Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area

by Apne Aap Women's Collective (AAWC)
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Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Jul 16, 2019

Congratulations! your funds empowered a young girl

World environment day workshop at CSMVS.
World environment day workshop at CSMVS.


Rekha* Age-13, has been enrolled in Udaan programme last year. When she joined she had a lot of inhibitions in staying at our organization. She used to cry loudly, throw tantrums & get hostile. She underwent couple of counseling session where she got an opportunity to be comfortable and share about her traumatic background freely.After these sessions we took an action of enrolling her in school along with different vocational classes. She loves these classes as it has helped her divert her focus and calm her down. Being a bright child she has picked up the pace and participates in all the activities of the center.She was awarded the best sports girl during our annual sports day for which she was appreciated by all the staff. She loves the organization and never wants to leave it. As an organization it gives us immense joy to see Rekha improving by leaving all the challenges behind that she had faced in her life.

“I really get bored at home as I only get to sit there, I’d rather be at the center all day doing various activities” – Udaan Beneficiary


Our outreach team has to put in a lot of effort and faced a lot of hardship to convince the mothers to send their daughters to our center, which is done through making them realize the need for their daughters to come out of the community for their growth and safety from all the vulnerabilities they would face in the community.

Through constant follow up and counselling, we had a maximum strength of around 69 Udaan girls at our center. Once the beneficiaries are enrolled they can avail the facilities that would enhance their skill, empower them and help them achieve their dreams and aspirations. Beneficiaries have access to facilities which include formal and informal education, all forms of assistance with their health (ex: referrals, camps, nutritional support, etc.), awareness activities, counseling and therapies, vocational training, life skills sessions, rehabilitative measures like night-shelter house and boarding homes, etc. among other general support.

In this quarter around 473 home visits were conducted to identify new beneficiaries and to understand the reason of absenteeism and to convey information to the mothers to send beneficiaries regularly to the center


Formal Education:

Along with formal schooling the beneficiaries are also provided with tuitions to help them attain support to overcome difficulties they face with their subjects.As in the last quarter the beneficiaries were preparing for their exams their efforts were madevisible through their performance as all the children performed well in their exams and have been promoted to the next class.

In this quarter major focus was given on new syllabus during their vacation so that in advance they have better understanding of new things that will be introduced to them in their schools along with continuous English vocabulary classes.

On the basis of previous quarter observation, it was seen that the children tend to learn the subjects by heart without understanding the concept leading them to forgetting the content of the subjects very easily. This quarter our team would be changing the method of teaching which would focus more on improving the understanding of the children and clearing the concept so that the children do not opt for the by-heart method as it would help them retain the concepts better.

This quarter the children would be enrolled to a new school for the academic year 2019-20 for which our eight beneficiaries appeared for a written test as well as faced a personal interview with the principal. The beneficiaries performed well but the principal felt that one of the beneficiaries was a little weak compared to others hence admission was given to all the other seven beneficiaries along with three junior Udaan beneficiaries.

The newly enrolled 11 girls  have started with their regular school activities. The girls really like the new experience that they are getting in this school. Few of the girls have settled down and even made 3-4 new friends. Two of our elder udaan girls have also participated in drawing competition held in school. One of our beneficiaries have participated in the school council elections & has even prepared a speech to deliver as part of the election process. She has chosen Peace as he motto & “Feather” as a symbol of peace. She is motivated & also being appreciated by her teachers which has helped her in gaining a new found confidence.

This quarter in order to inculcate a reading and writing habit in the beneficiaries and to improve their English language along with journal writing on a daily basis the children are provided with books according to their age groups.The progress among the children is very prominent due to the activity being regular the children have shown rising interest in reading and learning the meanings of different words that they come across while reading. The beneficiaries in day care have shown their enthusiasm towards the activity as they have started borrowing books from the library in order to read at home.

As the journal writing is happening in a regular basis and now the children are able to formulate complete sentences and write about the entire day a little bit more effort we will be putting towards younger Udaan beneficiaries in order to make them familiar with word and formulating sentences.

Even newspaper reading activity is conducted with beneficiaries where in the beneficiaries are given newspaper for reading and they have to read a paragraph where they identify two letter & three letter words and mark it with pencil. They also read headlines and identify the letter from which their name is derived and circle it. This has helped the younger beneficiaries get familiarized with two letter and three letter words.

