Why GlobalGiving?

Interested in joining GlobalGiving? Let us tell you a bit more about ourselves.

GlobalGiving is an online fundraising platform for organizations all over the world raise funds to support their projects. In addition to our large network of individual donors and corporate sponsors, we also offer organizations a unique set of online tools and trainings.

Here are a few interesting details about GlobalGiving:

  • Since 2002, GlobalGiving has raised $107,650,320 from 379,694 donors who have supported 9,829 projects.
  • Each week, about 40,000 individuals visit GlobalGiving's website, offering great exposure for our partners' projects!
  • GlobalGiving received $13.9 million in donation volume in 2012 through partnerships with dozens of American and international corporations including Nike, Dell, Lilly and Discovery.
  • GlobalGiving's projects raised close to $1 million during matching campaigns in 2010.
  • Our giving tools—tribute cards, fundraisers, etc.—make it easy for our partners to expand their donor base and encourage donors to stay connected.
  • GlobalGiving's well-respected reputation gives donors and companies added assurance in donating to your project. Donors and corporations know that we carefully vet the organizations whose projects are posted on our site and their donations are safe with us.

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