Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area

by Apne Aap Women's Collective (AAWC)
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Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
Apr 15, 2019

Congratulations! your funds empowered a young girl

Annual Sports Day of Udaan Beneficiaries.
Annual Sports Day of Udaan Beneficiaries.

“Sports day in the organization took place this month it is the first time I participated in the games and I was surprised to win and felt really happy that I was felicitated with so many prizes. I will remember this day for the rest of my life.”- Reema*, 14, Best Sports Performer.


Our outreach team has to put in a lot of effort and face a lot of hardship to convince the mothers to send their daughters to our center, which is through making them realize the need for their daughters to come out of the community for their growth and safety from all the vulnerabilities they would face in the community.

 Through constant follow up and counselling, we had a maximum strength of around 70 Udaan girls at our centers. The beneficiaries once enrolled avail the facilities that would enhance their skill, empower them and help them achieve their dreams and achieve their aspirations. Facilities include of the beneficiaries having access to formal and informal education, all forms of assistance with their health (ex: referrals, camps, nutritional support, etc.), awareness activities, counseling and therapies, vocational training, life skills sessions, rehabilitative measures like night-shelter house and boarding homes, etc. among other general support.

 This quarter around 480 home visits were conducted to identify new beneficiaries and to the beneficiaries house to know the reason of absentism and pass the information to the mother to send the beneficiary to the center regularly.

 This quarter a visit to Jeevan Sach was conducted as they were conducting the mothers meeting The director their shared how the behavior of our beneficiary has changed positively since she has come back from home. It was highlighted that “She looks after all the younger girls and also sits with them to teach them. She has become more responsible & she has realized the problems that she will face when she goes back home again.

 The director notified us about the issue she was facing with one of our other beneficiary as she doesnot want to stay their and would like to go back home. We discussed the issue with the director and have convinced her to give our beneficiary a chance and enroll her in the tailoring class for a short term course as she is good at drawing and designing and highly interested in it.

This quarter we made a visit to peacemaker for a follow up visit as our 8 beneficiaries are enrolled with them. As we had received a call from peacemaker about the concern of the behavior of the beneficiaries. The major issues that were discussed with girl were about the distraction being caused due to girls getting attracted towards boys, another issue was regarding studies as not all girls are performing well and third issue which was discussed was time management.

 Apart from all this major issues general discipline was once again reiterated with them which will help them succeed and progress in future.

Various visits to post office was made to get Aadhar card updated of our Udaan girls as well as their mothers as it was an important document for making their passport. Apart from that we also had to request the MLA to give a referral letter as the children lack few documents.

Regular visits are being conducted with the school teachers & principals to understand children’s progress & discuss any glaring issues that are being observed. Visit was also done to 4 schools for admission process of Udaan beneficiaries in new school. For this visit was done to Marwari Vidyalaya High School, Wilson High School, St Goan Sebastian High School &. We have also coordinated with post office & Bank of Maharashtra for opening of Bank accounts of the girls.


Formal Education:

As the exams are approaching, major focus is being given to education. Hence, varied steps are being undertaken to bring an overall improvement in all the subjects of beneficiaries. A lot of attention is being given towards the tuition classes and the assessment that is being done, as the beneficiaries are not interested in studies we are trying to make the activities interactive and interesting so that they may be able to learn faster and retain it for a longer time.

Journal writing is one of the activities that is continued so that our beneficiaries improve their writing skills. The beneficiaries diligently write their journals about their whole day what they like or do not like. This activity also helps them understand themselves better highlighting their weaknesses and also the improvements they have made from the previous months.

This quarter the beneficiaries who are in 5th to 8th Std have developed interest in writing. They not only write regularly in their journals but also make sure to get it checked every day to ensure that their mistakes are verified & corrections are made. There has been development in few girls who earlier could not write proper words or frame sentences are confidently able to write correct spellings along with paragraphs.

