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Take your fundraising to the next level.

Join GlobalGiving’s proven crowdfunding platform to raise more funds for your NGO from around the world and receive unparalleled support in India.

"What would we do without GlobalGiving? ... We raised over $35,000 USD (Rs. 23 lakhs) ... but the fundraising is only one component of several benefits."
Vasumathi Sriganesh, QMed Knowledge Foundation
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What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the practice of raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically online. Instead of relying on funding from a very small pool of wealthy donors or institutions, successful crowdfunders harness the power of many. In 2002, when GlobalGiving created the first crowdfunding platform for NGO, we turned traditional fundraising on its head and unleashed the potential of anyone, anywhere, at any time to make the world a better place. Today we partner with more than 4,000 NGOs from around the world and over 200 in India alone who use our platform to power their fundraising success.

A Local Partner with Global Reach

GlobalGiving has been supporting NGOs in India since 2002 and offers unique benefits not found on any other crowdfunding platform.

Tax Benefits icon

Tax benefits for US and UK donors

Use GlobalGiving’s international tax benefits to mobilise supporters living abroad to support your NGO’s work in India.

Impact icon

80G Tax Benefits for Indian Donors

Donations are accepted in Indian Rupees through our partnership with Impact Guru, so you can incentivise your local Indian donors as well.

Help icon

Trainings + resources to help you grow

Take advantage of local and global trainings from our team through one-on-one consultations, in-person workshops, and WhatsApp alerts.

Corporate Partnerships icon

Site visits, workshops, and local support

Get support and attend workshops with our in-country representative, Kavita Mathew, our India Field Team, and local NGO mentors.

Funding icon

Campaigns to boost your fundraising

Drive extra funding to your project by participating in GlobalGiving’s Bonus Days and matching campaigns throughout the year.

Training and Support icon

Connect with skilled volunteers

Work with talented employees from GlobalGiving’s corporate partners who are eager to put their expertise to work for your NGO.

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Extra funding from corporate partners

85% of GlobalGiving partners have received support from companies like Ford, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and 190+ others.

Disaster support icon

Timely support for disaster relief

We’ve delivered grant funding within days to NGOs responding to natural disasters, from the 2004 tsunami to the 2017 South Asian floods.

Landing pages icon

Facilitate monthly recurring donations

GlobalGiving’s tools and technology will allow your donors to not just make one time donations but also to choose to donate on a recurring basis providing you with a sustainable source of funds.

We are your long-term partners

GlobalGiving is not just a crowdfunding platform, we are partners in building stronger, more effective organisations. Once you join the GlobalGiving community, you can continue to fundraise and access our tools, trainings, and other benefits for as long as you have a valid due diligence with us.

Apply to Join GlobalGiving
Complete our simple, step-by-step online application to provide the information and documents we need to vet your organisation for partnership.
Get Accepted + Post a Project
Once our team ensures your organisation meets GlobalGiving’s due diligence standards, you'll be invited to set up your first fundraising page.
Attend Free Training + Support Sessions
As a part of our Accelerator onboarding campaign, you'll have access to free training and support from our teams in the US, UK, and India.
Participate in the Accelerator
You'll join dozens of other NGOs like yours from around the world and put that training to work in a several weeks-long crowdfunding campaign.
Become a Permanent GlobalGiving Partner
As an Accelerator graduate, you'll be a permanent member of GlobalGiving and gain access to rewards and additional funds for your organisation.
Ranjini Victor, Bangalore Baptist Hospital Society quotation mark
An amazing and transparent platform that makes it happen.
Within a short span of time, we have generated a substantial amount [on GlobalGiving] that has made a huge impact on our community...An ideal platform to showcase your cause and generate support. We love the tips, a pat-on-the shoulder warm mails, and the ever-ready team to answer our queries.
Merlyn Fernandes, Teach For India quotation mark
It’s tools enable us to create authentic donor communication.
GlobalGiving has helped Teach For India champion the cause of education to a global audience. The option of having multiple Projects Leaders, gives us the operational flexibility to decentralize the management of projects across various city teams of Teach For India.
Merlyn Fernandes, Teach For India
Anupam Sarkar, Mission Smile quotation mark
...A wonderful place to belong where everyone is trying to help each other...
We were able to [join GlobalGiving] in our fourth attempt ... Why we kept on coming back is because every time we failed we learnt valuable lessons which we would not have learnt otherwise. [It] helped us to redesign our donor engagement process and standardise our processes to reach out to our donor community. These lessons for us were more important than the funds we raised.
Anupam Sarkar, Mission Smile

Amplify your donations

In 2017, GlobalGiving drove over $1.07 million in extra funding to NGOs in India, making access to the community essentially free for the majority of our partners.

GlobalGiving is an NGO just like yours. Our community is free to join—we don’t charge an application or subscription fee. Instead, we retain a 7–12% NGO support fee on donations for organisations in India, plus a 3% transaction processing fee. We’re committed to raising even more money for your organisation than we retain in fees. For example, for every $15 that goes to GlobalGiving in fees, we’ll raise, on average, an additional $20 for your NGO.

GlobalGiving is Trusted by Leading NGOs

We work closely within the NGO community in India to connect with world-changing partners.

GuideStar India
Impact Guru
Ashoka India

A proven platform to mobilise donors

We’re proud to be the first and largest online crowdfunding community for NGOs, and we’ve put our 16 years of experience to work designing the tools and trainings your organisation needs for fundraising success.

