To help more street children to help themselves

by Childhope Philippines Foundation, Inc
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To help more street children to help themselves
To help more street children to help themselves
To help more street children to help themselves
To help more street children to help themselves
To help more street children to help themselves
To help more street children to help themselves
To help more street children to help themselves
To help more street children to help themselves
To help more street children to help themselves
To help more street children to help themselves
To help more street children to help themselves
Food and Beverage session at MMDC
Food and Beverage session at MMDC

There were twenty (20) youth in all who participated in the project since the start of its second cycle implementation last July 2019. From that big number of youth participants, only fifteen remain during the preliminary sessions (SFL and Financial Education). In the end, there were only thirteen (13) who proceeded with their enrollment in the Manila Manpower Development Center (MMDC) for their skills training. One of these enrolled youth quit the training at MMDC even before the training started because she chose to work instead after being influenced by her husband.

All twelve (12) youths who enrolled in MMDC for their skills training were all able to survive and eventually graduated. Courses they enrolled are Food and Beverage Services (9 youth), Beauty Care (2 youth), and Barista (1 youth).  

As of reporting period, activities that were implemented are: Orientation on Street Youth Empowerment Project among youth participants and some street educators; Preliminary session on Skills For Life (SFL) and Financial Education (FinEd); Entrepreneurship Session; Livelihood Training; and Skills Training of Youth in MMDC. Prior to the conduct of these activities, preparation of the concerns necessary for its implementation were facilitated from preparation and purchase of materials up to coordination of relevant persons that are essential in achieving our goal for the project.

Activities implemented during the reporting period

  • Skills Training at MMDC. The one (1) month training period for the skills training of youth participants to the VocTech project took place as of reporting period. The supposedly 1month period of the training was extended by a week or more due to some unavoidable cancellation of classes in the training center as regards other concerns of teacher when compelled by their superior not to mention class suspension due to typhoon and others. Additional days of classes were intended to make-up with such loss and to be able to complete all the lessons designed for each course. There were three (3) courses enrolled and finish by youth participants of this batch in the training center and they are; Food and Beverage Services (9 youth), Beauty Care (2 Youth), and Barista (1 youth). Beauty Care was the newest course taken in this batch since the other two (2) courses were commonly taken in the past. The course demands several materials for each skill taught under it just like in Barista course but the materials in the former course are more expensive than the latter. The youth of this batch displayed eagerness and focus in attending their regular classes and seldom committed absences and tardiness.
  • Preliminary session on Skills For Life (SFL) continued. Last module on Skills For life was facilitated last August 5, 2019. Topic facilitated was Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution Skill. The session was attended by all youth participants of the current batch being the last meeting for the preparatory session. As our last session on Skills For Life, youth participants’ learning was gauge by allowing them answer a post-test prepared by the facilitator. The test was the same as the pre-test answered by them before starting the first module of SFL in our first session. Majority of the youth participants showed improvement in answering the post-test as compared with their pre-test which signifies that they learned from the session on Skills For Life. Along with the last session on Skills For Life, participants again were ask for the final choice of course which they intend to enroll in MMDC training center which was slated on the last week of the month. As expected there were some of the youth who sustained their chosen course during the orientation about the project while others decided to change their course due to encouragement by their peers.
  • Entrepreneurship Session. The session on entrepreneurship was held in Childhope office. This session was in preparation for the livelihood training which was scheduled the following week. Objective of the session is to help the youth participants to gain skill in handling their own business if ever they decided to start one. Entrepreneurship skill learned by the youth participants provided them an option if ever they consider starting their own business or improving their existing one in the absence of an employment in establishments. The session is in preparation for the livelihood training of the youth participants the following week if ever they decided to utilized their learning in the said training. In the session, youth participants realized their capacity to start their own business while considering as well the risk that goes along with it that they need to anticipate. Youth participants were also made to think of a business which they are interested with and hope to start if given the chance.
  • Livelihood Training. Livelihood training for youth participants of VocTech project was facilitated at Childhope office. The trainings were facilitated for two (2) days by Ms. Loida Buhian who is very experience in facilitating different kinds of livelihood skills in different communities. She was always commissioned by Childhope whenever we wanted to provide trainings to the parents of street children. Trainings that were facilitated on the first day are liquid dishwashing soap and perfume making while on the second day powdered soap and fabric softener making were facilitated. Youth participants of the training were grouped into three (3) and each group were provided with materials for demonstration after learning the method. As observed, youth participants very keen in learning the methods taught by the facilitator and as a result, each group accurately demonstrated what is expected of them. Finished products were carefully packed and labeled by youth participants themselves for better presentation. The youth were encouraged to consider starting their owned business out of any of the product learned in the training for just a small capital. The facilitator even pledged to be always there to assist them by answering their questions if they have one as soon as they decided to start their business. Youth participants with some of the staff of Childhope and ACC21 headed by Mr. Ito had a photo op along with all the finish products for documentation.
  • Enrollment of VocTech youth participants to MMDC. The following week after the Livelihood Training, current youth participants of VocTech were referred to Manila Manpower Development Center (MMDC) for their enrollment. There were two (2) schedules that take place in the enrollment of youth participants since not all of them showed up on the first schedule. The first scheduled enrollment was participated by only ten (10) youths and three (3) youth on the next schedule. Courses enrolled by youth participants are Food and Beverage Services (9 youth), Beauty Care (2 youth), Barista (1 youth), and Housekeeping (1 youth). In the enrollment, youth participants looked presentable since they made effort to look clean, dress-up well and arranged themselves for the said engagement. The enrollment took place in MMDC-Aroceros which is not the venue of the VocTech training but rather MMDC-Tayuman. After the enrollment, youth were accompanied to MMDC-Tayuman where the venue of the training will be taking place for them to know where it is located.
  • Attendance to network activities and others. Meeting with students from Cyuo University belonging to Prof. Ito at KASAGANA KA office located in their new address in Quezon City. The meeting was attended as well by some of the staff of the host organization along with one (1) of their youth member and participants from Childhope. Childhope attendees in the meeting are the VocTech coordinator along with Ate Ester and two (2) of VocTech’s past graduates (Myla Cruz and Ailene Bolo). Objective of the meeting is to provide the students from Japan understanding about the concept of Micro-Finance in the Philippines and KASAGANA KA was one of the respondents in their visit to the Philippines in collecting necessary information about it. In the meeting, KASAGANA KA provided an orientation about their program for better understanding of how they do Micro-Finance business and to prepare the group for the plenary discussion after. The plenary discussion provided a venue for students and other guest to ask questions for clarification. Youth representatives from KASAGANA KA and Childhope were encouraged to share their story and their experience in engaging with a Micro-Finance service which they did openly without hesitation. The following day, KASAGANA KA visited Childhope to provide orientation about their program and services with the current youth participants of the VocTech project together with the staff of Childhope. The activity was arranged by Ate Ester with KASAGANA KA through Ms. Me-an Ignacio. Objective of the activity was to provide the staff of Childhope and the current youth participants of VocTech an orientation about the Micro-Finance business of KASAGANA KA before their formal membership to its cooperative for better understanding.
Beauty Care Session at MMDC
Beauty Care Session at MMDC
Financial Education Session
Financial Education Session
Massage Therapy Session at MMDC
Massage Therapy Session at MMDC
Skills For Life Session
Skills For Life Session
Livelihood training (Dish & Soap Making)
Livelihood training (Dish & Soap Making)


