Sep 3, 2021

Buying Sewing Machine

Report for 2020

With the donation of $112.06, Africa Intercultural Development Support Trust (AIDEST) bought 1 sewing machine to add on 10 we had bought with the donated money to help 2 students gain skills in tailoring and fashion designing. With this tool, at least more than 5 students or new learners have been trained to gain skills using the same machine.

Thanks go to donors that made it possible to enable unemployed young single mothers to start learn and immediately earning some income.

Rose is now helping young girls and women to gain skills. We focus on transparency, accountability. 

Mar 10, 2011

Money & Materials to build a school for vulnerable

This Project is a Community Based Support to Poor and Vulnerable Children; evolved out of Critical Investigations from the Community and other Sources regarding, Intellectual, Physical, Mental, including providing quality Education in a Conducive Environment, delivering Training and Assistance to School Children and Orphans. These children have for the years been abandoned and neglected from broken homes, coupled with Orphans resulting from lack of Parental Guidance, HIV&AIDS and other causes an everyday in Uganda.


The project was formed out of deep feelings and commitment to assisting those Children who live Lower Levels of our Society; we are therefore approaching our friends, donors, visitors, volunteers and potential supporters on for  to support us towards the construction of permanent School Structures; where they can effectively learn, have enough space to play and better cared for, including providing them with good diet, social and emotional, and mental growth environment and spiritual components for productive health. As members of the community concerned with good cause at grassroots see the move taken here to raise funds for the construction of the school as extreme poverty in Uganda still makes it difficult for parents / guardians and children have access to quality education and their wellbeing.



Project Location:  The school is located in Mukono North Municipality, Kimenyedde Sub-county, Mukono District of Central Uganda, about 50 km away Kampala City centre.



We’re engaged in supporting very poor and vulnerable children; we have since been helping

these Children studying under Kawuku Nursery School and out of our own membership fees

collections, but there have emerged extreme Financial and Administrative constraints almost

leading to discontinuation of the above Sponsorship thus we are approaching you for any

possible contributions towards this cause.

By gender aggregate; sixty two (62) are Girls and four (40) are Boys. Equally important, we buy them their necessities / basic needs.

Needs list at present:

(i)                  Materials / Equipment (bricks, cement, windows, furniture, doors among others), Construction funding.

(ii)                Learning materials & manuals for children (books, scholastics among others)

(iii)               Clothing for Needy Children (shoes, hygiene items & sanitation Aid)

(iv)              Toilets.


Resources available:

(i) Land / Acreage (space coverage):             2 acres

(ii) No. of teachers:                                         5 (fulltime)

(ii) No. of Volunteers:                                      2

(iii) Category of School:                                  Private Community Day

(iv) Present enrollment on Pupils:                  62 Girls & 40 Boys = 102 Total

(v) Average pupils spends:                             Fees termly, stationary, uniforms, clothes,

shoes, meals lunch to orphans.

(vi) Ram shackled / Grass thatched

      Structures:                                                            2


Outputs:   (i) Realization (in establishment of the school); Children would in future start attend school, avoid being sexually abused and exploited; streets and towns be free from children as delinquent criminals or beggars.


(ii) The proposed school shall continue be responsible for the realities which imprison Children to lifetime of misery and exploitation as to create a sense of love of Education and Lifeskills Training.



(i)                  Educate young ones become Self-reliant to suit-fit in society.

(ii)                Protect them in Emergence situations and the Community, including Sexual abuse and Violence.

(iii)               Provide Children with necessary support & care, including Medical, Physical and Re-integration.

(iv)              Instill faith in them as God fearing and become responsible citizens.

(v)                To reduce Child Labor, including their voices be prominent in exploitation of what’s going on in their daily life.


v      How you can support  the School project?


1)      Making material or Financial contributions.

2)      Volunteering in any support services.

3)      Participating directly / indirectly and actively in all school development activities.


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