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Aug 27, 2018

10 encounters- Model UN Youth Interfaith Encounter

12 January 2018

 15 participants

Our encounter included people of Israeli, Palestinian, and other international backgrounds and took place in Kibbutz Revadim. Activities consisted of the following: a shared breakfast and lunch, a visit to the sea, a sharing circle about the significance of our encounter within the borders of Israel, a lecture on the importance of Arabic language and the study of the language in Israel, a dance party entirely in Arabic, and shared cooking of a communal dinner.


19 January 2018

 60 participants

The encounter included many active participants in our activities as well as other members who came to learn languages - Arabic, English, and Hebrew. For two days we worked in small groups and learned each other’s languages. We did this through community gardening, cooking, and studying songs. We also had a delicious meal together and we sat together around the fire.


8 February 2018

 12 participants

The encounter was intimate and feminine. This time we decided to meet in a circle of women in where each of us spoke and shared what it meant to work together. Looking back, is there anything in recent years she is proud of, either done alone or done together? What is she thankful for? What will she take with her from here on and what does she want to leave behind?


23 February 2018

 40 participants

This encounter, and the last one at the center of Ecome, came from our original group, and many other people who were active in the center long before us. The encounter took two days and consisted of various elements of togetherness, farewell and giving thanks for the time we worked in Ecome. We took a short walk in the desert, did sharing circles and exercises in pairs in the spirit of the Non-Violent Communication, held a mourning ceremony that included farewells and new beginnings, and of course had shared meals, singing, and prayer.


21 March 2018

 4 participants

After closing the Ecome Center, creating the opportunity to meet is much more difficult because we must coordinate times with everyone and find a suitable place. The encounter is meant to understand who we are now, what our role is, stay updated on everyone’s situation, and to understand whether we can continue together in a different way. Everyone updated each other on his personal situation and his vision of continuing the joint work.


23 March 2018

 20 participants

The encounter, which was on the shores of the Dead Sea this time, included a birthday celebration for two members of the group, the construction of a camp, the preparation of a shared meal in the morning and evening, and a walk to the beach. The encounter was short but important to maintaining the connection between us.


Jul 16, 2018

Annual IEA Iftar dinner


Nearly 70 people came to the joint annual Iftar of the Interfaith Encounter Association took, on Tuesday, 12.6.18, at the Felm Center in Jerusalem.


People came from near and far – Jews, Muslims and Christians members of the various encounter groups. We were privileged to have also guests from abroad: Indonesia, Morocco and Kuwait. The food was donated and brought by Fahed and Jihad from Hebron.


We slowly gathered for half an hour, catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. When sunset approached, a bit before 8pm, we sat down and ate together the delicious food, while continuing to chat with the people we eat with.

Guests table
Guests table


Jul 10, 2018

Another music group!

Playing together
Playing together

Another music group was formed in February at the Felm Center. We aim to reach the level of performing publically and thus attracting mroe people to the circles of interfaith encounter.

During the first months we held four encounters, on 13.2, 20.2, 6.3, 13.3.

In the first encounter we held a short round of introduction and then started to sing and play together. In this encounter we were: Yuval (percussion), Marwan (Oud) and four singers (Shani, Yael, Muna and Limor).

From among the other singers only Muna came to another encounter, but she also stopped coming, so currently it is only Yuval, Marwan and Shani. We are looking for additional players and a singer to sing in Arabic.


In the encounters we worked on the following songs: Erev Shel Shoshanim, hine Ani, Hali Hali Hal, Nizoz Ha'ahava, Yatir Yatair, Ze Hazman Lisloah. The atmosphere was very good and the encounters very successful.


Our immediate aim is to recruit more players and a singer, while continuing working on additional songs.



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