Jan 5, 2021

The opportunity of Kristell to transform lives

Kristell is 15 years old and lives in Chiclayo, Peru. She signed up in Peru Champs about three years ago, thanks to her grandmother, who found out about the program from a flyer she found in the store. The Champ has always been a good student, she entered as an academic talent; however, at the first bimester didn’t get the grades she expected, even in her star courses: Math and Science.'I came from a different school, where they dictated everything to you and you just had to listen and repeat,' she tells us. Kristell decided to strive and take into account the advice from her new friends, which still serve her today: Research more about any topic after each class and work as a team.

At the end of the year, she saw the results of her effort and managed to renew her scholarship with an outstanding achievement. For the following year, she was already considered a leader, since it is she who now helped her new colleagues to understand the methodology and the importance of being interested in social issues.

In addition to academics, Kristell really enjoys music, dancing and oratory. She doesn't miss a performance and her specialty is folkloric dance. She plays organ, violin and ukulele, 'I also sing, but it's not my strong point”, She says.

The Champ forms part of the MUN Innova Schools Chiclayo and has participated in different competitions with projects that are intended to solve problems of our society. This is how Translated Signs was born, an initiative that seeks to generate learning material for deaf-mute children. In her short years, Kristell tells us excitedly: 'It is impressive to know the stories about these girls and boys who possess skills in things that we do not have such as: language skills; they are able to read and remember the written stories and interpret them within their own sign language.'

As a child, she had the opportunity to participate in different volunteers, but it was with these children that she realized that she wanted to be part of the new generation with basic knowledge about sign language and inclusion from an early age.

Kristell seeks to reach out to more people and to learn about her mission to expand the borders of deaf-mute people and to make everybody that they are part of a culture, and they should not be discriminated against, but a source of pride.

Sep 10, 2020

Mery on the track of her dreams!

Meryanne at Innova School
Meryanne at Innova School

Mery is 11 years old and lives in Chiclayo, Peru. From a young age, thanks to her family's example, she has been a Champ dedicated to sports. She has practiced since she was 3 and continues to train every day. This dedication has earned her the national skating champion of Peru. Ricardo, her father and coach, drives her to improve. He's the one who puts the training plan together for her and the selective team she belongs to. In addition, Mary is an excellent student and maintains a good academic average. One of the achievements she considers the most important are the two medals she received at the Panamericano, a major sporting event, in Buga, Colombia in 2016.

Her dream is to represent Peru at the Youth Olympics and dedicate a medal to Perú Champs.

Even though skating is not yet recognized as an Olympic sport among the major categories, Mery is confident that she will have her chance to compete and continues to strive to further develop her talent. When Mery started skating, there was no skating federation in Peru, so she was not recognized as an athlete and the complications to compete were always present. What motivated her to give the sport a chance was her family environment. Years ago, her older brother, Italo, was already practicing skating and was the one who showed their father everything about the sport. Ricardo decided to leave his profession as administrator, to which he had dedicated 15 years, to become a coach and be the one who gives his children the opportunity to live the dream of being athletes.

With the support of the Olympic Committee, he was able to study abroad to be a coach and then returned to teach Katherine, his wife and Mery's mother, to also become a skater. Both contributed to the initiative to found the Peruvian Skating Federation and are dedicated to teaching skating. In addition, Mery's parents also work as mobility drivers for students at Innova in a minivan that they’ve had from before Ricardo left his old profession. 

For a long time, Ricardo thought that the possibility of enrolling Mery and Italo in a high-quality school would be impossible due to their economic situation, but thanks to the Peruvian Skating Federation, they were able to take an exam and obtain the scholarship from Peru Champs. Both parents are coaches and continue transporting students, but this time they also take their daughter to the same high-quality school they thought was impossible to afford.

Mery continues to improve her skating ability and simultaneously receives a quality education so that she can train as an agent of change and enhance her talent.

Jul 14, 2020

#ChampsDaily: Alejandro Has a Great Future


Alejandro is 12 years old and lives with his mom and grandparents in Arequipa, Peru. He has practiced judo and saxophone since he was 6 and 8 years old respectively. Practicing a sport and playing music has been a major factor in the discipline, responsibility, and commitment he has nowadays.

Thanks to that, he has participated and won various contests: he represented his school in “Tinkuy” and recited in front of thousands of people, he also won the judo tournament and increased his belt level. Nonetheless, although he has won various medals and awards, Alejandro values more the experiences and knowledge gained from each event.

The leadership program Peru Champs offer has increased Alejandro´s self-confidence, his presentations in class, and his capabilities to become an agent of change. Likewise, throughout the projects he participated in, Alejandro has felt committed to having a positive impact in his community. At school, he relates and socializes more with his teachers and classmates. He also enjoys mathematics, and dreams about becoming an engineer without leaving behind his passion for judo and the saxophone.

Unfortunately, COVID19 has prevented him to continue with his activities. Yet, Alejandro sees this situation as a challenge that won’t stop him from accomplishing his goals. He has found various ways to keep up with his activities through instructive videos to complete his training sessions or through group video calls where he rehearses the musical scores with his band. His band´s goal is to write a song, where each member films their part from home. Alejandro strongly believes that the knowledge acquired throughout his life should be used in a positive way to adapt to change.

Alejandro´s optimism makes him an outstanding kid; he takes the current context with calm and tries to be as productive as possible by reinventing himself and dedicating time to his family, who admire his strength and perseverance. In his free time, he enjoys drawing and painting landscapes, animals, people, amongst other things. Throughout the arts and sports  Alejandro has learned valuable lessons and thanks to his commitment and discipline he accomplishes his goals, regardless of the adversities.


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