Modern fundraising pages
Make it an absolute joy for donors to support your organisation's work.
Tell your story in a clear and compelling way and invite your donors to give the way they want. Whether they give once or monthly, your supporters can donate using more than 10 secure payment methods, including Indian Rupees thanks to our partnership with Impact Guru.
Example of a GlobalGiving Project Page
Example of GlobalGiving's Dashboard for Nonprofit Partners
A Powerful Dashboard
The right set of tools and insights to supercharge your fundraising.
Use our donor management tools including automated or personalised thank-you notes, fundraising appeals, and project reports to easily engage with your donors. Learn from our analytics and feedback reports to continually improve your fundraising.
Sunil Arora, Bal Asha Trust
GlobalGiving has lots of learning opportunities for NGO workers to enhance their skill sets like fundraising, reporting and learning.
We have been a GlobalGiving partner NGO for the past few years. The process of application was completely online and smooth. We initially signed up as an additional fundraising effort for our NGO, but soon realized that GlobalGiving’s platform offers much more than that to all their partners. The team at GlobalGiving is always ready to help if you have questions. They truly make you an important part of a large trusted GlobalGiving Family.
Sunil Arora, Bal Asha Trust

We work where you work

We're proud of our team of experts who support NGOs based in India. They're a group of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers and fellows from across the country and are led by Kavita Mathew, our India Partnerships Consultant.

Hi, I'm Kavita.

I'm excited you’re considering joining our community of NGOs creating positive change around the world! Based on our years of experience partnering with 247 NGOs from 20 states in India working on everything from educating children in Tamil Nadu to helping farmers in West Bengal to delivering healthcare in Gujarat, I’m confident GlobalGiving can help take your organisation’s fundraising to the next level.

We pair local support and trainings with world-class technology and a global reach to support organisations like yours becoming more effective at what you do best—changing the world. I hope you’ll apply to join GlobalGiving today. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Kavita Mathew, India Partnerships Consultant at GlobalGiving Kavita Mathew with students from Bodhparisar
Mihika and Malathi
Mihika and Malathi

Our field volunteers travel around the country every year to visit our partners in-person and get a first-hand look at the inspiring work they are doing.

During site visits, our partners get in-person support and training on a wide range of topics—creating their crowdfunding strategy, taking great photographs, telling impactful stories—all for free!

These visits also help us maintain a community of high-quality NGO partners as part of our vetting and due diligence work. Our India Fellows are always ready to support our current partners and potential partners like yourself through workshops and consultations.

India Field TEam

Our team in India works tirelessly to make GlobalGiving's services and programs meet the needs of Indian organisations like yours. Apply today to see for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my organisation is eligible for GlobalGiving?
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GlobalGiving accepts applications from eligible organisations around the world. Organisations must be able to show a track record of project implementation and be able to pass through our due diligence process.

Is it necessary for an organisation to have an FCRA permit to be eligible to become a GlobalGiving partner?
Yes, in order to register with GlobalGiving, Indian NGOs must have registration under Section 12A and FCRA. Nonprofits with FCRA registration under prior permission will not be eligible to raise funds on GlobalGiving.

What all documents are required for an organisation to complete the GlobalGiving application process?
Documents required for GlobalGiving due diligence are as follows:

  1. Program materials
  2. Letter of reference
  3. Certificate of government registration (eg. Section 12A, Section 80G, FCRA)
  4. Founding document (with dissolution clause) (eg. Trust Deed, Memorandum or Articles of Association for Society or Section 8/25 Company)
  5. Financial documents (2 years of financial statements and a current year budget)
  6. Disbursement information (FCRA bank account information including account number, IFSC code, SWIFT code)
  7. Names of senior staff and board members
  8. Terms and Conditions (signed copy of the GlobalGiving terms and conditions)
If your documents are not in English, you will be asked to provide English translations; we accept unofficial translations, including those made with Google Translate.

How Do You Provide 80G Tax Benefit Certificate To Indian Donors donating on GlobalGiving?
Since GlobalGiving is registered only in the US and in the UK, we are currently only able to give country specific tax benefits to donors from these two countries. However, thanks to our partnership with Impact Guru Foundation in India, a nonprofit can cross-post their project on the Impact Guru platform and provide their Indian donors with 80G tax benefits. Do note that we are able to provide this facility only to registered Indian nonprofits that have a valid Section 12A and Section 80G registration. Do read the terms and conditions.

What Reporting / Feedback / Utilization Report Will I Have To Provide To GlobalGiving?
Once you become a GlobalGiving partner by graduating in the Accelerator, you have to report back every 3 months on the utilization of funds.

Is there a charge for registering with GlobalGiving?
GlobalGiving is a nonprofit. Our community is free to join, and we don’t charge an application or subscription fee. Instead, we retain a 7–12% nonprofit support fee on donations for organizations in India, plus 3% transaction processing fee.

How can I contact GlobalGiving’s team in India?
You can send an email to or sign up for a consultation.

Does GlobalGiving have an office in India?
GlobalGiving’s offices are only located in Washington DC and in London. Our team in India works remotely from different locations in the country and will be available to provide our partners with additional support through workshops, coffee shop meet-ups, and online consultations.

Become our next success story in India.

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