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An Introduction to GG Rewards

What is GG Rewards?

GG Rewards is the system that GlobalGiving uses to recognize and reward its nonprofit partners for their efforts to learn, improve, and grow their impact. Within the GG Rewards system, your organization will receive points for both your Effectiveness (commitment to learning) and Engagement (participation on the GlobalGiving platform). These points will translate into your GG Rewards Status (Partner, Leader, or Superstar). The more points you get, the higher your status, and the more access you’ll have to GlobalGiving benefits.

Why GG Rewards?

GG Rewards is the result of feedback we’ve collected from our nonprofit community over three years about how you’d like GlobalGiving to help your organization grow its impact. You told us you wanted:

  • A Rewards system based on more than just your organization’s ability to fundraise on GlobalGiving
  • A more flexible way to move from Partner to Leader to Superstar status
  • Better visuals and easier ways to understand your fundraising and progress
  • Support raising more funds and help increasing your impact with those funds

The result is the GG Rewards system that rewards organizations not just for fundraising on GlobalGiving, but also for their commitment to learning and improving.  The new GG Rewards system reflects our core value of listening, acting, learning, and repeating and rewards organizations that demonstrate these values.

How does GlobalGiving know what makes nonprofits effective?

Projects in the GlobalGiving community cover every theme in the nonprofit sector from education to environmental conservation to human rights! However, we believe one thing is true across all sectors: the most effective organizations are those with a learning culture. Organizations that listen to the people they serve, act on what they hear by testing new ideas, and learn from their results become more impactful than those that don’t.

Where can I find my GG Rewards Status?

You can go directly to your GG Rewards Dashboard by clicking here. Or you can follow the directions below:

  1. Login to your GlobalGiving account here. (If you have forgotten your password, please follow the instructions on this page.)
  2. Navigate to Project Entry (PE) hereor by clicking on the dropdown menu in the upper-right-hand corner.
  3. Click on your current GG Rewards status of either Partner, Leader, or Superstar.

Take a look at this video to learn more about the new GG Rewards Dashboard.

How GG Rewards Points Work

How are statuses determined?

GlobalGiving’s GG Rewards includes three statuses for active partners: Partner, Leader, and Superstar. Your organization’s status is determined by a point system, which tracks your organization's activities over the past 12 months. Below is the number of points you need to reach each status:

  • Partners: 0 - 17 points
  • Leaders: 18 - 35 points
  • Superstar: 36+

How are GG Rewards points calculated?

GlobalGiving calculates your GG Rewards Status based on the work you have done to increase your organization’s engagement and effectiveness over the prior year. You can earn Engagement Points by using GlobalGiving’s platform including fundraising through the site, writing on-time project reports, and thanking your GlobalGiving donors. You can earn Effectiveness points by growing your organization’s impact by listening to feedback from your community members, acting on that information, and demonstrating how you’ve learned from your actions.

Both Engagement and Effectiveness Points determine your organization’s GG Rewards Status of Partner, Leader, or Superstar. You can learn about all the ways to earn points on your GG Rewards Dashboard.

How can I earn points?

Take a look at your GG Rewards Dashboard. Here, you can view the points you have already earned, start new cycles to earn new points, and find more ways to earn points! In the “Earn More Points” section of your GG Rewards Dashboard, GlobalGiving will provide suggestions of different activities to do to gain more points.

Will my points expire?

Yes, your organization’s points will expire one year after they were received. GG Rewards statuses are updated each day at 9 AM ET, so actions will no longer count toward points once they are more than a year old.  

For example, if you start a new Effectiveness cycle on January 1, 2015, the “Listen” points you earn will continue to contribute to your score until December 31, 2015. On January 1, 2016, the action will be more than one year old and will no longer be used in calculating your GG Rewards.

You will receive an email at the beginning of each month notifying you of which points will soon be expiring. In addition, you can see which Effectiveness points are about to expire in the “Expiring Soon” section of your GG Rewards Dashboard.

How often is my GG Rewards Status updated?

Your organization’s GG Rewards Status updates once each day at 9 a.m. ET and calculates points based on actions taken within the past year. You will be notified by email when your GG Rewards Status changes. If you complete an action on your GG Rewards Dashboard, those points will be factored into your GG Rewards Status by GlobalGiving the next time that we update statuses. If something doesn’t seem right, please contact us at

Is there a limit to the number of points I can have?

