GlobalGiving, as part of an effort to be a "Truly Global" organization, worked with its India Partnerships Consultant, Kavita Mathew, and started the India Field Program in 2016. The team of 8 volunteers who formed the first-ever India Field team travelled across 20 states and visited 93 of our nonprofit partners last year. This year we have yet another great team recruited from around the country to travel and visit more than 100 of GlobalGiving's nonprofit partners across India during the coming months. These visits help to show how organizations are using funds to created positive change in their communities, which helps to ensure the high quality of the nonprofit community on GlobalGiving.

Additionally, these meetings provide great opportunities to work with and support GlobalGiving's nonprofit partners. These volunteers will work with nonprofits to help them reach their full online fundraising potential on GlobalGiving, and with help discover ways GlobalGiving can better support its India partners. 

Want to learn more? Reach out to our team at or to our India Field Team!  


Sachin Arya

Constantly planning to sail away from safe harbour, Sachin wishes that life be all about dreaming, exploring and discovering. With a firm belief that the providence isn’t fair at all to everyone on earth, Sachin decided it was enough being a paper (or email) pusher behind a desk, and it was time to work in the grassroots. Sachin left his corporate life and now enjoys teaching a motley lot of 40 odd boys and girls in a Teach for India intervention school at Worli, Mumbai. Having lived in 5 Indian cities and travelled to 18 Indian states (with a dream to visit them all), Sachin believes that travel is his one true love. Reading good literature, eating diverse food and interesting conversations with fascinating people, are few things what help keep him sane in this fast paced  world.

He will be visiting organizations in central India.


Arko Banerjee

Arko hails from Kolkata, the City of Joy and brings unlimited enthusiasm, passion and love to the work he does. Inspired by his work at Child Rights and You, he developed a deep passion for bringing sustainable change in the lives of others. Coming from a family of educators, Arko has always seen education as a gift he was fortunate to have. He joined the Teach For India Fellowship and currently teaches 65 Grade 10 children in Mumbai to share that gift forward. Arko looks forward to being a GlobalGiving Field Traveler for the multitude of stakeholders that he will get to work with and impact.  Arko's interests range from sports, food and technology to music, mountains and trekking. Curiosity and kindness are two core values which he lives by. You will often find him watching food videos with rapt attention, but he is too lazy to actually cook anything.

He will be visiting organizations in central and south India.


Nishka Crishna

With a background in Psychology and Sociology, Nishka spent most of her life unearthing amazing consumer stories from people across the country, the subcontinent, South-East Asia and Africa. So, her mid-life shift from the commercial sector to nonprofits was not that big a leap, but it was life-changing. She started Life 2.0 by raising funds for a tiny, regional CSO, nurturing it into a thriving entity with a national presence, and found her true calling in the process. She now revels in the opportunity to consult with similar organisations, share her experiences with them and in turn, learn something new each time. Two things make Nishka happiest - snuggling up to her adorable canine daughter, and peeking into a hot oven to watch her creations bubble up to life; food is a major preoccupation. It complements her deep love for (road) travel and singing oldies.

She will be visiting organizations in south India.


Adrija Ghosh

A canine-lover, photography-buff and foodie - Adrija is always chased by the wanderlust. As a Sociology graduate and a student of Rural Development and Governance from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, she has a penchant for working at the grass-root level. Adrija dreams of a world beaming with equity, justice, free from the shackles of exclusion and discrimination. The long summer afternoons spent teaching rural children, or interacting with people to raise awareness against gender discrimination, had changed the world-view of this urban girl from Kolkata. Thus, this earnest fan of anime and Harry Potter believes that inclusive interventions of nonprofit sectors hold a wand that can unravel the magical power of collective and create a better world. Adrija is thrilled to be a part of GlobalGiving as it would help her assuage the wanderlust while giving an opportunity for enhancing and implementing her knowledge and skills in the development sector.

She will be visiting organizations in northeast and southeast India.


Romila Gillella 

Romila is highly imaginative; the ‘Ishaan Avasthi’ of the now. She likes to do a hundred things mostly at the same time. For example, being taught by 55 kids on how to teach them, singing, cycling, exploring unknown places, talking about randomness to spirituality, climbing trees and observing nature. She is a Teach For India fellow teaching Math and Physics to 8th grade students in Hyderabad. She loves math and by default graduated in Engineering from Jaipur in 2015.Empathy is the core value that drives her commitment to a cause - makes her wake-up everyday and run to school. If you know her well, you would know that she likes to punch people in the stomach for fun when she likes them a lot.