It is observed that the activity of journal writing has not only brought discipline among the girls by utilizing the night time constructively but also brought confidence in the girls to be able to write. The girls have now started taking interest in writing the journal & do not have to be reminded. They also themselves show there journals to the supervisor for correction. The night shelter staff also updates regularly on the progress or issues faced regarding the same.

The Friday sessions are continued with an innovative mode of teaching is utilized such as laptops are used to teach the beneficiary two-letter word and three-letter word, nouns, wild animals and domestic animals. As these topics are covered in a different pattern then there regular teaching process it has been noticed that the children enjoy the sessions and pay attention which reflects that visual depiction of subjects make the learning procedure easy for the children and help them retain it for a longer period of time.

Regular teachers meeting was conducted during this quarter to work on the structure of teaching process and deal with issues of late coming and absenteeism of the teachers. As this challenge has a direct impact on the beneficiaries’ performance in school. This challenge was addressed immediately and is being dealt with through close supervision and continuous follow up with the teachers.

Regular mother’s meeting during this quarter was conducted the main agenda of the meetings were Annual Udaan picnic to esselworld, Bank account opening that has been intimated by Chandramani School and not taking the beneficiaries home during exam period.

The mothers were informed about the girls Annual Udaan Picnic to esselworld & the schedule for the same. Majority of the mothers had given consent. There were 2 mothers who felt that it might be risky & had shared that they will themselves take the girls in vacations.

The mothers were informed about school and how they will receive money from the government directly in this account for purchase of school supplies for the next academic years. The mothers agreed & had coordinated with school for the same.

 It was also informed to the mothers about the upcoming final exams which are coming. The mothers were also informed not to come to take their children home till 12th of April as the beneficiaries are having their final exams in this duration & we have also kept tuitions for them for the month of April. Listening to the conversation the mother happily agreed and said it is best for their children to stay here & study until the exams are over. As once the children go home they don’t feel like coming back.

Through this behavior we realized that the women beneficiaries trust the organization a lot and believe that whatever decision will be taken by the organization will only lead to a better future for their children.

 The children attend computer classes in order to learn basics of Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint, emailing and internet usage. This is taught so that the beneficiaries will be able to benefit from the same while pursuing their further studies or involving themselves in future job opportunities.

This quarter there were 2 classes conducted during the first class the girls were taught how to use Google to search data & how to enter data in an MS-Excel sheet along with dragging down & filtering the data. In the second class the girls underwent a test in which they were given a set of questions for which they had to use the internet & find answers. These questions were based on knowledge of various fields.

It has been observed that the girls are able to use internet to find data related to various topics & save it for further use. Few of the girls are also able to enter data in excel & filter it as per requirement. They are also able to make images using paint 3D.

The girls enjoy the internet usage class as they get an opportunity to search different topics online and share it through email with each other.

The children are taken for educational exposure visits such as this quarter the elder Udaan beneficiaries were taken to Bajaj Bhavan to understand about the impact of technologies in future.

The younger beneficiaries were taken for an exposure visit to Kidzania (an amusement cum career guidance cum entertainment park) in order to understand the roles of different professions (doctor, fire fighter and police men) through practical implementation as they provide set up of hospital emergency room, Police Station and fire brigade office along with fire extinguishing tools. Along with the role playing activities the kids also got an opportunity to explore their creative side through the paint activity on the wall as an initiative by Nerolac and they also got an opportunity to be host at Club Mahindra Resort. The visit overall was enjoyed by the children and it had a positive impact on them as it broadened their views about various career opportunities that they can explore in future.

Informal/ Non-formal education:

Empowering the beneficiaries is an important aspect, as it will help them choose aspiring career and help them take responsibility and lead their mother towards a positive path of quitting their profession. This quarter, we helped in creating 6 Aadhar cards (social security number card) for the beneficiaries as we understand the importance of having an identity prove to avail the facilities provided through government schemes for the children and also their future.

We focus on activities that will enhance skill, inculcate good habits, spread awareness and instill confidence within the beneficiaries.