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Over 100 street children showcased their talents
Over 100 street children showcased their talents

MANILA, Philippines — One cannot walk the streets of Metro Manila and not come face to face with poverty. You will see beggars asking for alms, families living on sidewalks, elderly with crutches approaching cars stuck in traffic for spare change, and young children peddling anything from sampaguita to peanuts to small toys for cash toward their next meal.

As you see their tattered clothing and grimy faces, one can’t help but ask: Is there hope for these men, women, and children to escape poverty?

Germinating seeds of hope

More than 30 years ago, that sad state brought individuals from different agencies to establish Childhope International. Their mission was to address the plight of children in need of special protection, particularly children living on the streets.

Three years later, they set up a regional office for Asia in Manila to facilitate networking and collaboration among agencies working for street children in the region. That same year, Childhope International became Childhope Asia and launched programs ranging from outreach to protection to education on the streets, tackling the urgent needs of Manila’s marginalized children.  In 2013, Childhope Asia became known as Childhope Philippines Foundation Inc., aptly so to show its focus on streamlining programs and services for Filipino street children.

Three decades of hope

This year, Childhope Philippines marked its 30th anniversary, and the children under its care took center stage in a celebration showcasing their talents in arts and music.

Themed “Helping Street Children’s Dreams Come True”, the non-profit also took the opportunity to recognize its partners and stakeholders in sharing its mission to make a positive impact in the lives of the street children.

There is much to celebrate after 30 years, according to the President and trustee Sherwin O. “We have witnessed how our street children have grown out of their dirt-covered faces into contributors to society and even registered social workers now helping other street children.”

He added that through their flagship Street Education Program, they have helped thousands of children through the years, “pulling them away from harm and giving them a much better chance at a brighter future.”

In thanking donors and welcoming beneficiaries, he was joined by Childhope Philippines’ founder and long-time president Teresita Silva and Vice Chairman and trustee Samuel Guevarra.

Childhope Philippines’ annual MusiKalye affair, usually held on National Children’s Month, doubled as the non-profit’s anniversary celebrations.

Art lovingly crafted by the street children, ranging from sandpaper paintings, chain beads and accessories, greeting cards, and many more were put on sale, to raise funds for various programs including alternative basic education, counseling, relief and material assistance, and primary health services for about 500 street children all over Metro Manila.

