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Nov 18, 2016

BKFA Field Partner reports good changes

Recipients of Birthing Kits, Peach Aid, Nigeria
Recipients of Birthing Kits, Peach Aid, Nigeria

BKFA partner, Peach Aid (Nigeria) reports ‘good changes’ as kits are received and health workers are trained

600 kits were provided by BKFA in support of communities in the Anambra and Ebonyi states, Nigeria. These were distributed to primary health care centres where training was provided. Peach Aid reports fewer childbirth related infections in both beneficiary communities and successful training in the use of the birthing kits. But, there is still work to be done. Women are more willing to deliver in the health facilities now than ever, but many still give birth at home. Peach Aid hopes that in time, more women will present at health facilities to ensure a better chance of a safe and clean birth.

We hear from one young mother, how the birthing kit helped her to deliver safely.

“My name is Nnenna. My mother is a traditional birth attendant. When I received the birthing kit from Peach Aid because I was pregnant, I decided to go and deliver in the health facility so that I can use what they gave me. The day I started labour, even though my mother did not like my plan, my friend took me to our health facility and they went and called the nurse. She came and I gave her my birthing kit. I saw when she used everything inside it to help me deliver my baby girl. She tied the rope in the cord before she cut it, she was wearing the hand-gloves too and she used the black bag to lay for me to lie down before I started giving birth. I like the feeling because I was using something from overseas to give birth. I was not afraid because I know what is inside the birthing kit will not allow me to die. I thank Peach Aid for helping us. My baby is happy too”

Women like Nnenna can have the opportunity of a clean and safe childbirth, if a Birthing Kit is available to them.  For just $3, BKFA can provide one kit.  Without the support of our donors, our work cannot be done.  Thank you for supporting BKFA


Aug 25, 2016

UACO reports on positive impact thanks to BKFA

Expectant Mother receives a birthing kit
Expectant Mother receives a birthing kit

Uganda Australia Christian Outreach reports on positive impact thanks to Birthing Kits!

A recent report received from one of BKFA’s partners, Uganda Australia Christian Outreach makes for positive reading.

The organisation summarises that further to the receipt of Birthing Kits, midwives are sent to each region where they train traditional birth attendants (TBAs) on the importance and use of the Birthing Kit. Here, they emphasise the necessity of opening the kit at the time of birth for sterility and ensure that the importance of the use of gloves and soap is communicated, given the high prevalence of HIV and hepatitis B. With the increased number of trained TBAs in rural areas, more women have access to support with a Birthing Kit during delivery.

Positive Change!

With the introduction of Birthing Kits, particularly in very hard to reach areas, habits such as biting the umbilical cord (which was spreading infections such as HIV and hepatitis) have greatly reduced. The incidence of tetanus and eye infections have also lessened. And, with traditional birth attendants in rural areas and midwives in clinics using Birthing Kits, excessive bleeding at birth has also reduced.

After the baby is born, mothers are encouraged to attend postnatal visits where an examination is made for infection.   And to date, those midwives and TBAs supplied with kits have not yet reported cases of infections. Uganda Australia Christian Outreach says that midwives, TBAs and the mothers are very grateful. There has been a notable reduction in maternal and child mortality rates and traditional birth attendants have been trained with improved skills for delivery of babies.

The Birthing Kit is a simple yet effective intervention, and costs just $3. Without funding, essential and life changing work like this simply can’t be completed. Your donation to BKFA helps to buy Birthing Kits and fund important training programs. To donate, please click here.

Thank you so much for your support.


May 31, 2016

Traditional Birth Attendants receive Birthing Kits and training in India

Traditional birth attendants receive training
Traditional birth attendants receive training

Managed by the Society for Women’s Education and Awareness Development (SWEAD), India, a significant training program funded by BKFA was recently completed.

The overall goal of the training was to help reduce the number of child and maternal deaths through improved delivery and child care practices. This was addressed by improving the skills of Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs), teaching TBAs to perform deliveries more safely with the use of the Birthing Kit, discouraging harmful practices, recognising danger signs and referring women with complications to facilities where essential obstetric care is available. Equipping TBAs with the skills required to assist women with complications during childbirth can go a long way in ensuring the survival of the mother and newborn.

For the low-caste and very poor women of the community, health services are unaffordable, or simply not available. SWEAD has been working with BKFA for the past 5 years to improve the conditions for birthing mothers, to educate birth attendants and to raise awareness of birthing issues in the wider community. This particular program, which took place in 2015 and 2016 sought to provide training to Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs), volunteers, husbands, caretakers and adolescent girls in over 100 villages of the Cuddalore district of Tamilnadu State in India.

It’s not always easy. Many parents and community leaders think that training for young girls is sex education and will encourage promiscuous and irresponsible behaviour. In truth, adolescent girls must have proper knowledge of adolescent health in order to allow them to become healthy, productive and responsible adults.  

SWEAD report that despite some of the barriers, the training program was successfully completed, reaching hundreds. Around 250 TBAs completed the training with collective feedback demonstrating how invaluable they feel to the remote rural societies in which they live and work – filling a critical gap and helping to save lives.

Without funding, essential and life changing work like this simply can’t be completed. Your donation to BKFA helps to buy Birthing Kits and fund important training programs like this.

Thank you for your support.

Traditional birth attendants receive training
Traditional birth attendants receive training


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