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Aug 14, 2019

Donate to the birds and honor a fallen volunteer

PJ upon arrival at Mickaboo
PJ upon arrival at Mickaboo

This is a reminder of the matching gift event in progress now (ending Friday at 9 pm PT), with a 50% match on the first $50 given by each donor while matching funds last.  This giving event, as well as our August 24 adoption fair, honor the memory of Scott Shipley.  Scott led our macaw team and was one of our most respected volunteers; he unexpectedly left this world all too early in July 2019.

Though he specialized in macaws, Scott appreciated all birds. Today we would like to tell you about PJ, a greencheek conure about 10 years old.  Who doesn't love the charm of a greencheck conure?  PJ was at a humane society some years ago when a well-meaning lady took him into her care.  She loved him, but had little information about avian care and hormonal issues.  When PJ began "hiding" under towels, she assumed he enjoyed doing so and encouraged it.  PJ was actually nesting, and he spent eight very hormonal and frustrated years plucking out his feathers in response to his raging hormones triggered by his environment.  PJ was not seen by an avian vet during these eight years.  In February 2019 his owner surrendered him to Mickaboo due to changes in her circumstances.

Mickaboo immediately brought PJ to an avian vet. Healthwise, his only problem was the extreme and prolonged episode of unaddressed hormonal issues. He was given two Lupron shots two weeks apart.  While it is unlikely all his feathers will grow back, his previously-bare shoulder patches are now covered, and now and then a colorful feather will emerge on his belly.

PJ is a sweet bird.  Now that his hormones are more balanced, we look forward to helping him regain trust with humans.

                                                                      ~ ~ ~

Your financial support is critical in allowing us to help birds like PJ.  If you have not already done so, please consider giving now - and while matching funds last, your gift will have an even larger impact.

PJ at the vet - showing off feather damage
PJ at the vet - showing off feather damage
PJ's feathers are so much better now!


May 22, 2019

You're Invited - to Help the Birds!

Coco - blue crown conure with Angel Wing
Coco - blue crown conure with Angel Wing

You're invited!  To participate in GlobalGiving's online matching gift event today (in progress now, ends at 9 pm PT) AND to join Mickaboo's in-person Spring Fling party and fundraiser. 

Today's online fundraising event helps you help Mickaboo's rescued birds - your gift of up to $500 will be matched at 30% while matching funds last.  Our rescue flock now has over 400 birds; your generosity provides for their veterinary needs until they are re-homed.

One of these birds is Coco, a beautiful female blue crown conure about 10 years old. A conure's life expectancy is around 30 years, so Coco is in her prime. Coco was surrendered to Mickaboo with a condition called "Angel Wing"; the last joint of the wing is twisted with the wing feathers pointing out laterally instead of lying against the body. The vet has been working to correct the condition - and it is working! We are so pleased to be able to improve the quality of this sweet bird's life.  Coco is available for adoption.

Please enable us to continue to help birds like Coco by giving now, before matching funds run out!


Mickaboo's Spring Fling is a potluck lunch and fundraiser for our volunteers and supporters.  Our organization operates virtually, meaning we have no offices, and all of the work is done by volunteers from their homes.  This event is one of the few times when we come together to connect in person. The event is June 2, in Fremont.  See this page to learn more and RSVP. We hope to see you soon!


All of our birds and volunteers Thank You for your generosity and support!  We can't do what we do without YOU.


Apr 3, 2019

Mickaboo News: Newcastle Disease Alert and Upcoming Matching

In this report, we wanted to tell you about

  • an avian disease newly identified in the San Francisco Bay Area, and
  • an upcoming matching gift event (next week!)

A case of a highly infectious disease, Virulent Newcastle Disease, was recently identified by a veterinary office in Redwood City, CA in a rooster brought to them from Alameda. Because of the uncertainty of the extent of the disease, and the extremely high mortality rate of poultry infected by it, everyone should exercise the greatest care and caution about moving ANY pet birds, and especially poultry, from one place to another.

Until we know whether this was a single isolated case or an indication of a more widespread problem, Mickaboo will be unable to accept any new birds into our care.  We have instituted a protocol for emergency situations. Additionally, though we have no reason to believe any members of our rescue flock are carrying the disease, we are also severely restricting their movement, impacting our normal adoption and outreach operations.

Please monitor our website for new or updated information. The safety of our birds, and of all birds, is our primary concern at this time. You may read more about this disease, ongoing epidemiology and advice on how to keep your own birds safe at the CA Department of Food and Agriculture's webpage.

Mickaboo expects to incur additional veterinary expenses as a result of this situation.  Would you help us?  GlobalGiving will match your donations next week (Mon 4/8 - Fri 4/12) up to $50/donor at 60%, while matching funds last. The timing could not be better.

All of our rescued birds and our many hard-working volunteers will appreciate your generosity!


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