AIDS Research Alliance

AIDS Research Alliance has helped make HIV/AIDS treatable but, globally8,000 people infected are dying each day while others can lose a third of their life spans. Our research has moved the science forward. We've conducted clinical studies that have contributed to the approval of half of today's HIV/AIDS treatments. Now, we're dedicated to finding a cure and we need your help. Founded in Los Angeles in 1989, we're the first organization to believe it possible to cure a person who is infected with HIV/AIDS. Right now we're developing a new generation of cure-focused treatments. We're also fighting to eliminate infection with the HIV Vaccine Trials Network. We won'...
Help find a cure for HIV/AIDS
AIDS Research Alliance has helped develop half of the drugs approved for treatment of HIV/AIDS (HAART). Now we're working on a cure strategy. Our lead candidate - prostratin - was a drug first identified at NCI (NIH). In an infected person, HIV hides in "reservoirs" within blood cells, increasing the challenge of eradicating the virus. Our scientists need access to an important technology, "leukapheresis," to gauge how efficiently prostratin activates the hidden virus in an infected person. project reportread updates from the field