Jul 20, 2021

Superb start for the Mo2Mo project!

Dear friend of Romi's way and our Mother2Mother project,

I am delighted to share the news from our Mo2Mo project and note that we officially started the project 1 July 2021, so less than 3 weeks ago. And what has happened during these weeks is summarised below:

- new part-time Project Assisant started (and she is a gem!!)

- Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed with a local human riighst organistaion, supporing us to identify the most vulnerbale mothers - those who are victims of sex trafficing, human trafficing, rape or domestic violence 

- we have drafted MoU's with our local collecition points (schools and nurseries) to collect clothing, books and toys to be donated.

- We are connecting and forming a localntwork of NGOs working with vulnerable women in the Central portugal Region

While the Mo2Mo network for national and international members is still waitign for funding, the Mo2Mo programme activiteis are going ahead with speed and impact. 

I cannot wait to write you our next update and hopefully provide some quotations from our benefirias themselves.

With warm summer greetings,

Sari Bernardo - CEO, Romi's Way

Jun 23, 2021

Monoculture forests should be a thing from the past!

Dear Friend,


While we are still waiting to collect the needed funding to purchase the forest land for the project (few proposals submitted - fingers crossed), we continue to seek for opportunities to raise awareness of the dangers of mono-culture forestations. Portugal, like many other countries are using majority of forests lands to plant mono-culture trees (mainly non-native eucalyptus or pine). Why is this so bad? Because they distort natural biodiversity that depends on rich multiculture of plants and animals. Also, these monoculture trees are very invasive and suck all water and nutrition from the ground, dominating all life in these forests. This restricts the living space of many animals and drives species to extinction. The worst part perhaps is, that the monoculture forestation is so widely seen, accepted and hardly questioned by majority of locals, that they are not aware of the fact that these forests are destroying the local biodiversity and future of our children. 

Romi's Way is hoping to team up with forestation experts in Portugal, Europe and USA to jointly raise awareness of the issues of monoculture forestation, and enthusiastically promoting the benefits of restoring native biodiversity. Parts of this effort would be to promote the role of forests as a 'food storage' where organic variety of raw ingredients can be harvested, from berries to mushrooms and plants and herbs. By having active participation of children in the process will ensure they understand the lifecycle of food, and how to plant, harvest and eat the collected food from forests. 

We need your help to join the campaigns (by liking & sharing our postings please) and if you can, by donating toward our efforts to collect funds to purchase the forest land for the pilot Agri-forest project for children. 

Many thanks for reading and for your support - hugely appreciated!

Lovely summer wishes,

Sari Bernardo - CEO, Romi's Way

Jun 8, 2021

"Bendy tree will not break" - adapting year 2021

Greetings from Portugal!

Fixed plans can be a cause of stress and headache - and they do not work in a world that is subject to continuous change. We are Romi's Way have taken the time to review and adapt out project plans needs to address those within our target groups who need it most, and who are victims or struggling survivors of imbalance.

This process required adapting to COVID pandemic rules and new needs that isolation, loss of income and socialising opportunities have caused to children and their caretakers. Mother2Mother project was born from this need, targeting 250 children and 150 vulnerable mothers in Portugal who are struggling to support the needs and development of their children and who are facing stigma and prejudice from the society. Children are the leaders of the future, and mothers are the power-engine ensuring they have the attitudes, skills and values that it takes to be a good decision maker for the whole planet. Therefore mothers are not just important, but they are crucial for the future of humanity and the planet!

We have focused on proposal development and reaching out to grants & foundations to fund the start of this lovely and super important project fully or partially - with a small investment of around 50,000Euros per year we could indeed have a super impactful project and directly leverage 150 mothers and their 250+ children out from struggles and isolation. 

If we are successful with the project, our next report here is likely to share some development with this project. Fingers and toes crossed!!

Stay healthy, happy and hungry for opportunities to bend & adapt :)


Sari Bernardo
CEO - Romi's Way

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