Over 100 street children later showcased their talents in singing, dancing, rapping and playing musical instruments. For the first time, MusiKalye also exposed the acting talents of the street kids, where they symbolically portrayed their current situation and their rights as children.

Donors from the country and overseas also showed their support including Duestche Bank Singapore, Australia-based Transurban Co., and International School Manila. Childhope Philippines also recognized 10 companies with the Hero of Hope award for active participation in its many volunteer-led activities.

O also acknowledged the contributions of his predecessor. “The values of Childhope that have made it possible to sustain its operations and its advocacy for 30 years is largely due to the leadership of Ms. Teresita Silva. She has dedicated her life to helping street children. Her passion and love for street children is very infectious and have led to the numerous partners that have supported Childhope through the years.”


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As part of Childhope Philippines’ mission to empower youth in street situations, Childhope sparks and nurtures the entrepreneurial spirit inside youth and provides them with concrete skills and experience to succeed in the jobs of tomorrow.

Under its banner program, the Street Education and Protection Program (STEPP), the Vocational - Technical Skills Training Project for street youth gives opportunities to develop their skills, build their character and confidence, in the hope of finding a decent job to earn income to support themselves and their families.

Recently, training in fabric detergent making, dishwashing soap making, and perfume making was conducted wherein fourteen (14) street youth participated. Facilitated by Ms. Loida Ramos Buhian, one of Childhope’s staff and Voc-Tech Skills Trainer, the said trainings introduced new skills to the new batch of participants, which will enable them to create their own business and earn money.

“Through Voc-Tech Project, street youths gain first-hand experience starting and operating a successful business, from creating a business plan, through development, to taking their product to market.” Ms. Buhian said.

“My experience with this kind of business trainings had a profound impact on my thinking toward business. Importantly, this experience gave me a solid foundation and confidence to create my own business”, street youth Jay said.

As an important part of the solution to equip today’s youth, Childhope Philippines will continuously provide skills training to the underprivileged youth and their families to enable them to earn for independent living and provide a sustainable pathway out from staying and living on the streets.


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MANILA, Philippines – With much festivity and excitement, Childhope Philippines opened the 2019 Hope Sports Festival participated in by its street children beneficiaries, street educators, and volunteers last April 23, 2019.

About 222 street children filled the halls of the Canonigo Covered Court, wearing their designated uniforms, representing 6 teams, and take part in competitions in a number of sports such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, and futkal (street soccer).

Dubbed as Hope Sports Festival, this yearly tradition is part of the skills development project organized by Childhope Philippines to promote the spirit of teamwork and sportsmanship among its street children beneficiaries. Moreover, the activity aims to develop their sports skills and talents and to teach them important values in pursuing their goals and passions.

The celebration was started by a festive team parade followed by reciting of the prayer and singing of National Anthem. President Emeritus and founder of Childhope Philippines Ms. Terista Silva made her remark to formally open the celebration.

Silva said that a friendly competition will help instill discipline and build team spirit among the street children participants.

“The games will help improve morale and promote the over-all being of the participants”, Silva underscored.

The 5-day sports celebration was successfully run –off.

Championship games such were then set off and facilitated by the Childhope’s staff and volunteers.

(View the list of this year’s Hope SportsFest champions and runner up here)


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MANILA, Philippines –Aiming to build capacities for better understanding and delivery of alternative education sessions, fifteen (15) Childhope Philippines Street Educators participated in the three-day Skills For Life Training-Workshop last March 2019.

The Skills for Life training is basically designed for a systematic and comprehensive positive youth development and prevention material for young people and teaches life and citizenship skills within a safe, caring and consistent environment.

The said training-workshop will provide the Street Educators with the knowledge, practical skills and confidence to enable them to conductthe Skills for Life moduleswhich are part of the alternative education sessions among street children and youth participants of the program.

Among the topics discussed were as follows: (1) carrying out skills assessments, (2) discussing individual goals with street children, (3) designing learning programs to suit their needs and abilities, (4) preparing teaching materials, (5) using a range of resources such as worksheets and computer softwares, (6) delivering individual and group teaching sessions, (7) proper record-keeping, and (8) guiding and supporting learning support assistants and volunteers.

“Practical training is needed by Street Educators like us to gain confidence in our work of teaching and providing individual support for disadvantaged learnerslike the street children and youth we teach, particularly related to communication, problem solving, literacy, attitude and resilience”, said Elton Adan, one of the Street Educators who participated.

“The training program should be focused on helping the Street Educators to develop their learners’ positive attitudes based on the skills they have. Also, raising street children’s independence and nurturing the personal development require a teacher training for developing self management, study skills and self-assessment” explained Ms. Eileen Dizon, facilitator and resource speaker for the training-workshop.

The Skills For Life Training-Workshop is made possible through a capacity-building grant from the Leger Foundation.

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