In order to improve their spoken English every week spoken English classes are conducted for the beneficiaries these classes help build confidence in beneficiaries to communicate in a better way and be responsive towards all. The spoken English classes have helped the girls to formulate entire sentences rather than just utilizing words. The girls after attending the spoken English classes have started translating an entire Hindi sentence to an English sentence. The girls are very keen on learning spoken English and have been trying to indulge in activities such as debates and extempore under the guidance of the teachers and volunteers. The girls tend to use similar sentences that are learnt by them in the class during conversation though there has been a vast improvement in the beneficiaries communicative English.

In order to further enhance their communication skills our beneficiaries underwent a speech and communication workshop conducted by a volunteer in a systematic way. Through this workshop our beneficiaries have developed better understanding of having good communication skills. The girls are able to speak impromptu on new topics if given to them. They have also learned body postures that they need to maintain during conversing for better communication. They have learned skill of story completion & story framing through pictures.

The beneficiaries also undergo computer classes in order to enhance their skill in Microsoft word, excel, Power point as well as Internet Usage. This in the long run would help the beneficiaries utilize technology in the correct manner to do their work efficiently. The children enjoy these classes and are awaiting Saturdays so that they get to learn something new.

In this quarter Friday sessions were conducted by teachers to discuss about rains, its importance in our life which was taught through innovative way of using poems such as “rain rain go away” & “Ye re Ye re Pausa” in order to captivate the attention of the beneficiaries and impart better understanding.

The second session focused on teaching the children golden words like Thank You, welcome, Sorry, May I, Please, Excuse Me. The girls were informed as to when in what situations and how these words should be utilized.As the children are participative in Friday sessions it has a progressive impact on their learning as it is practical in nature it tends to enhance the beneficiaries learning and retention ability of subject content.

Informal Education:

“I enjoyed going for the different workshop which was conducted at CSMVS it gave me an opportunity to meet other girls who share similar interests”- Udaan Beneficiary.

Making beneficiaries responsible is important in order for them to be empowered and stand against all the challenges that come by them keeping this in view we introduced star chart system for each group of beneficiaries depending on their behaviour, completion of task, team work and overall performance the teams are given star points in the star chart. The highest star team is the winner for the month and receives rewards.

The whole system is having a very positive impact on the beneficiaries as all the beneficiaries are taking the disciplinary indicators seriously and maintaining the decorum along with taking responsibility of their own task as well as their group. Which reflects that the personality of the beneficiaries is shaping in the correct manner.This quarter the winning team got rewarded with a movie Harry Potter and dinner outside. The attainment of reward has boost the other teams to work hard and win the next time.

Udaan monthly meeting is held regularly with the beneficiaries in order to ensure smooth functioning of all Udaan activities along with coordination among the leaders and groups.This quarter discussion in general about good touch and bad touch were conducted with the beneficiaries. It was reiterated to them about the do’s and don’ts. An improvement is visible in the overall behaviour of the beneficiaries they feel comfortable and share their issues on their own with the team members as they have identified their trusted adults.

The other topic covered was on communication and the impact of the older beneficiaries behaviour on the younger beneficiaries after this session the children maintain their tone of voice while talking with each other.

The other topic discussed was about the new academic year, new school enrollments & discipline that the children need to maintain in school. The girls were explained in detail about the discipline that they need to maintain while going and coming from school, to ensure they wear neat and clean uniform and how it shall be maintained till they come back from school and they were also asked to share about any disturbance or difficult situation they face in school or outside. The children were attentive and understood the point of discussion clearly.

Mother’s meeting is regularly conducted to make the mothers aware about the progress their children are having and to make them aware about activities that would be beneficial for their children.This quarter with the mothers we discussed the summer timetable and regular attendance in classes. The mothers were attentive and the impact is visible as few of the beneficiaries have been regularly coming to classes after the meeting.

The other meeting made the mothers aware about boarding homes for the beneficiaries and also provided them information about vacancy in two homes. The mothers were explained the facilities the child would get in the boarding home and that they would also get an opportunity to meet with them on holidays but during the meeting it was observed that mothers were apprehensive about putting their children in the boarding due to previous negative experiences.

The other meeting consisted of beneficiaries performing a skit for their mothers with regards to the ill effects of tobacco and gutka consumption after seeing the skit many mothers’ promised that they would stop the consumption of it immediately as they realize the impact of their wrong habits on their children.

This quarter life skill session was conducted on self-awareness. In the activity the beneficiaries had to describe themselves through feeling, belief and quality. The session was very interactive they discussed about the qualities they did not like and spoke positively about their role models. This made them realize how unique each one of them is which made them feel good about themselves and filled them with positivity.

