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Sep 4, 2018

"The principle of education is to lead by example"

We learned a new way of stimulation
We learned a new way of stimulation

Hello everyone, we are very happy to greet you and tell you about our experiences, activities and the development we have every month with our children, it is a great pleasure.

We are very satisfied and happy for the work we have done so far; the children have had very good progress and achievements with the methods learned at the beginning of the year. That is why we will share what we learned in our last training at the end of July, which some teachers are already putting into practice.

We learned different activities and exercises that we can do with our children, stimulating gross motor skills; making them always from the easy to the difficult so that the results are more effective. Betzabé Tun is one of our star teachers and who was in charge of teaching us this topic, it was fun to do them because she is very enthusiastic and active in her work.

Lucy Diaz also made a very good presentation about "THE STAR BOOKS" she made us reminders of the activities that we must do with these books, she also showed us new ideas of how to read and how to make reading more interesting; for example: to tell a story it is not always necessary to use a book, we can use images of some characters or objects to make a new story, to this activity we can add a gabacha to paste the images. In this way children awaken their imagination more.

In Guatemala we use a Curriculum called Base National Curriculum, which serves as a guide to plan our classes and know what we have to teach. So we thought it important to read and analyze some parts of this book that we often do not pay attention to or take for granted that we are doing it. We had a very interesting debate about Significant Learning, the correct classroom setting and how the affective climate should be in the classroom; which we believe will help us a lot to practice it.

Something that I think helped us a lot to get closer or in other words, to strengthen our relationship as colleagues and friends, was that we did a very emotional activity called "life experience"; where we hear how some teachers have had a very difficult life but despite the obstacles they have never said they can not. Some have gone through economic, health, and work problems; but in spite of that they do not surrender because the goal is to make the change not only in children but also in the world. This part was very beautiful because we knew our friends better, which made us all see ourselves as a family; with whom we can count at any time that we need.

These have been some of the most outstanding activities that we carried out in the Professional Growth 8 workshop.

I hope you like them and I can not wait to tell you what we are doing for the other month...

We learned a new way of telling a story
We learned a new way of telling a story
Here we painted a foot to put it on a sheet
Here we painted a foot to put it on a sheet
They received a book for their responsibility
They received a book for their responsibility
This is the group of teachers this year
This is the group of teachers this year
Aug 20, 2018

Cleaning and Renovating a Daara (House of Street children)

We had our second clean-up day at Chance for all Senegal!

The first one was our centre cleaning and this time it was the turn of the Daaras.

We used to visit one specific Daara and we know that all the talibés from there, used to visit our centre to get treated or to learn French. Furthermore, that Daara is located in a very poor place and is in very bad conditions.That’s why we chose to organize that clean-up day, to get it cleaner for our little kids.

The objective was to clean and renovate the whole Daara so that Talibés who are coming to our center will feel more comfortable in their house!

It’s an easy way to learn a lot about hygiene, cleanliness…

The Marabout at the Daara, an old man in his fifties, is from the uncommon Marabouts that really take care of the Talibés despite being not rich!

 You only need to meet him and have a look around the place to see clearly that he is not from those that make profits with Talibés children!

All this made us think of him when we decided to organise that activity!

Local staff and children were at the Rendez-vous.


We had a bunch of white sand to cover the courtyard after having well swept the floor, bricks to cover the well  that is used to give water to pigeons, cement and straw to make a barrier between the pigeons and the Talibés and the painting to finish!

Some people brought the sand inside the Daara, some remove the bad sand around the toilet, because it might encourage the presence of mosquitoes and thus a big risk of malaria, mostly for the very little Talibés.


In the end all the sand has been brought inside and covered the whole Daara.

The well was surrounded with bricks in order to avoid the sand or dirt to get in contact with the water, the toilet was well cleaned and renovated, the straw wall was done and the whole place has been painted.

The fact that children and everyone had fun while doing a wonderful and very worthwhile thing; that means a lot I think!

The marabouts and his talibés promised to keep the Daara always clean.

After our activities, we went back to the centre to play drums with Amadou and all the kids.


Well done guys and thanks so much! :)

Jul 25, 2018

Adding Teachers in El Quiche And Esquintla

Hello dearest friends, 

At the beginning of this year I informed you that we began with 25 Magical Classrooms!, distributed accross Huehuetenango, Retalhuleu, and Solola. With the passage of months we have had the opportunity to get to know and be able to work in more communities in need of preschool education. 

We are now supporting more children in different rural communities in Guatemala, and are working in El Quiche and in Escuintla! We are providing them with high quality pre-primary education adapted to their needs, as well as giving them the fortified vitamin drink “Chispudito” every day as part of our nutrition program. We have had great results with the health of our kids because of this drink! We are very grateful to the organization Miracles in Action, which has been a large support for us to be able to reach more communities!

We are very happy and satisfied with the work we are carrying out for so many children who live in poverty and in communities where education and other basic needs are lacking. 

Now we are working in 5 regions that have a lot of need in Guatemala, and we have a total of 33 facilitators distributed across these regions. We want to support and reach more communities with need, but we depend on future donations, and the need is large. We will continue working and growing, with the goal of reaching more communities in the country for the well being of our kids! 

Best regards, and until next time!

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