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Start Fundraising

Start Fundraising

Learn tips, strategies, and techniques to raise funds day-to-day and during the Global Open Challenge. Learn more.

Project Leader Manual

Project Leader Manual

Read the project leader manual to learn about the many benefits of GlobalGiving and for answers to frequent questions. Learn more.

Tools and Training Blog

Upgrade Your Fundraising

Our Tools and Training Blog is full of tips, strategies, and techniques to help you upgrade and improve your fundraising efforts. Learn more.

Success Stories

Success Stories

Learn how other projects have raised $4,000 from 50 donors to earn a permanent spot on GlobalGiving's site. Learn more.

How To Post a Great Project

Use pictures and words to effectively communicate the benefits your project brings to the world Learn more.

Social Media

Social Media Training

Social isn't just a tactic for marketing; social is how we live. And as a nonprofit, it should be how your supporters give. Learn more.


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