Greenhouse in Mombasa, Kenya

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With a greenhouse to grow tomatoes, peppers, melons and other nutritious veggies and fruit difficult to grow in Mombasa's humid climate, HIV+ children will eat wonderful foods they can't usually afford.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Mombasa has been hit hard by lack of rains for years. Gardens were decimated and food costs skyrocketed during the last famine in the Horn of Africa. While Mombasa was not part of the designated famine area, food costs rose 500% overnight. Vulnerable children who need to eat frequently in order to take strong medicine to combat the HIV they carry are the first to suffer.

How will this project solve this problem?

We will provide a greenhouse which will produce food difficult to grow in an area that is high in humidity (coastal) but which receives very little rain. HIV+ children and their guardians who desperately need to eat enough in order to take their medicines will have the opportunity to receive, free of charge, nutritious food, while learning how to grow it and how to prepare it properly.

Potential Long Term Impact

HIV+ children and their guardians will receive huge benefits from this project including: much needed nutritious food, training in how to prepare nutritious meals, training in how to grow food with little water, the ability to obtain seeds from an established seed bank, funds from excess food sold, , and the knowledge that they can take care of themselves during a drought.

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tanya weaver

Harrisburg, PA United States

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Map of Greenhouse in Mombasa, Kenya