Jul 13, 2018

Be an Early Bird for the Birds!

Curtis the Canary
Curtis the Canary

What if you could help beautiful, intelligent (and numerous! over 600!) rescued birds simply by going online earlier than usual?  GlobalGiving's most generous Bonus Day of the year is Wednesday, July 18, starting at 6 am PT.  This Bonus Day will match your gifts at 50%, boosting your donation's effectiveness while the $120K in matching funds last (and usually the funds go VERY fast - sometimes vanishing in less than 30 minutes!).

Your financial support will allow us to help birds like Curtis, a cute canary.  Curtis had escaped to the great outdoors and was captured by a good samaritan.  He was given to a local animal shelter.  The shelter in turn surrendered him to Mickaboo, thinking he had been injured.  (Most animal shelters and SPCAs are well-equipped to handle dog and cat medical issues, but not those of birds.)

Curtis has been seen by a vet and given the all-clear.  His foster parents report he has a voracious appetite for greens - the broccoli crown on which he is standing in the photo was eaten in a day!

 * * *

Details about the upcoming Bonus Day:

  • the 50% match is limited to $500 per donor per nonprofit.
  • a nonprofit may earn a maximum of $5000 in matching funds
  • watch for the donation link at 6 am PT on July 18
  • want to sustain Mickaboo's work on a monthly basis and get matching funds?  Start a monthly donation at any time on July 18!  After your fourth installment, Mickaboo will receive a 100% match of the first installment amount.

Please save the date on your calendar to help us; it will be much appreciated by our many many feathered friends!


May 8, 2018

You're Invited to Mickaboo's Spring Fling

Rainbow, rescued Jenday Conure
Rainbow, rescued Jenday Conure

You are cordially invited to Mickaboo's Spring Fling, a casual lunch and fundraiser for Mickaboo's supporters and volunteers.  This year's event will be in Fremont, California on June 3, from 11:30 - 3:30.  See more information and RSVP here.

Your financial support and participation in events like the Spring Fling help birds like Rainbow, pictured here.  Rainbow is a six-years-young Jenday Conure who was surrendered to a local shelter after too many neighbors complained about Rainbow's vocalizations. (The owner lived in an apartment building.) Jendays are beautiful but loud; the bird care classes we offer to the general public aim to prevent surrenders like Rainbow's by helping people better understand what having a bird means, before they acquire their pet bird.

Rainbow's situation was exacerbated in that he was rarely allowed to leave his cage, had no friends of his own kind, and  lacked meaningful interaction with his human.  Birds are intelligent animals who need mental stimulation.  Without such, they can develop undesirable behaviors - like the feather-plucking Rainbow  performed on himself, and excessive screaming. 

Rainbow is now in a foster home and has shown no signs of further feather-picking.  We hope, with time and love, that Rainbow will flourish and regain his feathered glory, while we work on socializing him. 

                                                                                     ~ ~ ~

If you are unable to come to our Spring Fling, please consider donating instead.  And if you become a GlobalGiving  monthly donor between now and May 13, GlobalGiving will match 100% of your initial donation, up to $200, after your fourth installment.

Rainbow, his 600+  friends in our flock of rescued birds, and our volunteers, all appreciate everything you do to help.


Feb 16, 2018

Mickaboo Adoption Fairs - You're Invited!

Buster enjoying a head rub
Buster enjoying a head rub

Mickaboo is hosting two adoption fairs over the next few weeks - and you're invited! These fairs are a great way to meet some of the many birds in our rescue flock, talk to volunteers about bird care generally or with regard to a particular species, and start becoming qualified to adopt or foster from us. 

The first of the adoption fairs will be in California's San Jose area:

When: Saturday, Feb 24, 11 am - 4 pm Pacific
Where: For Other Living Things, 1261 South Mary Blvd, Sunnyvale, CA
More information at this link.

The next adoption fair will be in the Sacramento area:

When: Sunday, March 25, 11 am - 4 pm Pacific
Where: Carmichael Public Library, 5605 Marconi Avenue, Carmichael, CA
More information at this link.

Buster is an example of a bird who found happiness in a permanent home.  Buster is a 25-year-young red-bellied female poicephalus surrendered by her original owner because she was "in the way". The females of this species are often ignored or passed over in the pet industry because the males are more "colorful."

Buster loves to chew cardboard, makes soft whistles and kind of says "hello". She enjoys having her head scratched, and though she is missing one toe on each foot, she relishes dancing with her human friends.

Perhaps YOU will find a friend at one of these adoption fairs, like Buster did?  If so, not only will you have a new friend in your household, but you will be creating the capacity for Mickaboo to save another life.

We hope to see you at one of the fairs!

Buster having a snack
Buster having a snack


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