Bringing the Girls Inc. experience to more girls

by Girls Inc.
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Bringing the Girls Inc. experience to more girls
Bringing the Girls Inc. experience to more girls
Bringing the Girls Inc. experience to more girls
Bringing the Girls Inc. experience to more girls
Bringing the Girls Inc. experience to more girls
Bringing the Girls Inc. experience to more girls
Bringing the Girls Inc. experience to more girls
Bringing the Girls Inc. experience to more girls
Bringing the Girls Inc. experience to more girls
Bringing the Girls Inc. experience to more girls
Bringing the Girls Inc. experience to more girls
Bringing the Girls Inc. experience to more girls
Bringing the Girls Inc. experience to more girls
Bringing the Girls Inc. experience to more girls
Bringing the Girls Inc. experience to more girls

Girls Inc. is proud of our work for and with girls, and it’s important to us that you are too. Above all, we are determined to be accountable to the girls we serve and to you, our investors. That’s why we are pleased to share these important updates and exclusive information on how we’re meeting the needs of girls today, and the impact we’re making in their daily lives.

In October, we announced our new advocacy campaign:  #GirlsToo: Respect Starts Young. Inspired by the stories of girls from across the country, #GirlsToo was conceived to bring awareness to the fact that sexual harassment and violence affect girls as well as women. If you haven’t already done so, we invite you to join the ranks of more than 10,000 signers and take a stand against sexual assault and harassment by signing the #GirlsToo pledge. To sign and gain access to important information for youth, parents, educators, and others on this topic, visit

We continue to work toward our ambitious growth goals. I am proud to announce that our third cohort of growth grantees has been selected: an additional nine affiliates were awarded two-year grants of $100,000 - $500,000 each to grow the number of girls they serve comprehensively by over 3,500, an increase of 138% in just two years.

Our newest cohort of growth grantees are:

Girls Inc. of Greater Atlanta

Girls Inc. of Greater Houston

Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis

Girls Inc. of Island City, CA

Girls Inc. of Johnson County, IN

Girls Inc. of Monroe County, IN

Girls Inc. of Pinellas, FL

Girls Inc. of San Antonio

Girls Inc. of Worcester

With the addition of this group, 46 affiliates - or 57% of the entire network - have taken the plunge and committed to growth with impact. In total, with your support, we have invested $9.1M in affiliates to grow by over 25,000 girls and enter two new markets: reaching more communities, more schools, and most importantly, more girls.

Finally, I am thrilled to share that our Board of Directors has appointed Stephanie J. Hull as the next President & CEO of Girls Inc., starting May 15, 2019. Stephanie has had a long and illustrious career as a leader in education and as a women’s advocate and was the unanimous choice to succeed me as the head of this extraordinary organization. We look forward to introducing you to Stephanie in the months ahead and know that you will find her to be the right leader for Girls Inc. at this point in time.

Thank you for your support of Girls Inc. and girls. During my tenure, I have been proud of the obstacles we’ve overcome, the gaps we’ve closed, and the strong, smart, bold girls whose futures we have secured. Together with Stephanie, I know you will continue to invest in the rights and opportunities of girls, as we progress towards the best future possible for all girls.

Warm regards,


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Thanks to your generosity, and your trust in Girls Inc., we are proud to share we are making important progress towards the best future possible for all girls. In 2016, we debuted our campaign of aggressive growth with the intention of serving more girls than ever before. Thus far, 36 affiliates, through two growth cohorts, are pursuing our goal of doubling the number of Girls Inc. girls served through 2020.

In November, after an intensive vetting and application process, we were thrilled to commit an additional $1,000,000 to eight affiliates from our first cohort through our Growth Capital Campaign.

These affiliates are exceeding expectations, with both their growth goals and their commitment to continue building strong and self-sustaining affiliates. In addition, they are accurately measuring the impact they’re making daily in the lives of the girls they serve to ensure girls are receiving the programming they need to overcome the obstacles they face.

Collectively, these eight affiliates plan to serve an additional 3,000 girls by 2020, over and above their original goals:

  • Girls Inc. of Holyoke
  • Girls Inc. of New Hampshire
  • Girls Inc. of New York City
  • Girls Inc. of Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey
  • Girls Inc. of Santa Fe
  • Girls Inc. of Sarasota
  • Girls Inc. of Tarrant County
  • Girls Inc. of Tennessee Valley

To date, and with your help, we have committed $7.9 million to affiliates in Cohorts One and Two, as they endeavor to serve an additional 22,000 future leaders and change-makers by 2020. In early 2019, we will begin the process of selecting Cohort Three; applications are due at the end of this month, with grants awarded in March.