She will be visiting organizations in south India.


 Mansi Middha

Mansi is an engineer by chance and an educator by choice. She graduated in engineering and worked at a corporate but didn’t find her purpose or passion in either. For 2 years she spent her weekends teaching underprivileged children at shelter homes in Delhi and Mumbai. That’s when she decided to join Teach for India and work full time in the education sector. She currently teaches 46 enthusiastic 9th grade boys in a government school in Mehrauli, New Delhi which has turned out to be a challenging yet fulfilling job for her. Amongst other things she is interested in art, music, photography, travelling and reading;currently reading “Kafka on the Shore”. She might seem shy at first but is actually a chatterbox when you get to know her better.

She will be visiting organizations in north India.


Mehr Pasricha

Mehr’s interests span from the likes of quantum physics to design and spiritual development to Hindustani classical music. This uninhibited passion for everything makes Mehr a little confused about where the future is taking her, or rather where she is taking it. She graduated in Psychology from a mad city called Mumbai and took a gap year to run wild and free. She spent a few months living and working with locals in a conflict region in Assam. The yogi in her believes that human possibility is limitless and that change must start with the self.  Her hobbies include rescuing little puppies from dingy spaces. She can often be found singing at the top of her voice on the streets of Delhi. Her Uber customer rating is 5/5 so we can safely assume that there is a 100% chance you’ll like her.

She will be visiting organizations in north India.


Aishik Saha 

With his first major move from the ‘city of joy’ to the ‘city of dreams’, Aishik hopes to experience more by achieving his dreams. He likes travelling to new places and indulges in interesting conversations with strangers. Aishik believes in the power of audio-visuals and therefore documents everything he sees through photography and videos. He currently entertains a class of 47 grade 6 kids in Mumbai, while trying to educate and empower them. Aishik gets a strong sense of fulfillment every time his students have those ‘aha’ moments! He aims to bring sustainable change in the lives of as many as possible and is motivated to continue in the social sector. You will often find him giving relationship advice to people even if he personally struggles with it. You may also find him playing the guitar in the corner of a room, secretly with the chords of the songs open in the web browser.

He will be visiting organizations in northwest India.


Nishtha Singh 

Nishtha Singh is a chai lover! Constantly  inspired by people and their stories, she is on a journey to explore and inspire people by her stories. She decided to contribute to the lives of budding 4th graders in a low income government school to help them carve their own path and find their own journey. Most challenging job ever! When not in school you can find Nishtha learning something new especially about music, movies, sports and books. You will always find her comparing the two sides of different coins whether it is corporate and social sector or just two marvel movies. Travel and dancing brings her back to sanity. Failure is her constant teacher and a stubborn heart which believes in magic her constant mentor. She’s on a mission to learn to play the guitar and visit Paris before she dies. There are chances you might find her intimidating but you’ll definitely love her when you get to know her goofy side!

She will be visiting organizations in central and south India.


Uma Thiagarajan 

Uma is a commerce graduate who didn’t enjoy being a part of the corporate sector and decided to teach 3rd grade kids as a Teach for India Fellow instead. She lives in Chennai and is passionate about teaching, education, photography and running marathons. Grit is one of the core value that keeps her going almost every single day. The incredible amount of joy that comes with her job is what has kept her in the social sector. Her vision is to build the courage to travel on her own to different parts of the country and the first step is this exciting internship with GlobalGiving which aligns perfectly with her vision.She enjoys increasing the number of friends on her facebook account and food is the one thing that excites her!

She will be visiting organizations in south India.



 GlobalGiving India Fellow - Merlyn Fernandes 

Merlyn was a part of GlobalGiving India's first ever Field Team in 2016 that visited and supported 93 of our partners across the country.She then chose to continue her relationship with GlobalGiving as an India Fellow for 2017, part time.Merlyn believes in doing more of what makes her happy, which is why she decided to do the Teach For India(TFI) fellowship after graduating from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi in 2015. During her college years, she spent her summers admitting drop-outs back in school, conducting research and usability tests on how technology can be used to train Teachers as part of her internship with Child Rights & You (CRY) and Central Square Foundation (CSF). Merlyn plans to continue her engagement with TFI and will soon start working as a Development Associate with them.

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