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New York Times, Oprah and others recommend GlobalGiving

Celebrities and large media enterprises have taken on the task of spreading the word about GlobalGiving. GlobalGiving has been highlighted in the New York Times, The Washington Post and featured on CNN and NPR, among others.

In June 2010, New York Times columnist Nick Kristof promoted donations to GlobalGiving's HeroRats project as an alternate gift for Father's Day in an Op Ed article:

The New York Times
“Browse a comprehensive site like GlobalGiving, where organizations around the world have posted their wish lists. On GlobalGiving, my family has donated, for example, to an aid group in Bombay, India, that keeps at-risk girls from being trafficked into brothels. For Father's Day last year, I suggested that instead of giving Dad another necktie, people sponsor a “HeroRat” through GlobalGiving. HeroRats are trained rats that sniff out landmines or TB cases, and what father wouldn't want to be associated with a super-macho super-achieving super-altruistic oversized rat? The column raised more than $150,000, and last I heard the rats had detected 594 landmines in Mozambique.”

How to Change The World
Nicholas Kristof, June 17, 2010

The article resulted in over a quarter million dollars in donations to GlobalGiving projects!

GlobalGiving has also been acclaimed in books by well-known authors including William Easterly and championed by celebrities such as Oprah. Visit GlobalGiving's Media Room to read other news stories spotlighting GlobalGiving.

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