Sep 28, 2020

Tutoring for Prostituted Youth in the USA

Tutors Working From Our Headquarters
Tutors Working From Our Headquarters


From January 1, 2020 to September 18, 2020 there have been 2105 tutoring hours to 93 prostituted youth in 14 states.

These youth have been tutored for the high school equivalency exam in their home state.  

                                                     88% were female

                                                     10% were male

                                                        2% were transgender

Our prostituted youth are made up of Latinos, African Americans, and Caucasians primarily.

They come from all over the United States 37% from Los Angeles and 20% from Florida.

They are referred by Social Workers, friends, relatives, other prostituted youth who have completed our program, drug programs, schools, drop-in centers, and other agencies or advocates.


Iris, 19 years old, was introduced to prostitution when she was 12 years old.
An older teencame to live with her family and gave her a Xanax and introduced her to prostitution. When she woke up, she had money.
Currently she is in extended foster care, but government is limited in providing immediate and one on one assistance. ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL. 
When she called, she was desperate for help with food, a job, clothing, and a long-term housing placement. She wanted to go back to prostitution for food to eat and our case managers said, “You don’t have to do that, we will help you.”
Iris needed transportation to and from her eye doctors, and we also paid for her glasses. We gave her job leads, COVID 19 supplies and sent progress reports to her social worker to demonstrate her efforts and assure her benefits were not cut.
Social workers have resources but lack the time required to provide the extensive ONE ON ONE communication required to raise a child and to help a child transition to a successful adult life.
Children of the Night provides these essential services and most importantly TIME – 24 hours/7 days a week whether it is a nightmare, bad boyfriend, or worse. And Iris has a boyfriend who will not leave her alone, a problem with her father and no one to talk to about these issues.
She has been diagnosed with depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder and her social worker has provided a therapist 1 hour a week but she needs daily support to get through each day and the $200 a month government allowance is just not enough.
Iris was frustrated with her ZOOM tutoring because her government funded housing created WIFI interference, so our case managers upgraded her WIFI.
Iris began tutoring for the High School Equivalency exam the first part of August and she was testing at a 7th grade reading level. In one short month we have her reading level up and she is ready to test for the GED – High School Equivalency Reading section.
The positive effect of Children of the Night, in the lives of children who are dependent upon government assistance, is a testament of the need to augment government services with a private sector initiative to make the difference between life and death.


Jenny’s mother was a prostitute and sold her to men when she was 8 years old
The Department of Children and Family Services removed Jenny from her mother’s care and placed her with her father.
In high school she met a pimp and when she called the hotline our case managers successfully identified a safe shelter.
Her pimp stole everything from her including her birth certificate, identification, and clothing. 
When she escaped him, she left with nothing but the clothes on her back.
We applied for her birth certificate and replacement identification. We provided her with clothing and a grocery gift card for food and hygiene items. Our case workers identified long-term housing for Jenny so we could begin her stabilization. 
Caseworkers assisted Jenny with an application for benefits from the social security office and identified a therapist because she has been diagnosed with PTSD, depression, anxiety, anger, and behavioral problems. 
Our case managers provided her with transportation to her medical appointments and paid for her glasses.
We enrolled Jenny in our ZOOM one on one high school equivalency tutoring program and despite all the trauma and drama in her life she is ready to take her first exam.
Jenny is consistent in her tutoring and obtaining a high school diploma is important to her because it offers a permanent solution to prostitution.
Because the government continues to open and close testing sites, Children of the Night has opened its headquarters as a testing site and been joined by an IT company in Santa Clarita as a testing site for kids in Palmdale & Lancaster and Now a law firm in Chicago, Ilinois.  We continue to look for a corporate partner in Florida.


Sep 27, 2020

Children of the Night Case Management

Children of the Night's Work on the Streets
Children of the Night's Work on the Streets
Sheila lived in the Children of the Night shelter home many years ago. She suffered from severe emotional trauma, PTSD and Bipolar disorder. She has no one to reach out to except Children of the Night. 
We continue to work with her and her therapist to secure a resource to manage her psychiatric medications and identify one pharmacy to fill all her prescriptions.
Without medication, Sheila cannot focus and complete the simple tasks most of us take for granted.
Sheila is suicidal because she believes her future is limited to prostitution. We check on her daily and give her hope about her education and future.
Sheila works with our tutors to study for the High School Equivalency exam and we purchase her school supplies in support of her education including a charger for her computer.
Sheila also receives clothing and hygiene items from Children of the Night.
Tutoring Sheila has been challenging and requires determination and patience by her tutor, but Sheila is committed to learning her math.
She also attends summer school and is enrolled in English.
Sheila will complete her high school equivalency this summer.
Sheila needs to complete one more course (Abnormal Psychology) to obtain her Chemical Dependency Specialist Trainee Certificate. Children of the Night has committed to paying the fees for her enrollment in this course.
Upon completion of her High School Equivalency and Chemical Dependency Specialist Trainee Certificate, Sheila wants to enroll in a local community college and work toward an AA degree in Human Services.
Sheila writes, "Ms. Ventura I just wanted to take the time to thank you and Britnie for all you do to keep me on track. I do not think you realize how much of a struggle math has been my entire life. I was never taught properly or received any additional help. 
I know I might be aggravating at times because we must go over the math numerous times, but I am trying, and I know more about math now than I ever have before.
I really enjoy being tutored by Britnie. She is amazing. She breaks it down to my understanding no matter how many times I need extra help. 
I truly appreciate the time and effort Children of the Night puts into me in helping me reach my goals. Thank you, thank you, thank you."


Sep 27, 2020

Children of the Night Global Tutoring

Tutors Working From Our Headquarters
Tutors Working From Our Headquarters

Children of the Night experienced setbacks with our staff and the children of our Global Partners.  During that time, we hired a Director of Curriculum to review all available curriculums who selected a new curriculum allowing for a more rapid process of learning English and Math.  

A Director of Global Tutoring was hired to reach out to our partner agencies and establish start up goals and learn about their challenges of our previous tutoring and the needs of our new partners.

An administrative assistant was hired to handle all organizing documents in excel, pdf and google docs for the enrollment of students and the guides for the Director of Global Tutoring to fill in gaps in time which enabled the Director of Curriculum to begin interviewing of new part time tutors.

Announcing a new partner in Arusha, Tanzania "Remembering Nhu"  has enrolled 9 children for English relying on 3 computers.  Children of the Night assisted them with internet services at the cost of $270 per month.  "Remembering Nhu" has hundreds of students anxious to join our Global Tutoring Program and we will enroll them when we have stabilized the first 9 children.

We may need assistance to purchase more computers for their program and we have reputable vendors with whom we work for internet service and computers.

Nepal is booming as we reinitialize our Global Tutoring Program in Nepal.  One of our continuing groups who are LightHouse Foundation who has a computer lab and we have enrolled 3 of their students and will assist with internet access.

Several other groups in Nepal are rejoining our Global Tutoring Program and we believe we will be fully operational by December 31st.

We need financial donations to fund internet services and additional computers as we grow.

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