Thank you for your dedication to a strong, smart, and bold future through Girls Inc. Your support makes this progress possible: your investment fuels the momentum of our growth and the promise that more girls than ever before have the support they need to grow up healthy, educated, and independent.




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Sexual harassment and violence is an epidemic in our society. Over the last year, the emergence of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have shed light on these important issues. At Girls Inc., we know this isn’t a problem affecting only adults: 1 in 4 girls will experience sexual violence before she turns 18. Furthermore, 50% of boys report being sexually harassed at some point in high school. This is a problem for us all.

Despite these startling statistics, there is little attention cast on the how these offenses affect school age children. The repercussions of sexual assault, violence and bullying are catastrophic:  86% of girls who have experienced sexual assault have felt down, depressed, or hopeless. Society at large perpetuates negative attitudes and normalizes behaviors that harm girls and follow them into adulthood. At Girls Inc., we understand the importance of breaking the cycle early. Undertaking large scale societal change can seem daunting, but at Girls Inc.: we’re up to the challenge, and we’re starting now.

With your help, Girls Inc. is proud to debut: #GirlsToo: Respect Starts Young. This national advocacy campaign highlights the deeply entrenched norms that harm girls, and the role each of us - youth, educators, parents, friends and supporters - can play in creating a culture that no longer tolerates sexual harassment in any form, and that values and promotes the dignity of girls and all young people.

We are inspired by the voices of girls, and we are dedicated to doing our part in creating the best future possible for each strong, smart, and bold girl. #GirlsToo: Respect Starts Young was conceived by input we received from many of you, and importantly, from Girls Inc. girls, families, and alumnae. We know culture change is hard and will take years, but Girls Inc. is ready to lead, because every person deserves to feel safe and comfortable at school: no matter what.

As one of our friends, we know already that you are invested in girls:  together, we ensure that they don’t just survive, but that they have the resources and skills they need to thrive and reach their full potential. We appreciate the many ways you support girls: your help ensures true change in the lives of each individual girl, but also that we are able to meet the complex needs of girls today and address these larger cyclical and systemic concerns that affect their lives. #GirlsToo would have been impossible without your dedication to the rights and opportunities of all girls and your trust in Girls Inc.

Thank you for your investment in girls and in the change necessary to ensure a better future for us all. Our goals are ambitious and will take collective action by our network of girls, supporters, and partners from coast to coast: join us and take the #GirlsToo pledge today! If you already have, please encourage others to do the same.

We are proud to partner with you, to create a safer, more equitable society for everyone: especially the girls who need us most. Thanks to you, we are working to change the conditions in which our youth are growing up, and create communities where everyone, especially girls, are safe, respected, and valued.   

Warm regards, 


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We live in a country that systematically shuts girls out of opportunities to grow, achieve, and lead. For girls living in poverty, and girls of color - who experience even greater inequities - the consequences are magnified. In fact, one in six girls in the United States will not finish high school, and girls growing up with financial difficulties are five times more likely to be pushed out of school before completion than their peers who are financially secure. They are disproportionately excluded from the resources and opportunities necessary for success.

Thanks to you and your investments, we are building lasting skills across every facet of girls' lives, effectively changing their future trajectories. Beyond providing the life-changing Girls Inc. programming, I’m proud to share that since 1993, we have awarded $5.91 million in scholarships grants to 781 girls to help make secondary education a reality for those who need us most.

As I write this, Girls Inc.’s newest class of National Scholars are actively preparing for their freshman year of college. It is my pleasure to share the story of Diamond, one of our impressive National Scholars from Girls Inc. of Alameda County, written in her own words. Without your support and trust in Girls Inc., her achievements may not have been possible.

Diamond is from Girls Inc. of Chattanooga, where she attended for 5 years. Here is her story, in her own words:

As a very young girl, I had the perfect life. I lived with my mom, dad, brothers and sisters. Pretty normal, right? That all changed in the blink of an eye. When I was ten, my mother suffered from a stroke that left her paralyzed on her right side. While enduring the medical complications with my mom, my father was incarcerated and sent away. Due to his absence, I can vividly remember times when I had to cook on a gas heater, huddling together for warmth, and having to steal our neighbor’s water from their water hose to bathe and cook: basic necessities of life. My mother then suffered from yet another stroke, leaving her in a vegetative state, effectively separating my brothers, sisters and I, because my father had committed another crime and he was sent away again.

Before I knew it, I was forced into an adulthood for which I was not prepared for.

As the years went on, I encountered bad happening after bad happening. For every bad happening, my boat filled more and more. Slowly I was sinking, struggling to stay above water. Girls Inc. has been one of the anchors in my life that allowed me to stay above water.

