April 2021

Online Training Program + Crowdfunding Campaign

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Terms + Conditions
Have questions about the campaign? Read the Terms + Conditions for all the details.
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Learn Library
Learn from our inspiring Accelerator graduates and check out our COVID-19 resources.
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The Accelerator is how nonprofits new to GlobalGiving join as permanent partners. Participate in GlobalGiving’s free training program + crowdfunding campaign to take your fundraising to the next level.

Phase 1
August 21 - 30
Getting Prepared
Get ready for the Accelerator training program + campaign!

Phase 2
August 31 - September 4
Training + Project submission
Attend the four online training webinars and submit your project by September 4.

Phase 3
September 14 - 30
Crowdfunding Campaign
The campaign begins on September 14 at 9:00 AM ET. The goal is to raise $5,000 from 40 unique donors so that you can earn permanent partnership on GlobalGiving!

Phase 4
October 1 - 31
End of Campaign Celebration + Next Steps
The campaign is over so celebrate the end of the Accelerator because you deserve it! You will receive an email with your final Accelerator status and next steps by October 5. Funds raised will be disbursed at the end of October.

Phase 1 of 4
August 21 - 30

Getting Prepared

The Accelerator Training Program starts on August 31. You can start preparing by checking the following action items off your to-do list!

Read the Terms + Conditions
Curious about GlobalGiving’s monthly matching offer? Excited to earn a share of the $20,000 incentive fund on Bonus Day? Read the Terms + Conditions to learn more!
Complete the Pre-Accelerator Survey
Complete the survey to help us learn about your experience with online fundraising and expectations for the campaign. Anonymous information shared here will help us help you!
Join the Accelerator Facebook Group
Meet your fellow participants!
Download the Accelerator Graphic Assets
Use our official visual assets to supercharge your Accelerator promotions.
OPTIONAL: Pay $200 to lock-in a reduced fee
Drive more money to your project by lowering your nonprofit support fee. Learn more and complete the optional payment by September 10.
Phase 2 of 4
August 31 - September 4

Training + Project submission

Register for training to set yourself up for success! To access additional resources, click on the “Show More” links below. While we hope you can attend training live, we record all of the sessions and upload them below once they are ready to view. Don’t forget to submit your beautiful project page by September 4.

Check out these project posting tips!

April 2021 Accelerator Introduction Video
Let’s get started! Watch the recorded Introduction video in English or Spanish for a quick overview of the Accelerator experience.

      Previously recorded
      Setting SMART Goals + Project Submission Tips
      Donors need motivation to give! And you need a plan. To set yourself up for success, outline your SMART goals before the crowdfunding campaign begins. Need help posting your project? We’ll walk you through the steps.
      Learning Objectives
      1. Outline your broad goals and turn them into SMART goals.
      2. Use your SMART goals to create an actionable plan.
      3. Learn how to post your project on GlobalGiving.
      Recommended Learning

      August 31, 10:00 AM ET
      Network Mapping + Advocates
      Great news: You already know the people who are most likely to donate to your cause—they are your friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances! Focus on how to inspire the people around you to donate to your cause, and invite them to reach out to their networks on your behalf.
      Learning Objectives
      1. Complete a network map for your organization.
      2. Identify fundraising advocates within your network.
      3. Plan your outreach to your fundraising advocates.
      Recommended Learning

      September 1, 10:00 AM ET
      Good stories inspire donors to take action. Whether you want to inspire your nonprofit supporters to make a donation, sign a petition, or share a social media post, storytelling is key. But it doesn’t just happen and part of the puzzle is planning ahead.
      Learning Objectives
      1. Generate compelling and authentic stories for your crowdfunding campaign.
      2. Revise your project page to engage your donors.
      3. Prepare your calendar for the Accelerator campaign.
      Recommended Learning

      September 2, 10:00 AM ET
      Connecting with your Network
      Prepare to ask for donations from your target audience in multiple ways throughout your crowdfunding campaign. To determine what and where to share, know your audience! It will be much easier to motivate your donors if you know where they spend their time and what type of content appeals to them.
      Learning Objectives
      1. Identify your target audience.
      2. Create persuasive emails and social media posts.
      3. Engage your online community.
      Recommended Learning

      September 3, 10:00 AM ET
      Phase 3 of 4
      September 14 - 30

      Crowdfunding Campaign

      Use this exciting campaign to energize your donors, put your fundraising skills to the test, and compete for over $30,000 in incentive funds + bonus prizes. The goal is to raise $5,000 from 40 donors. If you succeed, you are eligible for permanent partnership on GlobalGiving!

      Track your organization’s progress in the Accelerator through our leaderboards! The Main Leaderboard will capture the fundraising activity from the beginning to end of the campaign, showcase your progress towards the goal of raising $5,000 from 40 donors, and display the bonus prize placement and rank. The Bonus Day Leaderboard captures your 24-hour opportunity to win additional prizes on September 23.

      celebration hope
      September 14
      Campaign Start Time
      September 23
      24-hour Bonus Day
      September 30
      Campaign End Time
      Accelerator Graduate certificate
      Phase 4 of 4
      October 1 - 31

      End of Campaign Celebration + Next Steps

      We celebrate all of your hard work and congratulate our graduates (participants who raise $5,000 from 40 unique donors) on their success! Once the campaign ends, your project will be retired from the GlobalGiving platform unless you raise $5,000 from 40 donors. Regardless of whether or not you graduate, you will receive an email from us regarding your disbursement details and next steps by October 5.

      Late October

      Funds raised by US-based organizations during the Accelerator will be disbursed at the end of October 2020. Non-US organizations that raise at least $100 USD will also be disbursed at the end of October 2020. Read Terms + Conditions for details.

      Check out our Accelerator FAQs! Still have questions? Email us at accelerator@globalgiving.org

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