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Violence against women and child abuse in India is endemic. Shockingly, a woman is raped every 34 minutes.

#HerVoice is a campaign led by local non-profits working across India to stop the violence, to support survivors of violence and to empower women. Until 31st December 2015, we will add 50% extra to your donation to the #HerVoice Fund or a participating project.


It is time to make a stand. 

#HerVoice - What's it all about?

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

The challenge is not to be underestimated. It is to change those attitudes held by too many in India that men have the right to behave as they will towards women and children. An analysis of population statistics reveals a shortfall of 5.6% in the expected female population missing because of gender selective abortion, dowry killing, and unpunished acts of violence. Trapped in bonded labour and sex slavery, forced into early marriage and disallowed access to education and healthcare.

How will this project solve this problem?

#HerVoice started to serve, celebrate and empower Indian women to their fullest potential. The non-profits work directly at the root causes of inequality and believe discrimination and violence are manifestations of ignorance and fear. Societal and judicial change compound our programs and we are positively changing conditions for women across India addressing the issues of education for girls, violence and patriarchy.

Get Your Donations Matched by 50%

Until 31st December, all donations will be matched at 50%, so your £50 donation becomes £100. Read more.

Listed below are the non-profits supporting #HerVoice:

Give India back #HerVoice - Stop Violence
Violence against women and child abuse in India is endemic. A child goes missing every 8 minutes. A woman is raped every 34 minutes. Dowry deaths and honour killings continue unabated. Perpetrators of violence typically escape punishment. It is time to make a stand. #HerVoice is the campaign of nine NGOs working across India to stop the violence, to support survivors of violence and to empower women.
Stop Violence Against Women's in India
27,933 cases Approx of violence against women are registered in police station yearly in Rajasthan, under this project, in the victim, harassed by domestic violence, will get legal aid, as well as awareness programs against violence will be run at the macro level. So that society may stick together against violence. The attitude of men towards women will be changed from which this male dominated society will respect women. Abuse will be reduced. Women will live respectfully.
Rescue 615 sex workers & at-risk children in India
This project in rural India works with Childline to provide emergency rescue operations and aftercare for 615 at-risk women and girls - sold into sex work, affected by HIV/AIDS and fleeing violence - each year. 'Snehalaya' meaning 'Home of Love' offers a safe exit point and full aftercare - shelter, free legal/medical/psychiatric support, education and rehabilitation ensuring sustained social change. Your donation gives an emergency safety net and long-term support to vulnerable women and girls.
Therapeutic community-600 sex trafficked victims
Over 600 sex trafficked victims who have been rescued from dehumanizing slavery like conditions will be restored dignity through psycho-social support and economic empowerment for a safe and dignified life in the society.
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
This fundraiser will help girls living in Kamathipura, one of Asia's largest and oldest red light areas, pursue a better life beyond the brothels. In the past 16 years, AAWC has provided 700+ girls with education, extracurricular activities, and career guidance. 100% of graduates have entered respected professions outside of prostitution, including accounting, beauty, BPO, dance, hospitality management, luxury cuisine, medical compounding, nursing, photography, retail, social work, and teaching.
Empowerment of 154000 Adolescent Girls in India
Every day 15,600 children in India will get married. Almost half of girls in India will be married before the age of 18, and many will have their first child before they are 17. Child marriage perpetuates the poverty cycle and significantly increases the incidence of maternal and neonatal health issues and mortality. Our integrated interventions empower adolescent girls, prevent child marriage, help to delay conception and support young mothers.
Help 30 First Generation Tribal Girl's Education
This is first generation tribe is provided by education, safe accommodation, coaching, food, recreation and health. Tribe girl children were interior forest with their parents, who are migrating in to the forest. By the home program and home building construction/extension gives safe accommodation, continue education and sustainable running of hostel
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