The Tibet Humanitarian Project

The Tibet Humanitarian Project supports projects to improve education, health and the environment in Kham, Tibet. THP works in partnership with communities to create an infrastructure for sustainable development.
Jul 1, 2015

Very Good News from the Village

In our last report we had to convey the bad news that the pipeline to the Village had frozen and broken and that the flow of water had been interrupted. We are now able to report Great News!

A long-time and very generous donor has made a major donation to the Water Project. This donation will enable us to rebuild the pipeline this summer. We are moving forward on the rebuilding with two major foci. First, the village leaders are working with suppliers to make sure that the new pipeline will be constructed of the highest quality materials that can withstand the harsh environment. Second, the engineers assisting on the project are making sure that the pipe is buried far deeper this time around, ensuring that it is well below the frost line and not in danger of freezing.

Thanks to the generosity of this major donor, we are able, with the support of our friends in the Global Giving community, to focus on the next stage of the original Water Project and move forward with our plans to bring clean water to the surrounding area.

The people of the Village continue to send their thanks and appreciation to their friends on the other side of the world; friends who have not abandoned them, but have actually increased their support of a project that is changing their lives every day.

Feb 20, 2015

Parts of the Pipeline to the Village Have Broken

Hello to all of our dear friends and supporters from GlobalGiving,


As winter draws to an end, we have some unfortunate news that the water pipeline we built did not fare so well this year. The pipeline has stopped working, and no water is flowing; the villagers needed to hike to the springs to carry water on their backs over the rough terrain again. It has been a long winter indeed.

When spring arrives and allows repairs, the broken pipes will need to be replaced but more importantly, we will investigate what is needed to place the pipes deeper into the ground to prevent damage from freezing temperatures.

Please know that we are so very grateful for the support for this project. Villages in this region of the world have not had easy access to clean water and this has been a pilot project not only for us, but for all of the other communities spread across rural Tibet. The money that you donate now will go towards repairs to make this water system sustainable.


Thank you for all you have done, and all that you continue to do.

Oct 16, 2014

Report From the Village as WInter Looms

Hello to all of our dear friends and supporters from GlobalGiving,

Your donations have made a huge difference in the day-to-day life of the village. The people of the village are benefiting every day from the water project. They are walking yards rather than miles to get the water they need. The children have more time for school and other activities now that they are no longer making the trip up the mountain every day. The availability of a constant supply of water for washing and the washrooms are reducing risk of disease transmission and infection.

There have been discussions about how to extend the system so the benefits of an easy continuous supply of fresh water would be available to the people living in the outskirts outside of the village. Many people in the area still have to make the daily journey into the village or to the mountain springs to get the water they need for cooking, washing, etc. Unfortunately, before that can happen the village must pay down the loan that they took out to complete the project to its present state. Part of your donations are being used by the villagers for that purpose.

The village is currently preparing for another extremely cold Tibetan winter. Your generous donations have enabled them to purchase the tools and materials necessary to ensure a continuing supply of fresh water even as the temperature drops below freezing, and to hire someone with experience in maintaining this type of system. The occasional ice blockages of previous winters will, hopefully, not recur this year. The people of our village really appreciate your ongoing support, and it is only with your generous ongoing assistance that the Water Project has been successful.

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