The other meeting was held with the mothers to discuss the enrollment of the beneficiaries at a new school. They were shown pictures of the school and activities that are conducted in the school. The mothers were informed about the timings of the school and that discipline had to be followed in the school to maintain its decorum. After the detailed explanation the mother’s apprehension about sending the child had vanished they were more confident about the decision of transferring their children to the new school.

Junior Shakti session was also conducted where the beneficiaries were explained about safe and unsafe place. The beneficiaries were asked to make a chart with time, place and people whom they feel safe or unsafe with. It was seen that the children have very clearly understood with whom they are safe and with whom they can trust and share their feelings.

Senior Shakti session was also conducted where in discussion on the topic People who are engaged in human trafficking target individuals who are weak and lack knowledge about various sources of earning/ livelihood and also it is necessary to have a trusted adult in a dangerous or suspicious situation. The story that was read to them during the session made the Udaan beneficiaries interactive in the session as they recollected the provisions under RTE act, child marriage etc. this made us realize that the beneficiaries are slowly getting aware about their rights and they understand the ill effects of trafficking and child marriage.

The other session was conducted to explain about household expenses and need of planning a budget. The girls were able to write down their expenses in their household and also were aware about the fact that in comparison to the income the expenses were more. This activity helped us to sensitize them towards financial expenditure and give them an understanding to help their mothers to plan the finances of the house so that they can save more money for a better future.

Udaan and Umang sessions are regularly conducted to give them a sense of responsibility in this quarter during the session Udaan beneficiaries taught Marathi song to the Umang beneficiaries. The Udaan beneficiaries are enjoying this opportunity to teach their younger counterparts.They also teach all the songs learnt in the music class to the younger beneficiaries it gives them a sense of satisfaction when they see the Umang beneficiaries sing along with them the songs.

This quarter Udaan beneficiaries have shared moral stories with Umang beneficiaries. The younger beneficiaries listen to elder beneficiaries attentively and are able to remember the story well which impacts them in a positive way in building their confidence. Udaan beneficiaries take up a teaching role filled with responsibility and guidance.

During this quarter our beneficiaries participated in Gender Justice & Mental Health Social Leadership Program wherein they understood the basic concept of Human Rights & Discrimination and how they can bring about a change. The topic covered were Peace and conflict resolution, working in teams as a leader & building teams. Disability and Empathy. Constitution and their rights, Mental Health & Learning how to advocate for your cause. It was observed that the girls were really engrossed in the sessions and have actually taken keen interests for completing their tasks that used to be given to them as homework. The trainer was interactive and used various mode of communication such as group discussions, videos & activities which kept the children engaged & focused on the training.

This quarter the beneficiaries were shown a movie finding nemo the beneficiaries were fascinated to see different fishes in the movie. As the movie was based on themes of trust and family the children understood the concept of misplaced trust.

To instill the importance of schooling the beneficiaries were also shown a documentary by UNICEF Meena series as the documentary was in Hindi the beneficiaries understood each and everything the movie depicted and it made them realize how important it is to utilize small little opportunities that come their way.

This quarter the beneficiaries were taken to CSMVS for summer workshop their the beneficiaries participated in various activities in pair of two the activities involved traditional landscape building under which the beneficiaries were asked to draw on a landscape paper by imagining scenery from their memory or thoughts, Printing with sunlight was a new form of painting for our beneficiaries using chemicals such as Ferric Ammonium & Potassium Dichromate the beneficiaries were little apprehensive the first time but as they got comfortable they were thrilled to see the images being created, Landscape painting with garden waste the beneficiaries during this activity were delighted to see the various mode through which painting can be done without using brush and only utilizing color and garden waste amazing images were created, Solar powered toys during this session the beneficiaries got an opportunity to make solar powered cars from the scratch and Object theater during this workshop theater related ice breakers were done and then through exploration in the library and gathering of relevant objects story was asked to be depicted. The girls liked the way they were able to use their knowledge of drama class in a different medium.

During the celebration of world environment day, the beneficiaries participated in workshops in CSMVS the workshops included sustainable beej ball making session by using mud, seeds & fertilizer which they can easily throw and grow anywhere. The beneficiaries also learnt about the ill effects of water pollution on the environment through a story after which a question answer session was held. As our beneficiaries were well aware about environment and the issues they were interactive and very participative during the session.