The activities consist of house on duty for which groups are formulated the duties of the groups rotate on a weekly basis. The main objective behind this group formation is to make the girls independent and disciplined in life. The leaders monitor the entire process along with this initiation of the star chart has happened because of which the beneficiaries put in more interest towards the task.

“The teachers were disappointed in me and I felt discouraged but now I have decided that I will not only change my behavior and bring more discipline in myself but also bring a change in the opinions of teacher’s that they have for me. I will make sure that my group will be the winner of the Star Chart this month”- Ragini*, 13, Udaan beneficiary.

Udaan monthly meetings are conducted regularly, in which all the issues faced by the beneficiaries is discussed. Due to the age they are in a phase where they like to explore more about their body hence, good touch and bad touch sessions are conducted the girls are encouraged to share their issues with the teachers or the managers or any staff they feel comfortable with. Therefore, that the issue can be resolved and the beneficiaries would not have to be handling traumatic situations just by themselves.

Life skill sessions are conducted in which the beneficiaries are taught healthy habits related to hygiene maintenance, awareness session about menstruation and usage of Sanitary Pad is explained.

Junior Shakti and Senior Shakti session take places, which consist of storytelling to the beneficiaries such as how it is important to say NO to things at times. This story teaches our girl that it is ok to say NO at times, as it is an important part of life. The same was imparted in the senior Shakti session but emphasis on being alert about situation was also highlighted.

Similarly, the sessions were based on reality instances such as trafficking, acceptance of being different, good touch and bad touch.

Udaan-Umang session are also conducted as mentoring the main motive of which is to make the beneficiaries responsible of each other and one’s activities. During this session, the Udaan beneficiaries teach Umang beneficiaries’ different things such as song, dance, educational topics etc. This quarter they took the initiative of teaching small Umang beneficiaries a patriotic song “nana munna rahi hun” as the republic day was nearing. The beneficiaries participated enthusiastically and were very responsive compared to the last quarter.

The beneficiaries are also shown motivational videos such as a in this quarter they were shown a video based on Ilma Afroz it shows cased her struggle and how she finally achieved her dream of serving the country. This taught a lesson to our children to never give up in life instead working hard towards achieving our targets make it easier to achieve them.

Everyday assembly is conducted for the beneficiaries to imbibe in them the qualities of responsibility, enhance bond and disseminate learning.

In addition to add to their vocation beneficiaries are enrolled in fashion designing course where they learn about various stitches and applicability. All the beneficiaries take good interest and create varied designs using different stitches on the cloth.

“I love fashion designing class and I want to put my own designs that I have learnt on my dress”

 The beneficiaries also undergo training in spoken English class so that they improve their communication in English majorly focusing on usage of words to formulate a complete sentence. This quarter Ms. Ravina Sutar worked with the girls on framing sentences by using the words “Did, Have & Has” with examples. She also quizzed the girls on the use of these sentences & words.

 This quarter the beneficiaries had Antoinette’s drawing class wherein she focused on tracing Hands & painting inside them & designing the hands. She also emphasized as to how it was different from Henna/Mehendi designs. The girls enjoyed a lot in the session and said that now they look forward to the next class.

 In this quarter, we are so excited to tell you that our 5 Udaan beneficiaries have again received an opportunity to participate in Brave Kids to be held in Poland. To provide you with a little background Brave Kids is an educational and artistic project during which children's artistic groups from all over the world meet. They differ in life experiences, artistic talents, religions and traditions. They are joined by the willingness to create together, openness to other people and incredible ability to overcome the barriers and limitations of the adult world.

 The team during this quarter has got involved full fledgedly in the preparations for Brave Kids starting from the process of making the beneficiaries passport. Considering the target group that the women beneficiaries belong to they do not tend to have proper documents which are required for making the passport for the girl beneficiaries as the girls are minors so a lot of difficulty and challenges are faced by our team to accomplish the process.

 Thus during the process it was observed that:There have been various inhibitions which the women had during making of passport of their daughters. They were counseled to make them understand why we are preparing the passport & what are the issues we would have to face in making the document. After the mother’s meeting the inhibitions were solved and the mothers were completely supportive of the process.

