4 Reasons Why UK Employees Will Love Charity Gift Cards

Want to foster employee engagement, recognise employee value, and give purposeful gifts? Charity gift cards can help you do that.


Employee engagement is essential for the success of any business. To foster a sense of belonging, purpose, and shared values among employees, your company needs innovative approaches. Charity gift cards are a smart option, with advantages for companies and their employees.

Here are four reasons to consider giving charity gift cards UK employees can use to support causes they care about:

    1. They’re meaningful.

    With charity gift cards, you can align with employees’ values and demonstrate your company’s commitment to issues that matter to your team. Whether your employees are most passionate about education, conservation, or anything in between, a charity gift card will let them choose the causes they want to support.

    Alyssa Calero, Customer Marketing Manager at European company Staffbase, says, “We have chosen to partner with GlobalGiving as a means to express gratitude and appreciation towards our valued employees and customers. GlobalGiving allows us to empower them to contribute to an organisation that holds personal significance, and we love the simplicity with which we can bestow this benefit upon our esteemed employees and customers.”

    2. They’re versatile.

    GlobalGiving Gift Cards let you personalise the message and design, so you can acknowledge milestones, holidays, or simply share thanks with your gift. GlobalGiving Gift Cards can be redeemed in support of more than 6,000 projects across 175+ countries. And your company can choose how to send the gift—whether that’s through eCards, send-it-yourself gift card codes, or physical gift cards. Ready to place a gift card order? Contact us!

    3. They offer insights for CSR initiatives.

    Charity gift cards can provide valuable insights into employees’ preferred causes. This information can guide CSR initiatives year round, ensuring that a company’s philanthropic efforts resonate with its team members. When companies support the causes their employees care about, it strengthens the connection between the company and its team.

    4. They create a sense of community.

    Charity gift cards can be a catalyst for organising charity activities, promoting volunteering among your team, and enhancing their engagement with social causes. By offering them charity gift cards, employees get a chance to reinforce their commitment to shared values with co-workers, fostering trust, loyalty, and bonds in the workplace and beyond. Research shows that when people are motivated to help others at work, it has a positive impact. A study on the outcomes of prosocial motivation at work found that people who are driven by a desire to assist their colleagues tend to do better in several important ways. They have better social capital, a higher level of passion, and more dedication to their work.

From enabling employees to support charities all over the world to enhancing employee engagement, job satisfaction, and corporate culture overall, charity gift cards are a gift that gives back in so many ways. Aligning with employees’ values and fostering a sense of community with charity gift cards can be valuable for companies seeking to create a positive impact both inside and outside their organisations.

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