Nope! You can earn as many points as you want, and we encourage you to explore the many learning tools we’ve provided!

Is it possible to receive negative points?

Yes, it is possible to receive negative points. GlobalGiving requires its nonprofit partners to take certain steps in order to remain on the GlobalGiving platform. Failing to complete required actions can result in negative points. For example, your project can become unsearchable if you fail to post project reports on time. You could also receive negative points if you do not renew your organization’s Due Diligence after it expires or if your disbursement information is incorrect.

How can I earn points?

What are Engagement points?

You can earn Engagement points by interacting with the GlobalGiving platform. Participating in campaigns, meeting reporting requirements, keeping information up-to-date, sending thank you notes to donors, and participating in GlobalGiving academies are just some of the actions you can take to earn Engagement points! These points are calculated automatically for your organization- there’s no need to manually log your activity. You can see your Engagement points here.

What are Effectiveness points?

You can earn Effectiveness points by demonstrating your organization’s commitment to learning and improving your impact. You can see your Engagement points here. There are a few ways for you to earn points through learning cycles:

  • Internal GG Rewards Cycles: Each cycle includes three steps that walk you through the listen,act, and learn process. You will earn points for each step you complete. These cycles are designed to help you discover how to grow your nonprofit’s impact and effectiveness through a variety of ways such as, GlobalGiving Webinars.

  • Non-GlobalGiving Tools: We’ve provided a few extra options developed by leaders in the nonprofit and development sector to get you started on your learning journey. Completing the Feedback Toolkit will help you listen to feedback from your community and the DIY toolkit will inspire innovation in your programming. These tools are housed on a different site but can be accessed through your GG Rewards Dashboard.

  • ‘Create-Your-Own’ Cycle: We want to help your organization listen, act, and learn in whatever way is most helpful for your organization. This cycle option is also available on the GG Rewards Dashboard and is great way to earn effectiveness points for practices you already have in place.

What is a cycle?

One of GlobalGiving’s core values is Listen, Act, Learn. Repeat. On your GG Rewards Dashboard, you will find learning cycles that include the 3 steps of listening, acting, and learning. You can receive reward points by letting us know how you have completed each step within the learning cycle. A cycle is complete once you have finished all three steps.

Already have a learning resource that you use? Let us know! We’ll continue to add more tools as time goes on, but we’d love your suggestions on resources you’ve found helpful in your own organization's efforts to learn, improve, and grow your impact.

Can I add my own learning cycles?

Yes, you can! You can let us know about other actions you are taking to be more effective by completing the ‘Create-Your-Own’ Cycle. This allows you to share the new and creative ways that your organization is improving its effectiveness and earn GG Rewards points at the same time!

What if I participate in a learning activity that is not affiliated with GlobalGiving?

If you are participating in learning that is taking place off of the GlobalGiving platform, tell us! We want to hear about all of the ways in which you are working to become a more effective organization. You can tell us about the activity and earn Effectiveness points by completing the ‘Create-Your-Own’ Cycle.

What are the benefits of GG Rewards?

 What benefits will I receive based on my GG Rewards Status?The points you earn factor into your GG Rewards Status of Partner, Leader, or Superstar. The higher your GG Rewards Status, the more visibility your organization earns on the site and the more access you’ll have to GlobalGiving benefits. See the table below to find out what benefits your GG Rewards Status can get you!


GG Rewards Support

What should I do if I think my Rewards Status is wrong?

Your GG Rewards Status updates once each day at 9 a.m. ET.  If you complete any GG Rewards activities and earn points, those points will be factored into our GG Rewards Status calculations the following day. Sometimes it may take a little longer for information to arrive from sites outside GlobalGiving, so no need to worry if you’re not seeing a new action appearing on the dashboard instantly. If you believe that your GG Rewards Status has not been updated correctly even after a few days, then please contact GlobalGiving at

I have questions about my organization’s GG Rewards Status, who should I contact?

For general questions about the GG Rewards Program please email us at We are also happy to speak with you about ways to earn more points and improve your organization’s GG Rewards status. We encourage you to sign up for a one-on-one consultation with a member of our Program Team; click here to sign-up.


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