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Mar 8, 2019

About Astrid

Aula Mágica Coordinator Letter, Sololá, Guatemala:


Hello, I’m Astrid. I graduated from school in 2013, and in this year I recieved my title as teacher of interculural children. With God’s blessing Aula Mágica came into my life unexpectedly, without knowing that it would be the new beginning of a beautiful path and, above all, doing what I love most; sharing with kids! I love being a teacher. 

With the cirriculum of Aula Mágica, which is very innovative and creative, the doors to learning more are opened to me, and above all the ability to put teaching and learning into practice. During my first three years working as a teacher for Aula Mágica, I was able to get to know the expectations of the program and the obectives and goals to reach, to develop the enthusiam of the kids in their first scholastic year.

Everything was evolving, and I contributed ides for new eucational methods, materials to utilize, and above all a focus on the environment through recycling. The satisfaction remains seeing the kids accomplish their first year of school with honors, and in being a part of the positive changes in each one of the kids. 

 In the year of 2017, I was surprised and filled with joy to be given a new role as Department Coordinator of Sololá for Aula Mágica, an opportunity that allows me to further share my understanding with more teachers and facilitators, guiding them in what they need and giving them necessary support through direct visits to their classroom and regular phone calls. 

 As coordinator I have more responsabilities, such as: coordinating tours for our visitors who would like to get to know the program, training parents of the students in different family themes, encouraging them to be teachers at home and helping them to know that they are the first teachers of their children, teaching them how fine and gross motor skills funtion, personal hygiene, healthy eating and other themes. It’s very important that the parents know that they are sufficiently capable of teaching their kids from home both in education and in a good way of healthy living. 

 During these years I have acquired a lot of knowledge, and its impressive to see that parents of the family can see in their kids the understanding and artistic expression of them. Aula Mágica has allowed me to grow professionally and personally, all of which has motivated me to continue with my studies of pedagogy in the university. 

With cordial greetings to all,


Feb 12, 2019

"We begin to train"

With them we learned ideas for pre-reading
With them we learned ideas for pre-reading

Hi all!
I hope you are fine…

"It's a pleasure for me to write you again and share our Joy of being one more year alive, to improve, laugh, enjoy, learn and above all teach"

I want to tell you that last month we had our first training of the year, which was called "Professional Growth IX" where we learned and shared new ideas, and activities with the whole "Let's be Ready" team.

This year we had the visit of our beloved and respected founder Fred Zambroski and his wife Nancy, whom we missed a lot during the past year. They were with us during the training, they gave us words of encouragement and showed us how proud they are for the teamwork we do to improve both the education of our children, and that of us to improve ourselves. It was good to see them again and enjoy their company.

There were also the Elba Sponsors who teaches in Patzicía, they are Janice and William; They visited Elba 2 times last year. They are very happy and satisfied with their work and creativity, they liked the activities they did. To all of us who are part of the Let's be Ready teachers group, we were very surprised by the visit of these Sponsors and we were delighted that they arrived because a sponsor had not showed up for a long time, much less attended the training; They made us see that we are on the right track with the education of our children and even Janice gave us new ideas to work with the children. We certainly enjoyed this surprise ...

José Tun, the person in charge of the Nutrition program made a very good presentation of the Atol program "CHISPUDITOS", showed us new ideas to prepare the atol and how to implement it in the communities; We also saw a simple video with important Nutrition information about what parents should take into account when feeding their children, so that they have normal performance and development.

Regarding everything else, we learned a lot from each other and set ourselves new goals to achieve each one as teachers and with our children for this year. It was an instructive and constructive week, as you will see in the following images ...

It is always a pleasure to write to you and inform you of what we love doing and we hope to tell you more in our next report.

Take care, see you soon.

Playing the cobweb
Playing the cobweb
A new activity to have fun with your mouth
A new activity to have fun with your mouth
The Welcome of Fred and Nancy
The Welcome of Fred and Nancy
Here is Elba with her sponsors Janice and William
Here is Elba with her sponsors Janice and William
Jan 31, 2019



Pre-school education is so important that it deserves all of our attention. It is important to think about and reflect on the importance of pre-school education, and to make people aware that every single child should receive a pre-school education.

It is from the age of 0-6 years when the brain is most capable of stimulation which encourages social skills, creativity and learning. Through pre-school education, children learn to relate to other people, develop responsibility, solidarity amongst peers, the importance of respecting rules and customs, and learn habits that will strengthen their character. All of this is made possible in a stimulating and welcoming environment which encourages confidence and self-assurance. It is also in pre-school education when children learn to be independent and self-sufficient.

Importantly, in terms of learning, the children complete their preschool education with the ability to read, write and carry out simple mathematical equations.

Unfortunately in Guatemala, many children in rural areas do not start school until they are seven years of age. Therefore, these children are nearing the end of the formative years of child development and they find themselves at a considerable disadvantage compared to the children that do have the opportunity to attend pre-school. Through our Magical Classroom programme we all have the desire and motivation to make a difference!

To all organizations, individual people and friends who support us, we thank everyone for trusting in our work and yes, we can make the change through education!

Magical Classroom

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