Jun 8, 2020

How your donations are helping in our community

Sophie claiming the recliner
Sophie claiming the recliner


First, an update on our beloved Sophie Marie:

Many of you may have seen photo updates of Ms. Sophie on our Facebook page, but for those that haven’t, we have lots to “show and tell”!

Sophie improved enough to leave the vet clinic and go into foster on March 9th. She immediately took over the hearts and furniture of her human family. As the pictures show, she has laid claim to most of the beds (dog and human), couches, and recliners. If bad weather rears its ugly head, she hides under kitchen counters, behind the toilet, or under the office desk. 

Sophie Marie takes napping and eating very seriously and takes great care to stay in practice with both. She is also very fond of toys. Her favorites are stuffed squeaky toys and Nylabones. She is spoiled rotten and we wouldn’t have her any other way!

Since the day she arrived at the vet clinic nearly starved, she has doubled her weight. She is very mobile now and doesn’t seem to remember how serious her injuries were. We have had to postpone treatment by a specialist for her bone injuries because of COVID-19, but her veterinarian believes that she has improved enough that her surgical needs may be minor. 

She has completed her heartworm treatment. She was heavily positive and required 3 shots total over a month's time, receiving her last treatment on May 19th.

Sophie Marie is a wonderful girl that steals the hearts of everyone she meets and we are very blessed to have the opportunity to love and care for her. 


What has Dixie Adoptables been up to in the past few months during the COVID-19 lockdown?

We have stayed very busy and are dedicated to helping the animals in our community during this time.

  • Took in 122 cats and dogs
    • 30% were county animals
    • 84% were strays
  • Found new homes for 32 cats and dogs
  • Transported 30 dogs to new homes in Massachusetts
  • Provided heartworm treatment for 18 dogs (at a cost of over $2000)
  • Worked with numerous neonatal kittens to ensure they survive and thrive 


We would like for you to meet some of our new residents that have been especially helped by your support:

Bernard - A senior (10 years old) stray pit bull that came to us heavily heartworm positive and with other heart problems. He also battles eye and skin conditions. He is a sweet, loving, and very appreciative fellow. He receives numerous medications and supplements daily along with lots of love and attention.

Queenie- A sweet Corgi mix that came in heavily heartworm positive and with a huge tumor on the side of her face. She had surgery to remove the tumor, which was benign (thank goodness), and is undergoing heartworm treatment. She and 5 other dogs were abandoned by their owners. Dixie Adoptables was called out to the property at 3 a.m. by the police. What we found was deplorable, but we were able to get all of these dogs to safety. 

Red- A very sweet pitbull that came in from the same group of dogs that Queenie came from. He was in very bad shape. He not only tested heartworm positive, but was experiencing severe heart complications. Red now takes numerous medications for his heart, and is looking and feeling so much better. He is also undergoing heartworm treatment.

Juliette- A chihuahua mix with a heart the size of an elephant. She has an old injury that caused her to lose the use of one of her rear legs. She is also heavily heartworm positive, and undergoing treatment. She went into foster almost immediately and within a very short time stole the hearts of her foster family. They have decided to adopt her as they realized they can’t live without her. We jokingly call this a “foster fail” but it is a great thing!

Henry- A senior (over 10 years) corgi mix came to us with many problems. He is currently taking antibiotics for a severely painful tooth abscess, and has to be coaxed to eat. He is heavily heartworm positive and his hearing and vision are also impaired. He is a very sweet old man, and enjoys his daily visits in the office at the shelter.


These updates can’t come close to sharing all of the many things that we do everyday to help the animals in our community, and we couldn’t do nearly as much without your help and support. Your generous donations make a real difference in the lives of many, many animals who would otherwise have no future. We want to thank everyone who has contributed to our efforts and thank you in advance for the future support that we know will come. YOU REALLY DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Feb 10, 2020

Sophie Marie

We recently received a call from a concerned citizen about a dog that was lying in the ditch that had possibly been hit by a car. When we responded and finally found her, we were not prepared for what we found. To say that she is in bad shape is a major understatement.

On finding her, we immediately got her loaded into up and were on our way to our veterinarian. After being checked out and x-rayed, it turned out to be even worse than we had thought. Poor Sophie Marie had been lying in that ditch for several days, unable to move. She was in horrible pain, starving, and dehydrated.

This poor baby has a fractured pelvis which was already starting to heal incorrectly and her back ankles are both broken in multiple places and horribly infected. She had been lying there in that ditch through all the recent rainy and cold weather unable to move. Our hearts are just broken over this, but she is safe now and we will do everything we can to help her.

As soon as she is stable and the infections are cleared up, she will have to undergo multiple surgeries and possibly still have to have a wheel chair to be mobile. She fought for days to stay alive on her own, but now Sophie Marie has got us to help her with that fight.

This sweet girl deserves so much more than what she has had to endure so far and we need your help!  She will have a long road to recovery, but with our and your help, we think that she will make a recovery. Thank you for your continuing support.


Feb 10, 2020

Duke Found a Family!

Duke's New Family
Duke's New Family

When we started this project, we knew it would be hard to connect with people using statistics. We wanted a way to help supporters understand the types of situations animals in our care have faced before they came to us and how we work tirelessly to turn their lives around. We chose Duke as the representative for all of the animals.

First the good news: We met our initial goal of raising $5000 to help rescue and provide for animals like Duke that animals are often abandoned, starving, and helpless. We received generous donations from over 50 supporters which, along with meeting our financial goal, allowed us to continue to fundraise using GlobalGiving. This is a big deal to us and we are extremely grateful to everyone who helped out!

Another piece of great news is that Duke found his forever family! He has gone to his new home and is living the good life, something that he had almost no chance of doing before we rescued him. 

The bad news is that Duke is just one of many animals that need our help. To continue helping them we are making plans for the funds raised in this project. We are working towards expanding our facility so that we can improve our ability to quarantine animals, maintain infection control protocols, and help more animals. We have acquired a number of high quality kennels that will help us reach those goals. 

Our current focus is on securing a suitable building to house these new kennels. The existing facility is too small to serve this purpose and it had chronic plumbing problems that would cost too much to correct, so we are hoping to construct a new building or find a suitable existing building that we can afford. 

As these plans are being undertaken, we still have the constant need to care for the animals we already have. It is a lot to do, but we are committed to continuing to provide the best possible care while also working towards our longer term goals. 

If you support the work we are doing and can make additional donations, please do. Your generosity really does make a difference in these animals' lives.

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