GlobalGiving Guarantee

Transparency and accountability are valuable to donors

By becoming a member of GlobalGiving's network, your organization is benefitting from GlobalGiving's trusted reputation globally.

GlobalGiving has always put an emphasis on transparency and accountability. Donors and corporations know that we conduct detailed due diligence on the organizations whose projects are posted on our site. This is why GlobalGiving offers the GlobalGiving Guarantee, in which we not only guarantee that organizations on our site are vetted and legitimate, but that donors will have a valuable experience on GlobalGiving's site. If not, GlobalGiving will provide donors with a refund of up to $10,000 to donate to another project of their choice.

Note that, as an organization on our site, you will not have to refund any donations if a donor utilizes the GlobalGiving Guarantee as this is covered by a special fund GlobalGiving has set up. However, if a donor gets a refund through the guarantee, we will contact you to discuss the cause of the donor's dissatisfaction and see if we can help you improve or find a solution to ensure that future donors are satisfied.

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