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Hello to all. My name is Kimberly. I am honestly on my own mission to save my home. My family has endured many problems throughout the past few years and have always worked together to overcome those problems. During the year 2016, my family was in such a financial bind, that we were without electricity during the hot summer months up until around mid- October. On October 12th we were finally able to obtain electricity again. Everybody has hard times and believe me, we've had ours. So lights on.... We're estactic! We've reached a personal milestone and are sending our thanks to God for helping our family stay strong during hard times. Well when we got past that obstacle little did we know that less than one month later, on November 8, 2016 , my husband and I got home from work and checked the mail, as usual. There was a priority mail envelope that was postdated the day before. We weren't expecting anything. When we read the letter inside, we were in complete shock. Enclosed was a "notice to vacate" letter that was informing us that we had 3 days to vacate the premises . Our home, that we've worked so many hard years for. As I mentioned, we were having a financially hard time and yes, we did know that we were behind on our taxes. However, we have responded to all correspondence with the district clerks office. On the last letter addressed to us from them, they asked us what our intentions were with the situation. We wrote back to them asking for more time. We wrote in great length, explaining that we were in need of more time and that we were absolutely going to pay our late taxes because this isn't just a house, it's our home. This is where we've raised our four son's and helped raise our wonderful grandchildren. Our entire life, our fur babies, our memories, our shelter & life! So, we mailed our letter and patiently waited. During this time, my family was without a vehicle. We were walking 8 miles a day, round trip, just to go to the store, if needed. Living in such a rural area, a vehicle is definitely a necessity. We had a used truck for many years and definitely need one now, but it broke down several times and finally broke down and we couldn't afford to fix it. We felt completely stranded. It took us several months to be able to obtain a vehicle. During this hard time, we never received anything at all in return from the county clerks office. Well in letter, that was inside the priority envelope , it said the reason for eviction, was because this person had purchased our home on or before November 11th, 2016. This couldn't be happening!?!? Was the letter legit? There was only a name and address . No phone number. I attempted to get a phone number by searching the name and found a real estate broker in North Carolina with the same name that was on the letter. I called him numerous times before ever actually getting ahold of him. Finally he answered and informed me that the letter was not sent by him. He also informed me that there were a lot of scam letters exactly like the one we received, that were going around. Well I kept researching and finally reached the man, thahappened/tos our family's home. How on earth can something like this honestly happen ? We responded to all correspondence with the district clerks office. My next step, was to call them. Well I called and spoke to Claudia. She confirmed that they had received our plea for more time to pay. She couldn't explain why we hadn't received any other correspondence or any other notifications. We were devasted. Still are! In complete, total shock. Just as things were starting to look up! We did not receive one piece of any mail or anything for that matter, that this had happened, until November 8th. We ended up having to go to court on December 14th. On that date, the new owner requested $500 a month be paid for rent. We don't have that kind of money. My husband & I are both having health issues that limit us. We have now gone from living in our home that we have worked so hard to obtain , to struggling to have a home. We have each other and our fur babies and our prayers. I am praying for a miracle. I desperately am in need of an angel. We have been able to pay some rent to the man but are currently behind. I am trying to raise the money so that we can purchase our home back. My family cannot afford to keep paying rent for a home we already owned. This is absolutely starving my family. I am swallowing my pride as a wife & mother, and praying and hoping for some help. We are very hard working individuals that are caught up in our worse nightmare. We pray together daily and truly need an angel. A little over a year ago, I had an accident and something got into my eyes. It felt like a chemical burn. For weeks, I could smell something burning inside my nose. My eyes, the whites and color would be a fiery red, painful to touch, blink or move. I have been in such agonizing pain during all of this. I feel like the nerves in my face are on fire. Nothing eases the pain. I have been to the ER on multiple occasions with only to be told that they are not an eye doctor. Even though on more than one occasion my eyes were swollen twice their normal size. I was finally able to go to the eye doctor late last year in Livingston. Well it took us a while to be able to afford for me to go. I was so upset when I left that office. I explained to this lady what was going on with me and all she wanted to do was tell me I had dry eye syndrome. I knew this. I also knew how bad my family needed that money for groceries and now it was gone on a doctor that didn't even dilate my eyes! Needless to say I'm still suffering with serious, painful, and embarrassing eye problems. Almost everyday of my life I feel like the layers in my eyes are rupturing and have terrible discharges from my eyes. I also suffer from excruciating migraines since my eye injury. Almost daily. So excruciating that it feels like my brain is turning sideways. My family has watched me ball up in a ball and cry and beg for relief, many times. We having been trying so hard to be able to get me to eye doctor that can actually help me and find out what is wrong and now we can't because of trying to save our home. What is furniture without a home? We are willing to give whatever we have in exchange for help. We are willing to work for help. Please help us answer our prayers. We need our home. Thank you in advance.

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