I began Girls Inc. in the ninth grade. I was hesitant to proceed with the application because of my transportation issues. At this time in my life, I’d lost so much. I felt like I had nothing else to lose, so I went for it. My first day was amazing; the joy I felt each time masked the agony of the ten miles I had to walk to get home afterwards. Everyone was so inviting and loving that I never wanted to leave. As weeks passed, Girls Inc. discovered that I had been walking home and they started providing transportation to and from the program - even though the application read, “applicants must have transportation.” That alone gave me the motivation to push forward. At Girls Inc., I found a safe, consistent place where I was valued, encouraged, and empowered to go after my dreams.

Being a part of Girls Inc. has produced great benefits for me. I have learned to speak out for what I believe in, even when no one else is doing so. I have learned that no one can validate how I feel or look by their personal standards. Being strong, smart, and bold is what defines my character. Girls Inc. has given me the opportunity to take pride in my beliefs and my success.

This fall, I plan to attend North Carolina A&T State University to pursue a degree in social work with a minor in psychology. The hardships I endured growing up have inspired me to be an advocate for children facing similar circumstances.

Eventually, I want to earn a master’s degree in social work so I have the  knowledge and experience to help as many children as I can lead healthy and successful lives.

Diamond is a recent high school graduate with a 3.8 GPA and a bright future. This fall, she will be attending North Carolina A&T State University, studying social work.

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Girls in the U.S. and Canada today face vast and often intersecting challenges such as bullying, sexual harassment, barriers to academic and career success, limited expectations and stereotypes to name a few. Further inequalities associated with race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, and ability only exacerbate these issues. Girls living in poverty are additionally at increased risk of chronic health and psychological disorders, higher rates of violence and crime, lower rates of high school completion, and limited access to the economic and social necessary to thrive.

At Girls Inc., we understand these real and profound challenges, and focus on comprehensive whole-girl development, so each girl has the resources she needs to grow up healthy, educated, independent - especially the girls that need us most. Our pro-girl environment and and girls-only, research-based, programming equips girls to lead fulfilling and productive lives and become role models in their community.

Girls Inc. is actively providing the critical pro-girl, girls-only spaces which break down barriers, and celebrate the strengths that girls bring to the table, confirming to girls that they are capable. In pro-girl, girls-only environments, girls’ concerns are valued and respected; all leadership positions are filled by girls, allowing for girls to find and use their voices, and develop critical leadership skills. By ensuring a physical and emotionally safe space, together, we are increasing girls’ self-esteem and creating social support networks that sets them up for success.

Our research-based programming concentrates solely on girls and young women in order to address the hardships they encounter every day, while leveraging their capabilities. In doing so, we equip girls with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to improve their lives and reach their goals. In fact, research suggests that girls-only programming has been proven to positively impact adolescent girls’ overall well-being: girls engaged in gender-specific programming demonstrate significant positive outcomes, including: improved problem-solving, conflict resolution, critical thinking skills, anti-bullying, refusal skills and increased levels of physical activity. By focusing specifically on girls from low-income communities, together, we, combat the cycle of poverty, and strengthen communities as a whole.

Thanks to your support, we are working diligently towards our organizational goal of doubling the number of girls served intensively by 2020. With your help, it has been possible for Girls Inc. to invest in the promise of our network, and we have measured impressive growth so far: our first group of affiliates - recipients of growth grants in 2017 - have collectively grown a remarkable 41% since their initial awards.

Now, following a rigorous application and review process, we are excited to share with you the second class of affiliates who will continue to grow the network for the girls who need us most:

Girls Inc. of Central Alabama                                             

Girls Inc. of the Central Coast                                             

Girls Inc. of Chattanooga                                                      

Girls Inc. of Columbus and Phenix-Russell                          

Girls Inc. of Fort Smith                                                            

Girls Inc. of Halton                                                                   

Girls Inc. of Kingsport                                                                

Girls Inc. of Limestone, Algonquin, and Lakeshore          

Girls Inc. of Long Island

Girls Inc. of Greater Los Angeles

Girls Inc. of Lowell

Girls Inc. of Memphis

Girls Inc. of Orange County

Girls Inc. of the Seacoast Area

Girls Inc. at the YWCA of Syracuse & Onondaga County

Girls Inc. of Westchester

Girls Inc. of West Contra Costa

I hope you take pride in these significant accomplishments, and the transformational Girls Inc. experience. These well-laid plans were only brought to action through your generosity, your trust in our girls-only programming and pro-girls environments, and your belief in the ability of our network to execute and sustain consistent growth.

We are grateful to work with you to ensure that more girls than ever before have access to the critical resources and skills they need to grow into the adults and the leaders we need for tomorrow.

Warmest regards,



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