As we have to get all the documents in place or rectified for the process. Multiple visits to the banks, police station, Aadhar card office and the passport office has been part of the process. Hence by these efforts we have been able to complete the process of two beneficiaries successfully and one beneficiaries passport process is ongoing. Thus, a constant effort is being put by the beneficiaries along with the team to make this event a success for the progressive future of our beneficiaries.


 “I like the New Kellogg’s that we get for breakfast it has taste of chocolate”- Harshali*, 6.

 Physical Health:

As the beneficiaries come from a susceptible background and belong to the age where they require maximum amount of nutrition taking these criteria into consideration we provide our beneficiaries with healthy and nutritional meal, which is prepared according to the diet chart.

During this quarter, the diet chart was regularly followed and Kellogg’s has been added as a new addition to their breakfast which is enjoyed by the beneficiaries and the multivitamin supplements were provided in the right time. As part of our Nutrition Aid, 5 times nutrition and 1-time, multivitamins are regularly provided to approximately 70 Udaan beneficiaries.

Their height and weight assessment were regularly done so that we can track the improvement in the beneficiary’s health. Increase in weight shows us improvement in the health of the beneficiary whereas drastic loss of weight indicates that the beneficiary is suffering from a type of disease this quarter it was noticed that the beneficiaries have increased in weight in comparison to the few who have lost a little bit of weight due to their previous ailment.

During this quarter regular medical checkups took place along with a health checkup camp where in the beneficiaries were given de- worming medicine and vitamin E supplement. The beneficiaries were not detected with any major or chronic disease. Most of the children have majorly complained about cold and cough and skin irritation.

Not only a health camp but also a dental camp was conducted the assessment of which showed no significant oral problems. This reflects that the oral hygiene of our beneficiaries are well maintained. Both the health camps were attended by approximately 141 beneficiaries.

One of the health-related challenge we faced was chicken pox as it is an airborne disease and lack of space led to the spreading of the disease among other beneficiaries.

The children in order to be physically fit participate in outdoor games and also undergo training in Karate which does not only make them fit and agile but also equips the beneficiaries to defend themselves in times of need.

Mental Health:

In order for the beneficiaries to have a healthy mind we engage our beneficiaries in different activities such as theatre classes, music classes, and art classes and sports activities.

This quarter we had our annual drama event wherein both the centers performed a comical named “Andher nagri chaupat rani” and “Girgit”. As our beneficiaries performed for their mother’s they were very excited and happy. They performed an excellent show and our mother’s (Umeed Beneficiaries) laughed their heart out seeing the performance. It was a site to see wherein the mothers had mixed emotions they were happy as well as proud of the fact that their children were presenting a drama of this caliber.

 The annual sports took place wherein the beneficiaries participated enthusiastically. They had very good sportsman spirit and enjoyed all the games that was organized. The beneficiaries were thrilled to get prizes for their win it made them realize their interest in sports activities. After prize distribution when beneficiaries shared their experience, they were filled with emotions and were not hesitant to put forward their strength and weaknesses and where they would have to improve the next time.

“I love music class and just for that I wait for Saturdays to come”.

 The beneficiaries attend music classes in which they learn songs along with musical instrument. The girls have completed a song and started to learn a welcome song. This month we also started with singing classes for the beneficiaries through one of our volunteers Elena. She started with introduction to notations, basics of singing, voice modulation etc. The girls have also started liking these classes and attentively participating in it.

 The beneficiaries often have dance session a motive of which is to relax their mind and as well, as improve their dancing ability. This quarter a team of volunteers (Ceres global) conducted a dance session for the beneficiaries the session-included ice breaking session, which was to depict animal movement and to take out a similar noise and others, had to repeat the same. It was noticed that this activity made all the beneficiaries attentive and excited it caught attention of Udaan younger beneficiaries. They taught basics of break dance and later was taught free style dancing it was a gateway and platform for each child to vent their emotion.