Apart from it the children got an opportunity to see the sculpture gallery and noted which states of India the sculptures belonged to. Simultaneously a story telling session took place wherein mythical stories were narrated about ten selected objects. Thereafter they also got an opportunity to visit the children’s museum at CSMVS. The beneficiaries were excited to see new artifacts and also tried formulating story just like the resource person using the objects seen.

The beneficiaries were taken to American Consulate Dosti House for a tour of the American Library. The beneficiaries were given a detailed tour of the library along with information regarding what are the various sections in it & how it functions. The girls were excited to see such a big library and were trying to relate the library with their school library. Post the tour the beneficiaries were shown “Brave” an animated Disney movie.

The beneficiaries were also taken to Rani Baugh where the beneficiaries attended a workshop on making Paper bag along with Japanese flower. The girls were very attentive during this workshop and learned the method of bag making quickly. After this workshop some beneficiaries implemented the method of bag making to create gifts to be carried to Poland for the host families.

In addition to add to their vocation beneficiaries are enrolled in fashion designing course where they learn about various stitches and applicability. All the beneficiaries take good interest and create varied designs using different stitches on the cloth. This quarter the beneficiaries have started designing on dupattas and Kurtas.

As our beneficiaries have been selected to be a part of Brave Kids festival preparation are being done by the beneficiaries for their performance. The beneficiaries are preparing a six-minute dance performance and also learning two songs one Hindi and English. The team is working on the visa process as the passports of the beneficiaries have arrived all the paper works are being worked on simultaneously for the process to be smooth.The team involved actively in packing of the bags of the beneficiary with all the necessities. List were made so that nothing Important would be missed.

After all the efforts of the team received the Visa for all the beneficiaries and they successfully left for Poland this quarter to participate in the brave kid’s festival. The beneficiaries leaving had mixed emotion along with excitement they were even sad to leave their friends behind for such a long time.

As exposure visit the beneficiaries were taken to the wonder park where they could physically see the miniature replicas of the seven wonders of the world. This visit gave them an understanding of the monuments and also and understanding why it is known as a seven wonders. The beneficiaries were really excited during the visit as it was a new place for them to explore. They also enjoyed a train ride around the park.


Physical Health:

As the beneficiaries come from a susceptible background and belong to the age where they require maximum amount of nutrition taking these criteria into consideration we provide our beneficiaries with healthy and nutritional meal, which is prepared according to the diet chart.

During this quarter, the diet chart was regularly followed and and the multivitamin supplements were provided in the right time. As part of our Nutrition Aid, 5 times nutrition and 1-time, multivitamins are regularly provided to approximately 70 Udaan beneficiaries.This quarter there has been a noticeable increase in height of the beneficiaries and the weight has been maintained.

In this quarter regular medical checkups took place along with a general health checkup camp. The health checkup camp is a positive way of getting the services to maximum number of beneficiaries direct and indirect through these camps they are made aware about their health status so that further treatment can take place immediately via medical referral in the hospital.

The beneficiaries for monthly check up taken to Gauarabai Hospital wherein the children were not detected with any severe illness apart from slight cold and cough. The children were also taken for eye checkup as they were constantly complaining of headache. These beneficiaries have been given spectacles according to their requirement.

The beneficiaries in order to be physically fit participate in outdoor games and also undergo training in Karate which does not only make them fit and agile but also equips the beneficiaries to defend themselves in times. Currently in the class the beneficiaries are learning Kumite technique. Utilization of this technique happens when the beneficiaries have to defend themselves from any kind of risk.

In order for the children to maintain their health and hygiene beneficiaries attend healthy habit session in which the beneficiaries talk about basic habits such as brushing teeth, combing hair, taking bath etc that needs to be formulated in order to maintain good health. Through continuous session the beneficiaries have understood the necessity of maintaining hygiene and have started taking initiative on their own to explain the younger once the importance of it.

Mental Health:

In order for the beneficiaries to have a healthy mind we engage our beneficiaries in different activities such as theatre classes, music classes, and art classes and sports activities.

The beneficiaries are regularly having their drama class, which is enhancing their theatrical skill as they pay attention and follow the instructions given by their sir diligently this has brought out a vast improvement in their acting skills. This quarter the beneficiaries have learnt nine bhavas during the classes. These bhavas would help them express various feelings in a better way during acts that they perform.

The beneficiaries also got an opportunity to attend a show named In the Shadow of the Gods: An Interpretive Dance Performance by Revanta Sarabhai. The beneficiaries really focused during the show they appreciated the grace and finish in the performance. The beneficiaries stated that they really learnt a lot from the show it taught them better the way of expression, tone modulation and more.Due to the regular drama classes and various activities being undertaken during the classes the children have started working confidently on their voice and have started preparing act and stories to be utilized for other activities.

