had to deal with her tick fever. Once she was relieved of her fever, we were finally able to begin her treatment, intense physiotherapy.

Swift walks again

After a few long months of physiotherapy, Swift is walking again and even running! Check out this video of her miraculous recovery.

The long road to recovery

Swift's recovery is a result of the time and commitment of our team including vet, Dr. Nazneen, who did a lot of work with Swift through the months. Check out this video of one of Swift's early therapy sessions. 

You can see more success stories and learn how Dharamsala Animal Rescue is making a more humane and sustainable life for the street dogs of Dharamsala by joining us on social media.

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With gratitude,

Deb Jarrett, Founder & Executive Director

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Jun 24, 2019

DAR vet performs radical life-saving surgery

Princess Snowy recovery story
Princess Snowy recovery story

Dear [donor first name],

In the past 3 months, you have collectively contributed 12,010 amount to Dharamsala Animal Rescue. Let me tell you what kind of impact your donations have done for the street dogs of Dharamsala!

  • 150 dogs were rescued
  • 256 dogs were spay/neutered
  • 292 dogs were vaccinated for rabies
  • 145 children participated in our Animal Buddies humane education program
  • 10 dogs were adopted to loving Forever Homes

I also want to share with you a couple examples of recent rescues:

Surgery saves dog from near death

Golden had a large tumour that enveloped all his genitals and it was so big it burst open. Our vet tried chemotherapy but that didn't seem to work as the tumour was too big. Therefore, as a last attempt to save him she performed a radical surgery that involved removing the tumour and his genitals and performing a perineal urethrostomy, therefore making another hole for him to pee from. Thus surgery however came with the major risk of wound breakdown because so much had to be removed.

Goldie was then put on strict cage rest to hear for 2 weeks. 6 weeks later, he was brought back to his caretaker family, happy, healthy, and peeing just fine. I applaud Dr. Sonia on this incredible saving of this dog’s life.

You can see his release on Facebook

Partially blind dog can now see

Princess Snowy came to DAR as a sick and partially blind puppy of only 1.5 months. Turns out the partial blindness was only because of her tick fever, and she has now FULLY RECOVERED, not only from the fever, but from her partial blindness too.

See her story on Facebook

You can see more success stories and learn more about how Dharamsala Animal Rescue is making a more humane and sustainable life for the street dogs of Dharamsala. Visit us on Facebook:

Deb Jarrett, Founder and Executive Director 

PS: Want to see what a day at DAR looks like? Check out our new video on our YouTube channel

Golden's deadly tumour
Golden's deadly tumour
Goldie after surgery
Goldie after surgery


Mar 27, 2019

Help Coyote, an abandoned pet, trying to survive the streets

Coyote, an abandoned pet, was hit by a car
Coyote, an abandoned pet, was hit by a car

Coyote was abandoned in Dharamsala by her owner. Having no street smarts, she was hit by a car and suffered a broken leg.

Why would anyone abandon such a cutie? Puppies require a lot of work—training and exercise—and not everyone is prepared for that level of commitment so they open the gate and look the other way.

Everyday at Dharamsala Animal Rescue, we rescue abandoned pets and dumped puppies. This year alone we've helped more than 30 injured pets and rescued nearly 100 street dogs

The good news is you can help. All next week, from April 8 to April 12, donations up to $50 to Dharamsala Animal Rescue will be matched. Our goal is to raise $10,000 to rescue 200 injured street dogs.

A $50 donation covers the monthly costs of feeding 2 in-patients a healthy, protein-rich diet during their stay at DAR so they can regain their strength and heal.

So mark your calendar: April 8, 9am ET and remember to donate early so we can get the matching funds before they run out. Find your time zone.

With gratitude,
Deb Jarrett, Founder

P.S. We couldn't help animals like Coyote without the dedication of volunteers and donors like you.

Coyote. Feeling better and looking for a new home.
Coyote. Feeling better and looking for a new home.


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