“It is refreshing for us to visit the garden once in a week. As I do not go home on a regular basis. It helps me relax from the hectic schedule & gives me a breath of fresh air.” – Rashi* Age 14, Udaan Beneficiary

For recreation, purpose children are taken for garden visits and this quarter the beneficiaries had an opportunity to go for Annual Picnic to Essel World - a famous amusement park.They had an amazing time on the different rides, the girls maintained their decorum during lunch time and started their daily prayers in sync. Few other visitors who were also there for having their lunch appreciated the behavior of our beneficiaries. The day for the beneficiaries was relaxing along with a lot of fun and exploration of different rides.

 Along with the indoor and outdoor activities we also celebrate various festivals so that the children along with a relaxing activity attain knowledge of various festivals and important days such as Republic day, Women’s day etc.

This quarter we celebrated makkar Sankranti by making kites and flying them. They also celebrated republic day wherein the children made flags and sang patriotic songs. Women’s day was celebrated along with a team from DP world who organized drawing activity and game for the beneficiaries. The game was about memory whether the beneficiaries could retain the names of fruit and vegetables and name them without forgetting. The beneficiaries enjoyed the game and also the snacks that was distributed post the activity.

Another festival during this quarter was Holi wherein the elder Udaan beneficiaries got the opportunity to share the story of Bhakt Pralhad & Narsimha Avatar of Vishnu. The story depicted the victory of good over evil. The story was a background to why Holi is celebrated. After the story was completed the younger Udaan beneficiaries presented a skit which highlighted that religion should not be a barrier in celebrating festivals as everyone is equal. After all the enthusiastic participation and presentation of a meaningful skit the beneficiaries played with colour by coloring each other along with the teachers. The children enjoyed themselves and also understood the background of the celebration.


When our outreach workers did an assessment it was made evident that, the brothel owner /other close-knit community members lured many adolescent girls of Kamathipura into the flesh trade. These brothels are the spaces where their mothers (and the girls themselves, often) are living under. Especially since the brothel owners would find it easier to trap a young girl already living in the community, than to traffic girls from other parts of the country- such a phenomenon has become rather common in the red-light districts of Mumbai. Hence, we recognized the need to provide a safe and secured space for our beneficiaries.

Thus, we run a night shelter where 61 adolescent girls avail this facility. Our night shelter beneficiaries participate in all our educational, health and empowerment-based activities along with the usual extra-curricular, recreational visits and celebrations held at the center during the day.

Capacity Building Training:

To bring in an overall development of beneficiaries it has been noticed that the staff has to be equipped with various skills to handle varied issues that crop up while dealing with child beneficiaries.

Keeping this in mind we encourage our staff to attend various workshops organized by varied organizations and ourselves conduct various capacity building training sessions.

Hence this quarter, our staff attended a three-day workshop on counseling children who have been sexually abused.

The training was detailed and interactive it included in it various subject matters starting from understanding about child sexual abuse, first level intervention, understanding trauma, basic counselling skills, understanding of trauma genic model, stabilization process and the importance of self-care.

In house one day training workshop organized for the staff on ‘Behaviour & Emotional Management of Hyper Active/ Aggressive girls/learning delays - by Occupational Therapist’.

The workshops were fruitful as the staff understood the various aspects that is to be kept in mind while dealing with a child along with the age, physical aspects, background & cultural influence of the child and the ways to handle the disclosure of the traumatic experience by the child.



Annual drama event by Udaan beneficiaries.
Annual drama event by Udaan beneficiaries.
Health check up camp for Udaan beneficiaries.
Health check up camp for Udaan beneficiaries.
Exposure visit for Udaan beneficiaries.
Exposure visit for Udaan beneficiaries.
Picnic for Udaan beneficiaries.
Picnic for Udaan beneficiaries.
Art and Craft activity for Udaan Beneficiaries.
Art and Craft activity for Udaan Beneficiaries.
Dance activity with volunteers.
Dance activity with volunteers.

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