The music classes are conducted regularly during this quarter the girls have prepared full songs along with various instruments such as key board and guitar. The beneficiaries wait for this class as they get an opportunity to play various instruments and learn new songs in the class. It has been observed that the beneficiaries have started getting confident about the instruments that they play. They have confidently started playing in sync the songs that have been taught.

Along with the regular music classes the beneficiaries are also having music session with one of the volunteers she focuses on the throw of voice and rhythm along with music. As language was a barrier before but now the beneficiaries share a warm relationship with the volunteer and look forward to these classes.

The children have drawing classes in a regular basis during this quarter the children had a continued session from the last quarter with Antoinette related to Hamsa Painting. During this class she wanted the beneficiaries to go bold with their colour and design hence she asked them to utilize water colour for painting purposes. The output of the freedom of using water colour was wonderful as the children came up with creative and very delicate designs with intricate work on it. The beneficiaries were appreciative of each other’s work which showed their respectful behaviour towards each other’s work.

Our yearly volunteer Bjorn also conducted drawing activity for the beneficiaries it was an activity in which the children had to draw cartoon like figures just like in a newspaper and formulate a story through it. The children were very excited with the new activity and used all their minds creatively to depict various stories related to life, environment etc.He also took a session where he taught the beneficiaries to make diary of single page which the beneficiaries find helpful. As the beneficiaries were very thankful for the time he spent with them teaching new things our beneficiaries made a thank you card as a token of appreciation.

The beneficiaries also had Kathak dance session with trained Kathak dance teachers. As our beneficiaries love dance & always look forward to learning new dance steps for them it was an opportunity for girls to understand the new dance form and learn. The girls had little inhibitions as they were finding it difficult to bring the stiffness required for the posture in the dance but after practicing the posture multiple time they started becoming comfortable with it.


“I really loved our beach visit, especially since we were really tired after our exams. We had a lot of fun at the beach.”- Udaan Beneficiary.

For recreation purpose our children are taken to regular garden visits where the children enjoy to observe various things surrounding them Bjorn our volunteer conducted games during the garden visit which the beneficiaries enjoyed immensely apart from the garden visit this quarter he even organized a beach visit for the girls as it was just after the exams. Our beneficiaries enjoyed the new place, its serenity and excitedly they played with mud and tried building different things from it by using their imagination.

For recreational purpose a team of volunteer’s conducted various activities with the beneficiaries such as drawing, art and craft, music and dance, strategic games, easy cooking etc our beneficiaries participated actively in all the activities. They were interactive and keen on doing anything that they proposed to do. Some beneficiaries who already knew about the activities took charge and helped the volunteers to supervise their younger counterparts.

This quarter with all the enthusiasm children celebrated mother’s day. The beneficiaries planned the entire programme and practiced performances for their mother’s it was an emotional journey during that day as the mothers could not stop the tears rolling from their eyes when they saw their children perform in front of them. It was a really important moment for the daughter’s and mother’s as they got a platform to express their emotions to one another.

Along with all the celebration we celebrated the festival of Eid. The older Udaan beneficiaries shared with all the importance of Eid and Why is it celebrated after which the beneficiaries hugged each other and fed each other Sheer- Kurma and wished everyone a very happy Eid.

The beneficiaries were taken for a visit to YaYa Play zone where the beneficiaries got to try varied rides and games the younger beneficiaries enjoyed the trampoline and slide games the most. They had a joyful time and enjoyed the snacks that they were provided with.

“I had fun while drawing cartoons; I drew my favorite episode from Doraemon”- Udaan beneficiary.

The beneficiaries are involved in both indoor and outdoor games such as board games, kabaddi, pakada pakdi etc.

Birthday celebration takes place every month for beneficiaries in order to make them feel at home. The celebration involves cake cutting ceremony for the children which they thoroughly enjoy.


Pictures of the activities conducted:



Udaan beneficiaries health check-up camp.
Udaan beneficiaries health check-up camp.
Leadership skill session for Udaan beneficiaries.
Leadership skill session for Udaan beneficiaries.
Udaan beneficiaries attending music class.
Udaan beneficiaries attending music class.
Paper bag making session at Rani Baugh.
Paper bag making session at Rani Baugh.
Beach visit of Udaan beneficiaries.
Beach visit of Udaan beneficiaries.

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